Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Minister Mikhail Bogdanov plan on addressing the Syrian war

In October 2017, Dr. Shafik Sachedina led a delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation to meet Mikhail Bogdanov, a Russian diplomat. This meeting was marked with discussions about the prospects of future development projects in Afghanistan and Syria. The conference also addressed the current affairs in the Middle East.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina and the Syrian conflict

He congratulated Russia for being at the forefront in the fight against extremism and terrorism. He also acknowledged the Russian administration for promoting peace the regions facing war and civil unrest.

During his discussions with this foreign diplomat, he talked about the prospects of working in collaboration with Russia to solve the current crisis in Syria. He spoke about initiating negotiations between the Syrian government and the country’s opposition to bring about peace. According to Dr. Shafik Sachedina, these efforts are provided for by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 which advocate for political settlement and peace in Syria. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at

About Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dentist and the current chairman of Sussex Healthcare. He is a native of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He came to England during the early years of his life and soon after became a British citizen. This professional is one of the most sought-after doctors who work in various health organizations.

For years, he has demonstrated an interest in philanthropic matters. His passion for giving to the community has earned him a leadership position with Jamati Institution of Aga Khan which is situated in France. His division is involved in providing voluntary services to the community.

He is a member of the board of directors for various companies including Ismaili Council in the UK and Aga Khan Development Network. Additionally, he sits on the board of Focus Humanitarian Assistance International and Ismaili Imamat and Community.

He is founder and owner of Sussex Health Care, an organization that cares for the elderly. This facility provides care to people with Dementia, Alzheimer as well as patients with physical problems. At Sussex Health Care, He works with some of the most skilled professionals in the Sussex locality.



The Role of Experienced Leaders at Fortress Investment Group

The leadership of the organization is always an important factor in any organization that wants to achieve success and remain relevant in the competitive industry. Leaders make critical decisions about the progress of the company and help the entity to avoid losses and extreme financial difficulties that can cripple an entity. Fortress Investment Group is probably one of the asset managers in the industry who can be proud of the experienced leaders who have been able to push the organization to greater heights.

The trio of Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger is a team of executive management that any company owner would like to have in his company. They are experienced leaders who had previously worked in other organizations before moving to Fortress Investment Group. The most important aspect about the trio is that they supplement each other through their varying strengths, skills, and experiences. They have undertaken some of the most critical decisions that have had significant impacts of the progress of the company. To know more about him click here.

The first decision that the three individuals undertook was registering the company in the stock market where it could sell its shares to the members of the public. This was a risky move but later proved to be a milestone that no other asset manager has ever experienced. After registering in the NYSE, Fortress Investment Group was able to achieve a significant amount of money that it used for investment purposes.

The second decision involved structuring the organization so that it could address the specific needs of the consumers in the industry. Previously, other asset managers had not placed much value to their customers until Fortress Investment Group started offering personalized and customized financial services to investors. This made the organization to attract a large number of customers, some of which it still has to date.

Lastly, the three leaders agreed on a strategy that would help the company to be more efficient and competitive. This strategy involved incorporating technology in all departments of the organization. The move did not only help the company to be efficient but it also enabled it to cut on operational costs and used the savings to invest in profitable assets.

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Genucel Has Been Proven To Make Eyes Dazzling

Millions of people have the unfortunate issues of eye puffiness, bags underneath the eye, or droopy eyelids. These are not just problems of the aging but can happen at any age. They may go unnoticed for while or can be easily masked with makeup, but after a period of time, these problems become more noticeable and are more difficult to hide. Products claiming to remedy these eye situations have become a multi-million dollar industry, but they have not been successful in changing the look around the eyes. There is a new product that makes the claim and backs it up. Genucel produces an eye treatment that gets rid of the appearance of puffiness, bags, and droopy skin around the eyes.


Made from the technologies of the rare, natural Swiss apple stem cell, this product targets all of the before mentioned eye problems. Users will see more favorable results from the concentration of double peptides in the products’ formula. Some results can be obtained in a little as twelve hours. Aging skin can be firmed and strengthened by the antioxidants in the cream. Consumers have found that they can look years younger with the elimination of eye bag, puffiness, and droopy eyelids. They feel more confident, and can once again feel good about being face to face when talking with others.

