Brian Torchin, Leading Healthcare Staffing With An Example

If hospitals and caregiving facilities do not have the right staff at hand, then it can jeopardize their operations. That is why, healthcare staffing has become one of the most crucial aspects of healthcare management.

While many online staffing opportunities are now available, not many of them house the same capabilities as HCRC Staffing.

With a motto to find and connect talent and employers from the medical industry, HCRC Staffing has established a name for itself. And it has been possible due to leadership skills of its President, Brian Torchin.

What Does HCRC Staffing Do?

Under Torchin’s leadership, HCRC Staffing has put a hiring system to work that makes the once convoluted process of hiring medical talent to be a walk in the park for both ends of a typical job seeking scenario.

Its functionalities and many underlying methods ensure that interested individuals are matched with the right employers within 72-hours. This is possible due to the sophisticated way that the HCRC system is built.

Brian Torchin has made sure that he uses his experience from the staffing, healthcare, and management sectors to the fullest. This allows him to provide his customers with an easy to use yet efficient staffing experience.

But Torchin’s outreach doesn’t end there. He has a strong presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, where he provides ample information to his followers from time to time through the posts that he shares. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

How HCRC Staffing Can Help You

These social media platforms also allow Torchin to remain accessible to his many clients, some of whom get to know about HCRC’s effectiveness through them. The content shared through these Facebook and Twitter accounts is helpful, and lets people understand the dynamics of finding jobs or employees through the staffing’s solutions.

The software solutions at HCRC Staffing, coupled with its immense popularity in around 50 states of the United States, make it a compelling offering for healthcare employees and employers of all kinds.

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Matt Badiali Points To Gold Mining Company Stocks As A Smart Investment In 2019

While many people claim to be investment gurus, there are really only a handful of people in the natural resource sector who are worth their salt. Matt Badiali is one of these people, and he has been working in the field for close to two decades. Of late, he has been letting the readers of his newsletter, the Real Wealth Strategist, know that there is a real investment opportunity staring at them right in the face. That opportunity has to do with gold, and more specifically, gold mining companies.

Matt Badiali noted in a recent article that the price of gold hit one of its lowest lows in many years in 2015. Many investors were upset about this, and this furthered gold’s reputation as being a risky investment. Badiali has responded by commenting that gold always has a low price and that investors can get this price regardless of where there gold came from. He suggests that investors can diversify their portfolio by holding gold or gold mining company stock. One benefit of this is that gold doesn’t really follow the overall ebb and flow of the stock market.

People listen to Matt Badiali because he is a trained scientist who received a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from Penn State University. He also studied at Florida Atlantic University and ended up receiving his Master of Science degree in geology there. During his time at the University of North Carolina, while he was working towards his Ph.D., he made the decision to listen to a friend’s advice and began his work in the financial world. He has traveled all over the world since in search of solid natural resource investments and has found many of these.

Matt Badiali has commented that investors do not need to invest huge amounts of money to make a p

rofit. Even $1,000, according to Badiali, can be enough to earn some solid profits with a gold mining investment. He believes that gold mining stocks are a buy and hold kind of investment that will increase in value for years to come. Matt Badiali continues to write more articles about this topic and has published many of these on Medium.

Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing

Herbalife Nutrition Is Showing Unprecedented Growth

Investors are choosing Herbalife Nutrition as a preferred pick. This became evident when the stock surged 68.7 percent in comparison to the 0.1 percent decline of the industry. The general wellness and weight management company is showing gains from their global presence, product portfolio and key market volume. During the third quarter of 2018, there was an advancement in volume points of fifteen percent to 1,506.9 million. This exceeded the projections of the management. The volume points achieved were the second highest Herbalife has ever seen. This followed the second quarter during 2018 and was a representation of the highest volume points growth on a year to year basis since 2012. The volumes achieved revealed growth in the double digits for the second consecutive period for four out of five of the top markets.

