Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Betsy DeVos is certainly a woman who has made many great accomplishments during her career. She currently serves in the prestigious role of United States Secretary of Education. Prior to that she held the elite position of Chair of Michigan’s Republican party for a lengthy six years. She has successfully managed political campaigns and political action committees. She also served as the chair person for the Windquest Group, a company she co-founded with her husband, Dick DeVos. The Windquest Group specializes in investing in technology, clean energy and manufacturing solutions.


Betsy DeVos is known as a reformer. She is also known as a woman who gets things done. Yet, when most people think of her accomplishments they look towards the political sector or her career. I recently discovered that she is also a leader in the philanthropic world. Betsy DeVos states that stewardship was distilled in her thanks to the values of her parents. It has always been something she includes in her priorities.


Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos, have a foundation called the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that consistently donates millions of dollars to a wide variety of charities and non-profits.


Much of the Foundation’s giving centers around Betsy DeVoses passion for education reform. Education reform has been the cornerstone of her push for better public schools and her giving reflects her personal stake in bringing that change about.


While she contributes to many different educational non-profits, she is passionate about one local school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The schools provides a Christian based education and is called The Potter’s School. She and her family found the school when they were looking for a grade school to send their own children to. She and her husband were touched by the outpouring of hard work and Christian values that the school provided and decided to become donors to the school. The two provide a variety of scholarships to children whose families could not afford the tuition for the school. They are currently the school’s largest donors and have supported a variety of programs to give students a great education. Many of the school’s students come from low income families. The funded scholarships allow these students to have access to a Christian-based education.


Betsy DeVos is passionate about giving children and their families school choice and she has chosen to designate personal funds to support that effort. She also works through political avenues to provide a wider variety of choices for students. This is especially important in low income areas where the schools within certain districts may not offer the highest quality of education.


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Mike Baur Leads by Example Building Startup Companies with Core Passion for Success

Mike Baur, Founder and Executive Chairman of Swiss Start Up Factory is a previous banker with some of the most-prominent private banks in Switzerland. It was a career that lasted over 20 years until Mike decided it was time to move forward with building startup companies. The Swiss Start Up Factory is now the most sought-after accelerator company for entrepreneurs looking to advance their business, and a company that investors know they will receive startups that are worth investing huge capital.


The startup industry is an evolution that has emerged some of the biggest and brightest entrepreneurs within a multitude of markets. A fast-growing business idea can evolve through an entrepreneur’s vision and develop into a very successful and profitable business opportunity. Mike has an impressive style of leadership, which has gained him a great deal of respect within the startup industry.


Swiss Start Up Factory not only has a paramount program to bring small companies into the marketplace successfully, but the creative guidance to support and leverage the best talent. As a graduate from the University of Rochester in New York; earning an MBA, and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern, Mike used his education background to build the program. He also designed the accelerator program to include mentoring and coaching. When he founded the company, Mike saw that there were many entrepreneurs who had the talent and ideas, but who lacked the business insight to navigate their way to success.


Mike’s knowledge of the banking industry is only one layer of his multiple skills as a businessman. He has extraordinary skills as an effective investor. He is inventive, creative and extremely knowledgeable with regards to digital technology. Mike is also the Deputy Manager for Swiss Invest and has implemented several improvements within the startup industry within Switzerland. As someone who began in business at a very young age, Mike has learned how to lead with exceptional skills that are infectious to his team. He sets a high-bar for developing the type of companies that will become lucrative for investors and entrepreneurs. It all begins with his core passion for succeeding and being true to his authentic talent.


Mike Baur recognizes the importance of providing entrepreneurs the opportunities to expand their business acumen. He says that having talent is a good start, but being passionate about what a person does is what drives them towards success.