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Robert Ivy Discusses The Importance Of Creating Networks Through Professional Societies

According to Robert Ivy, many young and upcoming employees find it hard to secure employment opportunities in the leading and multinational organizations around the world. It is common knowledge that employment opportunities are hard to come by. The lack of employment opportunities has been caused by weak economic conditions that prevail in an economy. During this period, most of the organizations around the world do not provide employment opportunities.

However, it is not only the harsh economic conditions that make it possible for individuals to find employment opportunities. There are other aspects like lack of interview knowledge or absence of the necessary information that is needed in the industry. This knowledge and potential employment opportunities can only be provided through networking opportunities. Th

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Robert Ivy highlights that most of the professional bodies around the world have been organizing annual meetings and seminars where individuals with similar skills and profession can meet. It is through these annual conferences and meetings that individuals can network and develop long-standing friendships that last for more extended periods. It has also been recorded that some friendships created through networking might last for the entire life of individuals. Building networks remains to be one of the fundamental aspects of professional groups.

Most of the people appreciate the presence of networking opportunities created by professional bodies because they can easily get a mentor who can take them and mentor them through their careers. It is common knowledge that a significant number of individuals have failed to be successful in their career as they do not have someone to guide them through hard times and decision-making processes. Robert Ivy notes that networking platforms also play a vital role in communicating about available employment opportunities available.

Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is one of the most experienced architects in the United States. He is currently the CEO of the professional body of architects on the United States where he has been voted as one of the most influential and knowledgeable professional. He has also won the “Master Architect”, something that has not been done by another individual in the 21st century.