Marc Beer’s Renovia Raises $42 Million For The Advancement Of Women Health

Marc Beer recently co-founded a health startup, Renovia Inc. dedicated to the advancement of women health research. The firm particularly specializes in the study and development of drugs and other treatment options for urinary incontinence.


According to Renovia, this refers to a pelvic floor disorder estimated to affect over 250 million women across the world. Marc’s startup has, therefore, dedicated vast amounts of time and resources in understanding the condition and developing its first drug, Leva, which received FDA’s approval in April.


Raising $42 Million


Renovia sources its funds from healthcare investment firms to advance its objectives. The Marc Beer-led company would start by organizing a series A funding to get the ball rolling. The funds raised during the Series A round would help the firm initiate different research projects that culminated in the development and approval of their first pelvic floor disorder drug, Leva.


The women health startup has, however, been engaged in several other research and drug development projects. For instance, it is contemplating the development of an advanced form of the Leva drug. More importantly, it has four diagnostic and therapeutic products that it hopes to push through the final development, testing and approval process.


It, therefore, organized a successful Series B round of funding that raised a record $42 Million. Missouri-based Ascension ventures and the Longwood Fund were some of the earliest venture capitalists to join the fund drive that Raised $42 million. A significant portion of this, $32 Million, was in the form of direct investments while venture debt accounted for $10 million.


Marc Beer’s optimism


Acknowledging the success of the Series B funding, Marc Beer praised the healthcare investment funds for their support. He would interpret the success of the fund drive as a show of approval and support of Renovia’s mission and vision. Marc added that his company has access to a host of highly innovative and proprietary healthcare technologies. These help it gain a deeper understanding of the pelvic floor disorders and in effect develop more effective treatment options. Learn more:


More about Marc Beer


Marc has close to three decades of active experience in the health sector. He spent a significant portion of this time in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and devices sectors where he helped to promote research and aid with the commercialization of treatment options. Taking advantage of this industry experience, Marc partnered with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias to co-found Renovia Inc. in 2016 where he serves as the Managing Director.


He shot into the drug research and commercialization limelight during his time at ViaCell, a biotechnology startup specializing in the collection and preservation of umbilical cord and blood stem cells. He led the company for seven years and saw it morph from a simple startup to a fully-fledged commercial organization employing over 300 employees.


Genucel reveals their Holy Grail for the Anti-Aging Process

Fortune seekers, kings, emperors, and nobles alike have always searched for the “Fountain of Youth” for centuries. Many people have spent all of their fortunes on this little business endeavor and many of them have passed away while searching for this quest. These brave individuals that have searched for this supposed “Fountain of Youth” have never really come close to actually finding this secret serum until now.


Fountain of Youth Rescue Technology that is Effective and Safe

Everybody knows that aging is a fact of life and that it’s inevitable but is it actually irrevocable? Genucel’s anti-aging and nature-based technologies are assisting several women and men alike to grow old gracefully! We all know what they say—if a person can’t permanently fight the aging process, then why now live with the aging process on their own terms and enjoy it.


Chamonix actually manufactures Genucel from a series of therapies of stem cells taken from plants. George Faltaeous is the pharmacist that initiated the anti-aging products in the year of 1999. Other anit-aging providers are always looking for chemical-based, lab-created products to fight this anti-aging challenge, Faltaeous looked for more natural remedies to guide his anti-aging formulas.

Complications were avoided by leveraging these therapies that were more naturally based. Calendula flower extracts, natural sources of the Vitamins A, E and Ester-C as well as Grape seed oil are just some of the ingredients that are in Genucel and these lab-created chemicals prevent the adverse impacts and abrasive treatments to the skin.


The Fountain of Youth is revealed

Unlike the concocted anti-aging potions that were created by the ancient palace physicians and ill-trained herbalists, the anti-aging technologies of the Genucel lines were created by thousands of dollars of R&D efforts, as well as years of careful experimentation. Chamonix has been able to secretly unlock this “Fountain of Youth” the natural way.


