Betsy DeVos: Pushing for a Normal Type of Alternative Education

Between the hours of 230 and 3:30 PM children all over the country are leaving school and making their way home to talk about all the new things they learned throughout the day. Perhaps some absorb everything, and they can parrot back much of the information to the parents, feeling extremely confident that they have reached their maximum potential for the day. Other children, however, struggle recounting much, if anything, that they learned from the day. These are the children that answer the typical parental question about what they learned today with a nondescript shrug. As a parent, it can be difficult to know if your child is truly absorbing the information that they are given every single day. Their teachers may not be as dedicated to their future as you are, or they may not understand the material the same way that their peers do. Then there are the students that feel as though they could work ahead of their peers, but they are not given the opportunity to do so. This, in and of itself, can lead to low functioning because students are not rewarded for their increased excess in class. What can be done for all these terrible situations?


Betsy DeVos, the acting Secretary of Education, believes that the biggest portion of this problem can be solved by enrolling students into programs that are more specialized. She means that students would do better in magnet schools, private schools, specialized schools, or online learning environments. These all give children different advantages when it comes to their educational goals. For the student that is always working ahead, they may benefit from placement within a magnet school or even an online learning environment. Both situations will allow the student to work at their own pace or are largely self-directive. Children that feel as though they are struggling to keep up with the pack may find more solace in a specialized school or private school. Each of these places gives a student more one-on-one interactions with their teachers, leaving the door open for deeper discussions of the material. The best thing about all these options is that they are completely interchangeable with different students because of their high degree of customizable content. The difference between these programs in public school is that they do not adhere to a very ridged set of standards. Parents will see students coming home from school with more confidence and higher marks because of the customized fit of their education.


To achieve this goal, Betsy DeVos believes that the best option is to take away funding from public schools to provide more resources for these types of programs. She believes that the benefits are easily apparent and anyone who has enrolled a student in this type of education would be more than willing to pay extra to enroll their own children into these programs. The major concern that she has with this program is getting more parents on board, there is still much to be done but parents are finding it difficult to adjust to a different type of learning method. It is her hope that it will one day become the norm.


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Roseann Bennett is Helping Others to Live Happier More Productive Lives

Roseann Bennett is a compassionate therapist who specializes in adolescent and family therapy. She has been practicing family and marriage therapy for over ten years and continues to help her patients through their issues so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

She had a large part in the establishment of the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2009and keeps up on blogs on the topics of women in the workplace as well as on mental health. Bennett works very hard each day and has a lot of responsibilities. She is in charge of the leadership, coordination, and direction of the activities and programs at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Her duties include writing policies and day to day tasks as well as helping her clients.

Roseann holds a Master’s degree in Psychological Studies from Seton Hall University and obtained her Specialist in Education degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She works primarily in the New Jersey area as well as in the Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren counties.

Bennett has had to find the balance between her work and personal life, and she often felt guilty when she spent time on herself. She has come to the realization that to please everyone, it was necessary to take that time for herself so that she can recharge and be a better person for herself and everyone else. She utilizes a planner and schedules out her life so that she has a better and more time-efficient lifestyle and so that she can live more in the moment.

She is more than happy to share her insight, tips, and what is working for her so that she can help others to live a more happy and productive life as well.

The Center for Assessment and Treatment is very devoted to helping families and individuals of all backgrounds and is a charitable organization. The agency has already helped hundreds of people through their life struggles and continues to help those who need it. Establishing the treatment center has not come without its challenges, but it has all been well with it.

Benefits of Choosing Dr. Eric Forsthoefel for Medical Care

There are so many doctors out there who you can choose for your medical care. If you are going to be visiting the emergency room, you want to know that the doctor who is seeing you is knowledgeable and is going to be working for you in a way that only benefits your needs. Now is a good time for you to make use of a professional known as Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been working as an ER doctor for many years, and this is why he is one of the best choices that you can make for your own medical care right here and now.

Before you know it, you’ll be finding that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one of the better choices for your needs and is going to provide the medical care that you require. You are going to want to learn more about Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and all of his past work by visiting his site or social media accounts. You will also find that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has gone through extensive training to be one of the best in his field, and this is the time for you to make use of someone like this who you can fully trust with the work that he is going to be able to do for you.


