Rocketship Education Has Been Getting Results By Utilizing Its Current Model:

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education is a network of schools that operate in the charter school realm. The non-profit is based out of the California locale of Redwood City. Rocketship Education expanded quickly after its 2006 founding by John Danner. The network has received a significant amount of praise during its existence but has also suffered some unfair recent criticism as a result of an NPR piece.

The recent piece from NPR lacks depth in its commentary and falls short. Rocketship Education has had a number of supporters that have come forward to state that this NPR piece really doesn’t give a balanced or fair picture of what goes on in the workings of this charter schools network. A theme within this NPR piece is in regard to what it asserts are problematic types of practices that are utilized by Rocketship Education schools. The fact is that Rocketship Education does utilize a model that relies on instilling discipline in students but this model has been yielding quality test results. NPR’s take on the article is that both a happy parent and also a parent that was not happy were interviewed for the piece.

The real truth about the NPR piece seems to be that it did fail to acknowledge all of the positives that have come out of Rocketship Education. These charter schools have developed a great deal of popularity for a reason and the positive accomplishments of the network were mostly ignored by this piece. It makes it fairly clear that the treatment Rocketship Education was given in this report was not altogether fair. At the end of the day, it appears that NPR is not really interested in commenting anything further on this issue. This continues to raise the question as to whether or not the piece lacked in fairness.

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Matt Badiali’s Insights on the Marijuana Business

Marijuana is a herb that is gaining prominence in many parts of the world according to Matt Badiali. Initially, it was illegalized in various jurisdictions. However, the situation is changing as more governments embrace it mainly for medical purposes. Some companies such as Constellation Brands, Molson Coors, and Heineken have already made plans to pump billions of dollars into the lucrative cannabis trade. The above firms have become popular as they meet the recreational needs of their clients. Currently, they all focus on the manufacturing of alcohol. According to Matt Badiali, the beverage making organizations will start focusing on the upcoming market soon. He points out that the sector is worth billions of dollars.

Recent statistics have shown that the consumption of beer and soda has reduced. According to a report for the beverage industry, the 2018 sales of soda were the lowest as compared to the last 30 years. Even the major brewers such as Heineken were hit by the development this year. The brewers are hopeful that making beer with cannabis as an ingredient will save them from the current situation and lead to higher sales volumes in the long run. Last month, one of the giant beverage manufacturers, Constellation Brands announced that they had set aside about $4 billion to invest in a firm called Canopy Growth which specializes in medical cannabis. A move that earned the company a 38% stake. The value of the firm’s shares has gone up by 83% after the investment by Constellation. Matt Badiali has urged investors to focus on the cannabis business as they are likely to reap high returns. To know more about him click here.

Matt Badiali has pointed out that some marijuana companies in Canada have already increased the value of their stocks due to the predictions by some investment experts that the industry has great potential. However, not all marijuana companies have good financial results. A good example is Tilray Inc. According to the statistics from the second quarter this year, it recorded a net loss of $21.8 million. The sales for the period had an estimated value of $9.7 million. Tilray is valued at $5.7 billion. The market for its medical cannabis has expanded to 11 countries over the years. It also plans to tap into the Canadian market from October this year when the product will be legalized.

OSI Industries: Its origin and leadership

OSI Industries is a value-added foods company with headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It is a top producer of food products which are supplied to almost every continent. Currently, the privately-owned company is ranked as one of the largest in the world. The Forbes places it at number #58 with a net worth of over $6.1 billion. OSI Industries is serving 17 countries in different countries and has established 65 production plants to meet the high demand for food products. It has also employed over 20,000 people to serve in its plants. The company is still in expansion mode, and it is doing a thorough job of taking its operations to the people in different parts of the world.


OSI Industries is a name that was adopted in 1975. However, this is not when the company was created. It has been around for a longer time. Previously, the company was operating as a family-owned business and operated in the name of Otto & Sons. Otto Kolschowsky is the founder of this company. He was a German immigrant living in Chicago when he started a butcher shop in 1909 which grew to become OSI.

Early development

Otto & Sons got an opportunity to work with the McDonald’s restaurant franchise when it opened its first restaurant in Illinois. This was the beginning of growth for Otto & Sons. McDonald’s got v a lot of business, and Otto & Sons was made one of the suppliers to their restaurants. As they expanded, more products were needed for supplies. That is how Otto & Sons found itself looking for financing to expand its operations. It needed to have high production capacity so that it grows into a huge business and meet the huge demand from McDonald’s.

Entry of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin was a banking executive in a bank where Otto & Sons was looking for financing. OSI Group acquires Baho Food. He was responsible for the expansion of the company at the time, by availing the resources needed to grow the company. After the role he played in the growth of the company, he took another initiative of helping the company grow by taking up an active role in its day-day operations. He joined other partners in OSI Industries in equal status to others. Soon he was appointed Chairman and CEO, and since then he has never looked back. He has carried out operations of the company in a manner that is impressive. He has made it the company we see today.