The Difference Genucel can make in your life

These ancient place physicians and ill-trained herbalists may have failed to keep aging at bay in the past for the nobles and kings, but the Genucel products can deliver the “Holy Grail” of the anti-aging process to your door with just a simple click on the internet. So give your skin the look it deserves, tries Genucel today because you will be glad that you did!


Herbalife Nutrition: Promoting Healthy Living

Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company that was founded in the 1980s. Their goal is to provide the avenue to make the world a healthier and happier place. Products aimed to target nutrition, weight management, energy, fitness, and personal care are distributed to over 90 countries. High-quality products are not only backed by scientific evidence but as a customer, you will receive independent and knowledgeable one-on-one coaching to achieve a healthier life.


Herbalife Nutrition is not just a company trying to sell the next health crazed fad. They are dedicated to helping people get healthy and make life-altering changes in their health. By offering products, when used with proper diet and exercise, that will aid the body in healing and working in a healthy capacity. Eating healthy and exercising as a community has been found to get results and to make a difference for all involved. A Herbalife community club has been formed and the community club revolves around healthy lifestyle options. The club offers drinks, snacks, and meals centered around the holistic living idea. Developing community activities to take away further excuses to not get healthy. The nutrition company also promotes healthy living by sponsoring community programs. Community engagement programs aim to strengthen healthy lifestyles and to promote social change within the community.



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The company also targets the special nutrition needs that new mothers face. Childbirth and childcare take a toll on the body. To be able to meet the physical needs for recovery, energy, and stamina the body needs different nutrients and has different caloric needs. The caloric intake does not just provide the body with the necessary energy supply, but it is used to make sure that the diet is well balanced to replace the important nutrients and minerals. Herbalife has developed a nutrition booster for new moms. This booster helps to fill the gaps that a dietary plan may lack. Using a blend of minerals and vitamins a new mothers diet gets the much-needed support.


With education, products, and community involvement Herbalife is striving to make healthy living a priority in life. They strive to have holistic lifestyles so that communities are able to be happier and work together to become healthier.


Steve Ritchie Fulfills His CEO Duty

In the midst of a public relations nightmare for Papa John’s, the pizza delivery company’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie fulfilled his duty as such by offering his apology to the company’s customers. In a letter send via email to Papa John’s customers, Steve Ritchie said “I’m sorry.” It was a clear and direct apology. He also sided against racism and promised that any behavior resembling racism would not be tolerated at Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie further stated that the company is comprised of more than 120,000 people, who are decent and hard-working people of their community, implying that the racist views of a single person should not paint the entire company in a bad light. With this statement, Steve Ritchie hopes to distance the company from a person who appears to hold racist views.

Knowing that mere words would not be enough to undo the situation, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s promised that the company will take a number of actions to improve the company, if it is shown to be necessary. One of the actions to be undertaken is meant to address concerns that have suddenly come up as to the company’s inclusiveness, culture, and diversity. To address these concerns, Steve Ritchie stated that the company will hire people that have nothing to do with the company to run audits on those issues. Steve Ritchie also stated that some of the most senior members of the company’s management team will be making visits to Papa John’s stores across the country to get their input on the situation at issue. Steve Ritchie promised to be transparent throughout the entire process and desires that he is personally held accountable by Papa John’s customers. In the letter of apology, Steve Ritchie recognized that the process of gaining back the trust of Papa John’s customer will require some time and a great deal of effort to achieve, but according to him there is nothing of greater importance than the achievement of such.

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Why People Use Wen By Chaz For Hair Care

You find yourself in the beauty aisle of your local store. You are trying to figure out which shampoo to buy and try next. The price on the shelf can range greatly depending on the item and the seller. You want something that is going to make your hair healthy once more but you can’t seem to decide which item is the best. What if you knew that none of those items are going to work as well as Wen.


Beauty knows no bounds and therefore we shouldn’t either. We should know that the items we are using on our body need to be just as important as the items that we are using inside. If you want something that is going to restore beautiful hair while making it smell good, Wen by Chaz is a popular choice.


