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Jorge Moll: Conducting the Greatest Experiment in Neuroscience

It was back in the year 2006 when scientists have found out that morality is correlated with what is inside the brain, thanks to the experiment conducted by Jorge Moll and his team. To experiment, the team of Jorge Moll had to invite several individuals who would like to become test subjects. This step is crucial in finding out the relationship between the human brain and morality. The test subjects were instructed that they would have to think about a certain scenario inside their mind while an apparatus is connected to their heads and into a computer. Jorge Moll asked the test subjects to think about charity and selfishness, and the researchers would study the results.


At his signal, the experiment began, and the test subjects started to think about acts that show generosity. The team of Jorge Moll was surprised to see that the brain has become more active than before, and it started to secrete hormones from a small area in the front. When the test subjects began to think about being selfish, the opposite happened. The brain stopped from being too active, and the area inside the mind went off and shut itself. Jorge Moll thanked the test subjects for their participation, and he relayed what he found out among his fellow scientists.


Jorge Moll concluded that the mind would react positively if someone is doing an act of kindness. It would cause the brain to become active, and it would also release hormones that are said to be pleasurable than sex and eating. This would explain why people are feeling great if they did an act of kindness, proving his point that the brain structure and what is inside the brain would affect one’s morality. This research is an important part of neuroscience because it gave the scientists a clearer understanding of what happens inside the brain when one thinks about positive things. It also opened a new frontier for neuroscientists to explore. According to the scientific community, future neuroscientists are the ones who would benefit a lot from the discovery, and it would change the field forever.


Jeffrey Aronin Is Taking Biotechnology To A Higher Level

Although he is an entrepreneur, Jeffrey Aronin is really a philanthropist at heart. He established his company, Paragon Biosciences, of which he is the CEO, for the purpose of helping patients that are afflicted with serious and rare diseases that do not have approved therapies. To discover new therapies and medications, this company relies on advanced research methods.


Paragon Biosciences Is Seeking New Forms Of Treatments


Having an innovative approach to treating diseases, Paragon Biosciences is searching for fresh methods of treatments that exceed the present limits of traditional medicine. While the efforts of medical scientists and researchers throughout history have succeeded in the development of groundbreaking treatments for treating illnesses, Jeffrey Aronin seeks to boost biotechnology to a higher level.


Using his innovative mindset, this businessman-philanthropist aims to improve the approach of modern medicine in healing patients afflicted with rare diseases. Jeffrey Aronin believes that curing illnesses is not to be limited by current treatment concepts. His company uses a network of companies focused on biotechnology that employs talented researchers who are passionately searching for new forms of treatments. The scientific and medical researchers in these companies create contemporary methods that will treat a specific rare disease. These companies are all part of the network of Paragon Biosciences although they each have their own sets of leaders.


Timely Development Of New Treatments Is The Approach


A certain degree of recognition has already been attained by Paragon Biosciences in the world of biotechnology. This is the result of the work that Jeffrey Aronin and his research teams have done and the innovative treatments that they were able to develop in a timely manner. Currently, this team has already created 14 innovative medicines which have also gained the stamp of approval from the U.S. Food Administration.


But Jeffrey Aronin is still not satisfied with the achievements of his team at Paragon Biosciences. He is passionate about helping patients who are suffering from rare diseases. Through his efforts and the work of his network of companies, the lives of countless patients with rare medical disorders who have already given up have vastly improved. His commitment in helping patients around the world is the spark that led him to establish this network of companies.