Organo Gold-Healthier Living

Organo Gold is determined to share its Ganoderma mushroom powder based products with the world! Their coffee, teas, nutraceuticals , and body care products are one of the front runners for healthy living. The antioxidants and immune boosting properties are just what people need to live a more well-balanced life.

Organo Gold petitions for organic farming and natural ingredients for an overall healthier life. By their commitment to these things, you can trust that their product is a much healthier alternative. Not only do they improve your health, but they improve your life as a result.

Their products offer a range of energy products such as Fenix XT and Ganoderma Mycelium which is a mango flavored powdered energy drink. It helps regulate energy, stamina, and performance. Their personal care products like Ganoderma Lucidum is great in toothpaste and soaps as well. Their coffees, teas, and other beverages are equally satisfying and just as good for you as well! There is something available for everyone thanks to Organo Gold.

By having these products exclusively sold by individuals as opposed to coffee shops or stores, they are directly impacting the lives of others in a much more profound way. It provides a personalized shopping experience through independent distributors that can then sponsor others to start their own Organo distributions.

With the variety of products they offer, you can’t go wrong. No matter which route you take with Organo Gold or what products you try, your body will most certainly be glad you did.

Jason Hope Invests in a Different Front in the Battle Against Aging

One of the biggest driving forces in modern medicine, alongside combatting the scourge of cancer, has been the pursuit of a way to fight aging. Like flying cars, the elimination of aging and ultimate immortality has long been a promised yet never delivered wonder of future predictions since the dawn of futurism itself. Aging is a problem faced by everyone fortunate enough to live a full life. Eventually, our bodies all break down and give in to entropy.

Unsurprisingly, research into the causes of aging and of course ways to reduce or prevent it, never slowed down. Advances in molecular biology, genetics and other related fields have revealed many of the secrets behind the mechanics of the human body aging. The main mechanical reason, it turns out, is due to chromosomes eventually breaking down after being copied a bit too much. They become less capable of providing a template to rebuild as the body renews itself. Find out more about Jason Hope at Arizona Capitol Times.

While methods to reduce this chromosomal breakdown has been promising, many futurists like Jason Hope seek a more immediate solution. Being a philanthropist and entrepreneur, he sees the immediate benefit to humanity, as well as cost-effectiveness and practicality of fighting many of the age-related diseases. Jason Hope has, in this pursuit, invested significantly in the SENS project, which focuses on ways to prevent a multitude of age-related ailments such as several cancers, Alzheimer’s, and the degradation of the nervous system.

This is not the key to immortality, nor does it prevent visible and ultimate aging in and of itself, but conquering those is probably a generation or two away at the soonest. This means that currently-living generations will probably not see the benefits of this still very important research. Jason Hope and other philanthropic futurist investors wish to see people currently alive suffer less from the ravages of age. They want to build a world here and now in which people can enjoy their well-earned retired years fully mobile, healthy and lucid. Jason Hope wants a world where they can enjoy time with their grandchildren, possibly even keeping up with them within reason.

This is a side of anti-aging that many overlook – the act of taking the bite out of it.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Helping Mental Health Recovery with Fountain House

In an article on Fountain House’s website entitled, “Fountain House Fall Fete,” it talks about what their mission is as an organization as well as an event that took place in 2012. Fountain House is an organization that is dedicated to fighting the stereotype associated with mental illness. They strive to reduce the social impact of mental illness. Furthermore, hundreds of people who suffer from serious mental illness have found work at Fountain House, providing their skills and talents. Members and employees also conduct successful employment, education, and housing programs. Fountain House even provides opportunities, through activities and programs. For example, on the fifth of November 2012, the Associates Committee of Fountain House hoisted their annual Fall Fête. During the program, Heather Hyness and Alexis Preston, two then college students, were awarded scholarships giving them aid to help them pursue their individual career.

It’s opportunities like that, that have been made possible with the help of Jeremy L. Goldstein. Jeremy L. Goldstein is a member of the Board of Directors for Fountain House and an attorney at law. Over the years and the various companies, Goldstein assisted he has managed to give back to it with Fountain House. He began his career in law by graduating from Cornell University with a bachelors, later receiving his masters from the University of Chicago. And later earned his J.D. from New York School of Law.

Jeremy L. Goldstein was also a former partner at a law firm in New York and has been involved with several large corporate transactions. These corporations include Duke Energy, Schering Plough Corporations, Chevron Texaco Corporation, AT&T Corporation, and Miller Brewing Company. Currently, he is the chairman of Mergers and Acquisition subcommittee of the American Bar Association Business Sector.


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