We’ve all been up late at night a time or two and seen the ads on IG come on for the Wen hair care products. You know, that same commercial that places a number of girls in chairs across the stage while interviewing each and every one of them about what they liked best about the hair products they are using. What you have to know is that those same girls, are actual users of the hair care products.


The people that you hear call in on the home shopping channels are actual users of the hair care products. They are not paid to call in or receive free products for their testimony on the WEN products. They are only calling in and speaking about their hair choices because they want others to know how much of a success the hair care items were for them.


What you have to know is that you might not achieve the same results as someone else right at first. It might take you longer to see some results depending on the damage done to your hair. It will vary from one person to the next. Try Wen today, use the coupon codes from to save on your order.

Feminine Hair Care Routine

As a female, I understand the importance of a quality hair care routine in order to maintain my aesthetic. Along with most females, a typical hair care regimen includes shampoo and conditioner treatments every one to three days dependent on how healthy or oily their scalp is. Washing your hair too much can make it unmanageable and dry. I personally could only wash my hair every other day due to over-processed bleaching applications use. That is until I saw Wen on Facebook and the Chaz Dean formula became a part of my hair care regimen.


With the WEN hair care system, you use a five-in-one cleansing conditioner rather than a separate shampoo and conditioner. Not only is this more convenient, but your hair’s healthy oils are not being stripped by shampoo. WEN is safe to use daily, and you will see optimal results with minimal dryness, little to no breakage, and less frizz. After using the cleansing conditioner, there is a deep conditioner as part of the treat system that will be sure to bring life back to your damaged hair.


WEN is a cleanse, boost, style and treat hair care system. According to Wikipedia, this four step system has everything you need for a healthy, manageable hair care look. The best thing about WEN is that your hair does not just feel clean after using the cleansing conditioner; your hair feels healthier than it once did. Not many females can admit to that once shampoo is rinsed from their hair.


I highly recommend being open to change and trying out the WEN by Chaz Dean hair care system ( if you haven’t already. Your hair will thank you whether it’s on the dry side or not. Most females can say they have room for improvement on the health of their hair and WEN by Chaz Dean can make that improvement. Learn more about Wen on

Robert Ivy Discusses The Importance Of Creating Networks Through Professional Societies

According to Robert Ivy, many young and upcoming employees find it hard to secure employment opportunities in the leading and multinational organizations around the world. It is common knowledge that employment opportunities are hard to come by. The lack of employment opportunities has been caused by weak economic conditions that prevail in an economy. During this period, most of the organizations around the world do not provide employment opportunities.

However, it is not only the harsh economic conditions that make it possible for individuals to find employment opportunities. There are other aspects like lack of interview knowledge or absence of the necessary information that is needed in the industry. This knowledge and potential employment opportunities can only be provided through networking opportunities. Th

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Robert Ivy highlights that most of the professional bodies around the world have been organizing annual meetings and seminars where individuals with similar skills and profession can meet. It is through these annual conferences and meetings that individuals can network and develop long-standing friendships that last for more extended periods. It has also been recorded that some friendships created through networking might last for the entire life of individuals. Building networks remains to be one of the fundamental aspects of professional groups.

Most of the people appreciate the presence of networking opportunities created by professional bodies because they can easily get a mentor who can take them and mentor them through their careers. It is common knowledge that a significant number of individuals have failed to be successful in their career as they do not have someone to guide them through hard times and decision-making processes. Robert Ivy notes that networking platforms also play a vital role in communicating about available employment opportunities available.

Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is one of the most experienced architects in the United States. He is currently the CEO of the professional body of architects on the United States where he has been voted as one of the most influential and knowledgeable professional. He has also won the “Master Architect”, something that has not been done by another individual in the 21st century.


Takes on a New Initiative to Help Dallas Residents

It is the dream of all young professionals to own a home before they can be able to start a family. However, for many, this has not been coming true. Many have been forced to rent their apartments and houses simply because the cost of acquiring a new home is too high. The financial institutions have not been helping the situation either. According to a recent report, most of the institutions are very keen when they are offering their mortgage to professionals. The fear started after the crisis that left to the collapse of so many banks in the world. The qualifications of getting a loan have gone too high, making it impossible for ordinary people to access the kind of homes they would have deserved.