The efforts of the management’s direct selling strategy and efforts to keep pace with the preferences of the consumers are on target. The 2018 volume outlook was increased for a robust portfolio including fitness products, targeted nutrition, sports, energy and weight management. The expansion of Herbalife Nutrition for their product portfolio has enabled new customers and the retention of existing customers. A total of 58 new products have been introduced during the third quarter throughout 51 countries. Herbalife Nutrition is on target with the launches of existing brands and new flavors that consider the preferences and local tastes. A strong geographical presence has been established by the company with accessible products in excess of 94 countries across the globe. The net sales in the top ten nations account for 71.8 percent of the net sales for 2017.

According to Crunchbase, the direct sales model has several advantages including brand name recognition. The company was founded almost forty years ago, is listed as one of the top ten companies worldwide for direct selling and has relationships in over ninety countries with direct sales entities. The sales representatives benefit from product recognition with numerous potential customers who have never tried the products for more streamlined sales. The independent distributors have an advantage due to the brand recognition. Making a sale is easier when the person is already familiar with the Herbalife Nutrition brand.

The independent distributors and consultants have a lot of flexibility in regards to where and when they work. They can fit direct sales into their lifestyles and schedules because they choose the hours they work. The independent distributors can choose whether their hours are full time or part time depending on their individual goals. This appeals to full time students with less hour availability looking for additional income and entrepreneurs. This option offers a lot more flexibility than a job working in either a retail setting or a traditional office. Read more about Herbalife on Forbes.


The Sedulous Overachiever Gareth Henry

Serving as the Global Head of investor relations for Angelo, Gareth Henry currently living in New York but born in London United Kingdom, is a 2001 graduate from the university of Heriot Watt with a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. His first job with Watson Wyatt was as an analyst in the managerial research team. Nevertheless his zeal, enthusiasm and determination in his career only made him move to Global investment management services team utilizing and developing his expertise not forgetting experience until 2004 where he jumped to SEI investment band wagon as an investment manager providing services to insurers , pension funds exclusive of managing them too.

Gareth Henry’s sense of adventure took him to Shroders after a year with SEI. After a tenure of over a year and a half at Shroders, weighing his expertise he had garnered so far, went on ahead and join the big giants of investment activities, Fortress investment Group in 2007. This was a huge step for him as his job needed him to relocate to the United States to become the company’s managing director. Remembered as the guy who came to Fortress and raised rapidly for Hedge funds, private credit in the name of Fortress Moreover overseeing almost all fortress global distribution agreements.

His Gareth Henry Access Bursary at his former school comes as a significant aid to the underprivileged students. Not only that, the student lucky enough to get the Henry Access Bursary granting, also get tutoring and mentorship by the one and only Gareth Henry . Acknowledging the importance of what he learnt in Parrarel to his career, he wouldn’t hesitate to offer education to the less fortunate. Raising over 4billion for his company, the successful overachiever is also a married family man with one spouse.

All this success in his career wouldn’t come so easy if the amazing Investor wasn’t energetic in his communication which to Investors and financial institutions was bargain enough for them. In addition to, the opportunistic investor wastes no time in getting things done in the basis of running Angelo and managing his clients.

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NexBank’s President Participates in The Texas Bankers Association Conference

The Texas Bankers Association takes stock of their annual performance during the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. It is held on an annual basis and the fifth edition took place in 2016. New Orleans, Louisiana hosted the conference that brings together chief executives and senior management teams of financial institutions in the state.

The conference also brings on board a couple of panelists who guide their discussions. The President of NexBank Capital, John Holt, was one of the panelists during the 5th Annual conference. He was part of the discussion that was centered on Reinventing Community Banking. The deliberations that were held on November 7th also extended to Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.

Community bank leaders encounter a host of challenges as they execute their duties on a daily basis. The opportunities available are also numerous and need to be pointed out for the banking community to make the most of the same. The conference provides an opportunity for different stakeholders to share their thoughts and ideas. Branching, M&A activity, and organic growth all viable strategic options for the bankers.

NexBank Capital, Inc.