Genucel is a five-step program that reduces puffiness, bags, and droopy eyelids. The first step promotes younger looking skin with the plant cell therapy. Step two of the therapy is to tighten, firm, and lift droopiness. Step three of the treatment is the Genucel XV which reduces facial wrinkles. The fourth step is the Relaxoderm technology which smooths away wrinkles around the eyes, and step five is the Cristalles Microdermabrasion which is used by dermatologists to help reduce skin roughness, wrinkles, and fine lines in the face.


Genucel also contains a double amount of the clinical concentrated eyeseryl to help make the eyes appear flawless. The peptide proteins in Genucel nourishes the skin around the eyes to help them appear smoother, softer, and younger. Even if the puffiness, bags, and droopiness are not so pronounced, Genucel can still help as a preventive solution. Minor bugs and puffiness does not get better on their own. Starting the treatment before the little bags become large ones is the best safeguard for maintaining beautiful and soft skin without the appearance of bags.


Dherbs Full Body Cleanse Can Give Our Body The Fresh Start It Needs

When thinking about body adjustments we often say we want to star over or change our lifestyle, but one thing we should consider is our internal system as well. The best way to jump start our changes and get the best results from our change is to do a full body cleanse first. According to A. D Dolphin, Our body needs to be tuned up just like a car. Dolphin cares about the importance of removing toxins from our bodies and making permanent changes to our lifestyle. A.D. Dolphin is a guru that many celebrities including Anthony Anderson, Niecey Nash, and Steve Harvey consult for health tips, weight loss, and maintaining a wellness plan that helps them look and feel great and perform at their best. It starts with the Dherbs full body cleanse.

Environmental Impacts

Our body takes in pollutant, infectious agents and toxins on a daily basis. Sometimes these substances can come from cleaning supplies, airborne pathogens, beauty products, processed foods, water, pollution, or radiation and others. Completing the Dherbs cleanse reduces the volume of both external and internal irritants inside our body. Once you complete the cleanse it’s like your body is stating from scratch with a cleaner and healthier interior.

Rebooting Our System

Even though the body can cleanse itself naturally on its own, all of the new pollutants that are introduced into society by various processing technologies can reduce the body’s ability to fight off everything on its own. That’s why we need Dherbs. Dherbs full body cleanse helps the body tackle irritants in specific areas

s such as your liver, kidneys, lungs, colon as well as your bloodstream. The body has several working systems that need maintenance every now and then. The cleanse can help our body maintain the right pH level, cleansing our bloodstream and getting our systems back on track to be the self cleansing machines they were when we began.

Meet Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group LLC, Chief Executive Officer.

Randal Nardone is a renowned professional in the financial investment industry. In 1998, in collaboration with Wes Edens and others, he founded Fortress Investment Group LLC. Fortress Investment Group is a top financial investment company in the New York Stock Exchange. Today, the company, through its unparalleled services, has attracted notable investors into its portfolio. The expansion can be attributed partly to the commitment and contribution of Nardone, in the daily operations of the company. Currently, Nardone serves as the Chief Executive Officer and overseer of legal matters.

Randal Nardone is a man with vast experience in the financial investment field. Throughout his career life, he has demonstrated unsurpassed expertise and skill, that has seen him register an incredible growth in his career. He is known for his informed decisions, that have seen the expansion of Fortress Investment Group over the years. He has assisted the company to improve its financial services and solutions to its clients by implementing progressive ideas, that other companies may not have even considered.

In his career as a financialist, Randal Nardone has served as the director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, Fortress Investment Group LLC, and Springleaf REIT Inc. He has also served as a Non-Executive Director of GAGFAH S.A, SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd, and Aircastle Limited. From May 1997 to May 1998, Randal worked as the Managing Director at UBS. He served as the principal at BlackRock Financial Management, and a partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood. He holds Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston University School of Law and, a B.A in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut.

At Fortress Investment Group LLC, Randal Nardone also works as the secretary and vice-president of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC, head of Fortress Credit Corporation, Chief Operating Officer and Principal of Fortress Investment Fund V, L.P. and, Chairman and President of Springleaf Financial Holdings. Randal A. Nardone is also a co-founder of Fortress Registered Investment Trust, Fortress Investment Fund V and, Fortress Investment Fund IV, L.P. Going forward, Randal is optimistic that a great future awaits Fortress Investment Group.


Boraie Development Aim To Provide Better Accommodation In New Jesey

Boraie Development has been developing housing and commercial complexes in New Jersey for 30 years now. Their focus is mainly on tenants and owners who want a long tenure commitment of ownership.

Proper maintenance and handling of the properties are their forte. The tasks of handling the workforce, effective customer service, maintenance, and strict administration comes into play during the management of properties which they efficiently handle.



Their new project in New Brunswick is called ‘The Aspire’. It is a top-quality housing complex with 238 luxury apartments given out for rent. The amenities that come with the stay are 24/7 doorman lobby, a fully equipped gym, a yoga center and a recreational center for business as well as leisure activities. It has become the choice of stay for the citizens with the requirement of rental apartments. There are dining options available within the complex providing a variety of meals throughout the day. They have an effective and smart concierge system that provides an online system for rent payment and provides a heads-up prior to the arrival of guests and deliveries.



There are three categories of apartments with according rates. A monthly charge of $1,650 is levied for a studio apartment. The next higher rate is for one-bedroom apartments which stand at $1,800 every month. Lastly for a rent of $2,750, one can afford a two-bedroom apartment.



The founder and the current president of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie has partnered up with Shaquille O’Neal in developing housing and commercial complexes in the whole of New Jersey.

Omar Boraie was a chemist initially and came to America in the 70’s for completing his doctorate.


Their partnership has given scope to their ambitious number of projects simultaneously progressing in Newark. Shaquille O’Neal first met with Omar Boraie through Mike Parris, uncle of Mr. O’Neal.

Soon after their partnership, they immediately started working on the $7million renovation of a medieval theatre, in New Jersey. They focus on affected areas where the citizens cannot afford affordable and desired apartments. For examples, they are currently building a housing and a commercial complex in Atlantic City.  You can visit to see more

As a co-developer, Shaquille O’Neal stays deeply involved in the planning of the projects with the Boraie Developers. They believe that these projects are the best way to give back to the society they dearly love. Wasseem Boraie recently mentioned that Mr. O’Neal holds a certain stake at Boraie Developers but denied to talk about the details of it.  For more details you can visit


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Freedom Checks Are the Ticket to the American Dream of a Stable Energy Sector

Freedom Checks would be almost free money if one were to consider the amount of money the average American pays the state in the form of tax. Tax is a burden for many people especially those struggling to make ends meet. Evading tax is not an option either as it is a federal offense.

People, therefore, are left with little choice but to give Caesar his share even while grumbling at it. The Freedom Checks, however, are a fresh of breath air as they allow anyone who has invested in energy a clean ninety cents for every dollar trading. While the project saw the light of the day because of President Nixon, it remains a non-governmental entity. The checks trace their origin to the Nixon era, but very few people knew about them. The few people who had an idea believed it was a rip-off, and no one loves risking their hard earned money for fruitless ventures. The rest of America is finally waking up to the fact that they could smile all the way to the bank each month all thanks to this project. All one is required to do is invest in the energy sector and a secure energy America. Either way, everybody wins.

The master limited partnerships have been kept secret for way too long, and Americans need a financial awakening. The partnerships only exist because of a small clause almost forgotten known as Internal Revenue Code. In the clause, title 26 under subtitle F states the reason why the checks are a legit business opportunity. It is advantageous that any American can invest and no unique skill set is demanded.

More about the Freedom Checks

The names promise freedom, and in indeed Freedom checks were introduced so that Americans remain free in the energy sector and free from punitive tax. The checks are an example of the proverbial kill two birds with one stone. The two birds are Americans investing in the energy sector and the country preserving independence in energy matters. Few Americans knew that the Freedom checks existed and more are now informed all thanks to an energy enthusiast known as Matt Badiali.