NexBank is, however, an exception. The financial institution has been of great help for several decades now. With its main offices in Dallas, the financial company has assisted many people, regardless of their credit status, to own a beautiful home. The bank understands that the middle class are the majority in the market, and their lives matter just like the wealthy people in the world. NexBank took a great step that has left many residents in Dallas very happy and content. According to official news from the popular bank, NexBank will walk hand in hand with Dallas Neighborhood Homes so that they can make homeownership a reality. The bank has supported many Dallas initiatives in the past, and it is also eager to take part in the new move so that people can have comfortable spaces to live and enjoy their lives.

NexBank has initiated so many activities in the past year. The organization loves to make the society better, and this is the primary reason it did not hesitate to purchase College Savings. The company is a veteran college education funds, and it has remained in the right books with consumers for a very long time. The acquisition was made public just recently, and all people are excited to have the company managed by a powerful organization that will make parents trust in saving for their young ones.

Neurocore Brain Training Centre Offers High-Quality Treatment and Mental Training Services

If you or your loved one is suffering from any kind of mental health illness, going for treatment at a mental health clinic is essential. If a conventional treatment is not effective, then you can take the help of the Neurocore Brain Assessment Clinic. Neurocore uses the latest technologies that are data-driven to provide children and adults with the brain training that would help them become more active, stress-free and focused. Neurocore has around nine centers spread across the country in Michigan and Florida. If you feel that yours or your child’s brain is weak and suffering from ADHD and other mental health issues then consulting with the experts at Neurocore is a good idea as they offer customized treatment to their patients. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore uses the applied neuroscience methods to heal people from their mental health issues. It does take time and effort from the end of the patient, but in the end, it would help you get rid of your mental health problems in an efficient manner. The brain-based techniques that Neurocore uses are highly effective, and it helps the people to harness the power of the brain to improve focus and overall quality of life. It would not only help people become more productive at work, but also more peaceful in personal life. Neurocore uses non-invasive methods to help people get rid of mental health problems in a very efficient manner. The brain training provided by Neurocore Brain Assessment Centers is research-based and has worked wonders for many people. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


Neurocore also offers tremendous career opportunities for its employees. Apart from good salary, they also offer extra perks that are not provided anywhere else. For those looking to make a career in the medical field, Neurocore is one of the best companies to work for. They also have flexible working hours making it an excellent job opportunity for many. All of their employees are satisfied with the working environment as everything is cordial to each other. The good working conditions make it ideal for those who want to give something back to people and want to work hard to bring relief to other people.


Krishen Iyer is a Marketing Professional

When it comes to the world of insurance marketing, Krishen is the ultimate expert in generating leads as well as helping curate traffic for dental and health insurance firms.

Mr. Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services formerly known as Quick Link Marketing which specializes in health and dental insurance marketing, leads and consulting. The company is based in Carlsbad and Southern California.

Iyer was born and grew up in California State. He later attended the San Diego State University from 2000 and then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration in 2004.

Krishen Iyer is an expert when it comes to online marketing, technical development, and client interfacing when it comes to firms and organizations that look for specific solutions.


Krishen’s entrepreneurial acumen led him to start up Iyer Real Estate Holdings, a company he established even before he completed college. After graduating, He built his first company in the insurance field in 2009 which was known as Name My Premium. It is later that he founded the Managing Benefit Services company.

Krishen Iyer is a risk taker who proceeded in marketing, and advertising career for leads thereby became an insurance agent and later owned an agency.

The responsibility of developing the different concepts behind MBS core mission falls on Krishen Iyer’s shoulders since he has the understanding of what works for the company and that which does not.


Krishen Iyer knows that leisure is good for the body, mind, and soul and that is why he spends time playing soccer, chess and tennis. Iyer also enjoys spending time with his son and daughter.

Krishen motivation comes from the need to achieve the set goals for the business while at the same time looking for new innovative ways and method to improve the ability to cater for the needs of the business customer base.