Nexbank Capital, Inc has provided financial services for thousands of clients for close to a century. They are well versed in Institutional Services as well as Commercial Banking. Mortgage Banking is their other area of specialization. Their clients are highly diverse but still receive customized banking solutions. Corporations, multinational organizations, and financial institutions have all sought their services. Middle-market companies, individual customers, and real estate investors are also part of their client base.

The Texas based institution has a highly experienced executive management team that guarantees the best services for their clients. They have an enviable combined industry expertise that keeps NexBank a step ahead of their competition. James Dondero, the firm’s Chairman, leads the directors in their efforts towards the success of the company. Their assets that had accumulated to $8.1 billion at the close of September underline their remarkable success in the industry.

Michael Phelps Advocating For Therapy and Talkspace.

After the invention of the smartphone, communicating face to face has become one of the most uncomfortable things to do. It is common to text, call and share a video faster than compiling the sentences used in the media above to the same person’s face. Over the years, it has been concluded that communication via social media portrays some of the most fearless and courageous communicators who are the complete opposite when communicating with a real-life person. While this maybe does, it gets even harder for an individual to admit they have a problem and talk it through with someone let alone a therapist. This is what makes Talkspace the future of therapy. Learn more on talkspace at

Talkspace is an online therapy app that was founded by Roni Frank and the current CEO, Oren Frank in 2013. As a smartphone application, Talkspace provides a constant connection between a client and a therapist or a medical professional at all times. Mr. Frank designed the app to work within the pillars of smartphone technology to provide online therapy. By doing so, the app has revolutionized the mental health care system by migrating therapy sessions between the client and therapist into the virtual world.

When Michael Phelps learned that there was a way to carry your therapist with you, he was pushed with the empowerment he felt to help others who are able to access these much-needed services. This led to the partnership between the champion swimmer and Talkspace that will propel the spread of information about Talkspace while at the same time addressing mental health issues and advocating for therapy as a way of managing these conditions. These objectives will be achieved through Michael Phelps sharing his life story and his struggles with anxiety and depression, and finally, how therapy helped him manage these mental conditions.

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How Hylands Are Treating Teething Pain

Hyland’s Teething Tablets may not be the first name when it comes to treating your child’s teething problems, but it’s becoming increasingly more popular. This is because Hyland’s Teething Tablets are one of the few all-natural products on the market that can effectively treat many teething issues. Because of that, they’re becoming one of the significant leaders in treating teething pain.

It’s not been a quick journey for Hyland’s Teething Tablets, however, and it’s taken an awful lot of time for the company to design and craft some of the most effective teething pain tablets on the market. Since their founding over a century ago, the company has been driven by one essential philosophy; that the body can overcome many of the pains and strains that come with some illnesses. This forms the basis what we’d now call homeopathic medicine and can be used to treat many of the ailments that come with teething. See the company profile here

With that experience, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have a lot of expertise built-in. This makes them extremely useful when it comes to treating the pain that comes with teething; in turn, this also helps to reduce the irritability and discomfort that might occur with teething. That being said, there are some other things that Hyland’s Teething Tablets can boast. Since it can be quite tricky to give a child medicine, especially at the teething age, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are extremely easy to use and administer.

They dissolve in your babies mouth and get to work straight away, leaving you with almost no hassle in treating your child’s teething pain. As a homeopathic medicinal product, it’s also incredibly safe and reliable; the tablets mainly work to boost the bodies natural healing capabilities to treat pain and various other ailments. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are also made with 100% natural ingredients and have been since 1903. With that in mind, you can be sure that a high degree of experience and knowledge went into making sure that all medicines are as effective as possible. Because of that, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to treating your child’s teething problems.

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Organo Gold’s Premium Range of Products

Like many other premium products, coffee has its very own culture. This extraordinary beverage is produced from coffee beans, and these coffee beans grow all over the world. The Northwest coast of America is home to one of coffee culture’s best. There are many high-profile coffee brands that come from this specific region of the globe, including Tully’s, Seattle’s Best and Starbucks. On the other hand, Organo Gold has risen to the top of its class, and it’s delivering some of the most tasteful coffee blends. This particular company has 11 years in the game, and it has generated extreme popularity.

Premium coffee is the brand’s forte, but it produces high-quality teas and dietary supplements. The company also provides a body management product that’s known as OGX. One of the more interesting facts about this brand is that it has introduced a special ingredient to Western culture. This mushroom-based herb grows on the logs in China’s Wuyi Mountains. Ganoderma lucidum is its name, and this herb dates back to more than 2,000 years. This means that ganoderma lucidum has been used in a range of ancient medicines. Organo Gold utilizes this herb for its rich taste. On the other hand, the company utilizes the herb for health benefits.

Organo Gold has also invested in its future by building a $240-million herbal facility, which makes it the largest of its kind. Bigger and better things are on the horizon for Organo Gold, and it will continue to push the boundaries in today’s growing coffee culture.

Reasons Why Dr. Jennifer Walden Brand on Instagram is Futuristic

One of the most iconic trends for the last three years is brands utilizing Instagram as a platform. Regardless of the professional, many people are investing time to create appealing brands on this platform. Dr. Jennifer Walden has one of the best online brands and according to her; this online brand represents her views on life and more importantly her professional view on aesthetic plastic surgery. For years, she has been one of the professionals that have redefined this medical niche to attain its current class. On her Instagram page, she shares her journey as a professional and sometimes her journey as a mother.

The first impression one gets about her virtual brand is her dedication to her work as an aesthetic surgeon and her passion of being a mother. Dr. Jennifer Walden is arguably one of the professionals that have utilized this platform exclusively. She publishes regular posts as well as Instagram stories. According to her, this gives her brand a more distinct feeling especially to people that might be interested in plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden has nearly 2600 regular posts and endless stories. Apart from using different ways to reach to both potential clients and knowledge seekers, Dr. Jennifer Walden uses this platform as her professional diary.

The modern consumer is sophisticated and to have a following like Dr. Jennifer Walden has means that there are things she is doing exceptionally well. From just a few thousands of followers when she was starting to now a quarter million followers indicates her consistency, dedication, and passion for plastic surgery. She posts some works and judging by the number of impressions her posts get; she is greatly talented. The comments sections of her posts are always full of praises, and this acceptance indicates that plastic surgery is still one of the most sorted after services in the medical world.

In addition to having one of the best brands on this platform, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a perfect example that balancing work and personal life is important. As one of the proudest mother, she is not shy to show her journey as a mother.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Contributions to Orthopedics

Over the past few years, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been a noted specialist in knee, hip, and shoulder replacements. He’s also been serving as the Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronx care Health System. However, it’s not his surgical skills that have landed him positive attention, but his overall contributions to Orthopedics.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum began his undergraduate studies at Brown University before moving on to study medicine at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After completing his residency, he had a fellowship in Orthopedic Surgery at the Rothman Institute. It was then that he began his entrepreneurial streak when he went to Harvard Business School after he completed his medical training and earned a certificate in health care delivery management.

He followed this by founding or co-founding some medical organizations with the most notable being Medscape. GQ and WebMD quickly bought this. Following this, he also served as a Community Health Editor for WebMD. Known in the field as an innovator, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has specialized in process engineering and information technology. Because of that background, he was able to design multiple joint replacement systems that are standard practice today.

On top of the thousands of successful joint replacement surgeries he has performed, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has delivered extensive lectures and published books and articles about orthopedic surgery. It isn’t just public praise that he’s earned, but also a vast number of awards.

Many of these have focused on his innovation, ethics and quality care. These awards and accolades can be traced back to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s investment in his patients and staff. When asked about what habits are essential to productivity in the health care industry, he replied by saying connecting with each of his colleagues was the best practice possible. This link provides more information about how networking has helped him change the field of Orthopedics.

Not only did he make it a habit of reaching out on a regular basis, but he also held regular meetings with key staff. These meetings were extremely focused and aimed at providing the best care possible to patients. Advancements in technology are always driving health care, and Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has always been a pioneer in this regard. In recent years, he’s also helped to increase the awareness for the benefits of 3D technology and robotic technologies in surgery.