Now is a good time for you to learn more about Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and see if this is a professional who is right for you. Once you have made use of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and know that he is working with you in ways that are so much different than other doctors, you’ll find that he is a wonderful choice for just about any one of your medical needs right here and now. Make sure to give Dr. Eric Forsthoefel a try for yourself and see if this is something that is going to help you out and get you to work with him and help your own medical needs without needing to go and see multiple doctors for the problems that you are experiencing right here and now.

Should You Model for The Brown Modelling Agency?

If you’re interested in the modelling industry, you’ve probably already heard of the Brown Agency. Headquartered in Austin, Texas and with a satellite location in Dallas, the Brown Agency has helped turn Austin into the next hotbed of fashion. But is it the right agency for you? Keep reading to find an overview of the major pros (and one con) of modelling with the Brown Agency!


Their first main advantage is that they’re more than just a modelling agency. Of course, they provide runway talent for major fashion houses, but they also employ talented individuals in print ads, T.V. commercials, acting roles, and as makeup artists and photographers in the above specialties. They also provide model training (known as development) with the goal of helping their models land more visible and more lucrative jobs. Since the Brown Agency was formed from the merger of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South, they also merged several specialties and provide more options for their talent.


They’re also looking for more representatives of alternative beauty. The Brown Agency is proud of being based in Austin and they delight in the eclectic, alternative vibe of their city. They specifically look for talent with quirky features like piercings and dramatic hair. They also work with a variety of ethnic performers, increasing ethnic representation in the media. If other agencies turned you away because of your lip piercing and gauged ears, you might be a perfect fit for the Brown Agency.


A modelling agency with so much variety is usually seen as small potatoes in the industry, but don’t be fooled. The Brown Agency is one of the top ranked agencies in the U.S. Their performers routinely give glowing reviews of their professionalism and prestige in interviews and they’re known in the industry for providing performers at their peak. Wherever you look, it seems that someone is praising the Brown Agency! You can visit for more details.



There is one (potential) hurdle the Brown Agency faces: they don’t have offices in New York or Los Angeles. This isn’t a significant issue though because they still have connections in both cities. Their CEO, Justin Brown, started as a model in Los Angeles, then moved on to modelling in New York before shifting to model development. So they do have the connections to place models in either city despite the absence of offices on location.




There are many factors to consider when searching for a modelling agency. But if you are located in the Austin or Dallas areas and are searching for a high-profile, diverse agency with an abundance of performance options, look no further than the Brown Agency!



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Talk Fusion- Tools to Drive email Engagement

Small businesses are increasingly having to merge old-school marketing techniques with modern e-commerce strategies. Talk Fusion offers a simple, easy way to stand out from the crowd in the field of email marketing. Engagement is the elusive secret to converting marketing efforts into sales. Talk Fusion’s revolutionary automated email service raises engagement rates through a unique embedded video directly in email messages.


With the ease and all the analytics of most text-only systems, Talk Fusion offers the ability to record or upload a previously recorded video directly in emails and customize them to match your brand. Add any text to complete. These customizations can be as simple or as elaborate as wanted. Talk Fusion offers several templates, with the option to expand the selection.


This allows brands to get really creative with their email marketing, making videos as high production or as casual as needed. It lets them reach a group of people (those who prefer video to text) that they were not able to reach before. This distinct ability will drive engagement up, and hopefully, take click-throughs with it.


Talk Fusion and its mobile app, Fusion on the Go, is available on desktop systems as well as Google Play Store and iTunes. Android devices will need to be system version 4.4.3 or newer. Apple users can download to iPod Touch, iPhones, or iPads with iOS 7.


However, Talk Fusion also offers other services. Regardless of device, one can make international video calls. The flexibility of this feature is simply amazing. One can create and organize chat rooms based on different demographics, store them, send personalized group or individual messages.


Developers are intent on improving the quality of the features and recently added picture messaging through the app, and they also worked to make the design more sleek and seamless to ensure a pleasurable and user-friendly experience. Learn more: