Dick And Betsy DeVos are Working on Education and Community

Many successful people have a choice on what they are going to do with their success. While it may be tempting to just retire and live off of one’s own success, there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs who are actually using their money to make changes in their communities. Among the successful people are Dick and Betsy DeVos. They are among the people that are the most involved in their community. They have made plenty of headlines in their career. Among the things they have been involved in is their influence on the education system. They wanted children to have a chance to get better education and not be limited by their zip code.


Betsy is one of the most prominent women working in support of school choice. There are a lot of reasons that fueled her desire to bring this option to other students. Among the factors that have played into her choice to work towards the improvement of the education system was the fact that she was able to easily make sure that her children were able to get the greatest possible education. She has also seen the struggles of others and have felt compelled to do something to make things easier for them.


Dick DeVos is also someone who is willing to improve the education system. Given that he has been very successful throughout his career, he wants children to have the same chances and be taught some of the same things that he himself were taught. One of the important lessons that Dick DeVos has learned was how to invest with the money that he has earned. He has also learned how to run businesses. This is in fact one of the most important skills for success. Among the things that Dick DeVos has talked about is setting up charter schools to provide better education for children.


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Jeremy Goldstein Discusses Stock Ideas

Jeremy Goldstein is currently a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. As a boutique law firm, the business is designed to help with high level clients from across the financial industry. This has allowed him to work with countless clients and learn about what exactly people want.


Jeremy Goldstein has acquired his degrees from New York University School of Law, University of Chicago, and Cornell University. He acquired over 15 years of experience before ultimately starting up his own firm in New York. During his career Jeremy Goldstein has overseen of the biggest and most important business deals of our generation. He remains very active within the law field to this date. He is currently the chair of a committee within the American Bar Association.


As an expert in the field, Jeremy Goldstein discussed the advantages and disadvantages to companies giving their employees stock options. In particular, he discusses 3 major disadvantages: the stock value may drop, an economic downturns can make it completely worthless, and it creates accounting burdens for those involved. However, he describes several advantages it can provide. It’s easier for employees to understand and it boosts the likelihood of good work to increase stock value.


Jeremy Goldstein suggests these issues can be fully solved with the “knockout” option. This allows companies and employees the ability to remove the stock with no drawbacks if it drops below a certain threshold. It encourages employees keeping the company’s best interest in mind and allows accounting to be more accurate. This gives the company an overall positive boost.


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What You Didn’t Know About Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is a renowned veteran who served the United States of America from the year 1989 to the year 1993. He served diligently in the Marine Corps during the gulf war. He holds a record as the first veteran to have ever been promoted two times during a single service.


Fowlkes was one of those who bravely graduated from the combat training school of the Marine Corps. He also gathered excellent knowledge of the non-combat aspect of the US military by enrolling in the Air Naval Liaison company (gunfire) and studying a basic engineering course. He made a reputation for himself as one of the heroic airborne soldiers in the army. In a bid to improve his skills, he studied in the Combat Diver School. He performed different missions during his time in Marine Corps. Most of the high-level missions where parachute operations and reconnaissance missions.


Fowlkes later got employed with the Joint Improvised Defeat Organization as a defense contractor in Iraq on behalf of the United States Army. His job description included infantry combat zone operations that were both mounted and dismounted on nature. He also works with the US military by training personnel in the tactical interrogation of dangerous individuals who are detained by the military. He has over 13 years experience in the law enforcement community. He walked with the St. Louis County and St. Louis Metropolitan police departments for three years and ten years respectively. He has a vast experience in the investigation of illegal gun possession, gang activities, narcotics trafficking and similar things in the most notorious parts of the United States. The rate of unlawful possession of weapons and other forms of corrupt practices stand as evidence that the United States needs more people like Ronald Fowlkes who are dedicated to their jobs.


Fowlkes is currently working as a law enforcement business development manager in Eagle Industries. His job description involves educating over one hundred and fifty sales personnel on product development, selection, and sale. He also reaches out to customers nationwide. Since the company deals with the production and distribution of tactical gear and operational nylon equipment, it is not surprising that he works with them. Some of the products include weapon transport gears, load-bearing equipment, personal gear carriers, etc. The equipment produced by this company are some of the best available.


Fowlkes has shown his love for fighting crime by improving his skills over the years and using his exceptional skill set to aid the US military and law enforcement in fighting crime. His present job as a business development manager in Eagle Industries also shows his enthusiasm for making the world a better place. If more people can dedicate their time and energy to noble causes just like Fowlkes, American will be great again and so will the world.


Talk Fusion Delivering Successful Training

Talk Fusion is known for selling only the best video marketing solutions for businesses across the globe. Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, is now sharing his knowledge around the world in the new highly anticipated University. With his 25= years of knowledge throughout network marketing, he is creating this online program to provide step by step videos and other motivational content to help you succeed in every area of your business.


This online program is a private online training hub that allows for the people from Talk Fusion to receive training from the founder, Bob Reina. With such minimal experience, you can gain extreme training and knowledge from this strategies in a private setting. He has talked a lot about knowing how to build an empire within the network marketing industry and the importance of understanding the different types of people that there are in the world. Not everybody has the same background or knowledge.


The training takes on a new level by currently having more than 30 unique videos where Bob goes through an in-depth step by step process on his products and the general idea of selling. It’s all about knowing and learning how to sell to people and understanding psychology on a different level. There are also tons of network marketing professionals that will share their insight on improving your marketing in a new way. It’s such an inspirational and unique approach to learning. With the help of their strategies, you gain knowledge on their approach, techniques, and strategies for leading to the sale.


People asked Reina what it is that he feels he needs to share this knowledge, and he simply states that he wants others to know the power of this industry. It’s incredible how he knows the true beauty of knowing a plan that works. His efficiency is remarkable and incredible, and you are going to witness how talented his skills can change your life in the world of marketing for the better. Talk Fusion brings together the most efficient strategies to help you grow effectively and actually accomplish more no matter what level you are at. Learn more:

Betsy Devos: The New York Times Aricle Recap

In the article from the New York Times, we learned some of the latest political challenges that Betsy DeVos has been facing as the education secretary. Let’s recap some of the important details in the news report.


The Fighter


The New York Times Article mentioned the latest declaration of Trump to repeal the latest policy in schools of allowing transgender students to use the area of the bathroom that they choose. Betsy Devos is the woman fighter in front of the people who don’t want the policy to be repealed. Despite the fact that she’s not as experienced in politics as many people want her to be, she continues to have the fighting spirit to deliver what the majority of America deserves.


Betsy Devos: The Profile


Ms. Devos is now 59 years old. She grew up in Holland, Mich., particularly in the western area of the state. Her background as a public servant started during the formative years when she was working with her father in his garage. Her father is Edgar Prince, who is a Christian conservative who has built a billion-dollar business in the auto industry. The husband of Dick DeVos even came from a wealthier family who are the people behind the growth of the multi-level marketing company Amway that has grown to a multi-million dollar business.


Although many citizens that Betsy Devos has encountered find it difficult to relate to her because she got a private school education, Betsy is showing great enthusiasm to learn the ropes of the political game. One of the many contributions of Betsy Devos in her political career was her fight in making sure that tax dollars will be transferred from public schools to charter schools. Charter schools are semi-operated with public funds but at the same time managed by private groups.


In 2015, it was in public record that Betsy and her husband were able to dole out $11.6 million in total contributions to various causes. You can see all the breakdown of all the expenses at the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation website. Since then there are now over $5.3 million additional funds that were given away by the foundation to various causes.


One of the other main focuses of Betsy Devos in her political career is Arts and Culture. In 2015, over $2.4 million of her donated money, or $21 percent of her money was given away to charitable causes in this area. Betsy Devos is also the woman responsible for launching the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which you can find at the University of Maryland.


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