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The Admirable Founder of New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens

Wesley Studied Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration at Oregon state university, Wesley Edens is one of the most celebrated American business men. He is the founder of New Fortress Energy Company as well as the cofounder of Fortress Investment Group. Additionally, he is a private equity chief investment officer in Fortress Investment Group Company. To start with, in 1998, Fortress Investment Group was founded by Wes Edens together with his colleague Randal A. Nardone, the CEO of the firm and it is an investment firm locally based in New York. The company was initially found as a private equity firm but later on progressed to an investment and management firm. The company not only is an investment firm but also serves as a private Equity, whereby Edens served as chief officer, offers credit funds and Traditional asset management. With his helpful skills and knowledge in business, the company has been featured in most recognizable institutions in America such as institutional investor and have been upgraded in so with time. Check out to know more about Wes Edens

Aiming higher, in 2014, Wes Edens Robert as the founder together with his team in Fortress investment group, created New Fortress Energy which is an energy company majorly supplying natural gas. So far, the company is a leading supply of natural gas in America and it has extended its connections worldwide. With good leadership of Wes, the company has portrayed significant changes over the years and as at now targeting in producing liquefied energy supply. Away from his career, Wes Edens has shown interest in sports as well as in hotel management. He has partnered with Jackson Hole Mountain resort as an hotelier as well as Caldera House’s design. With sports, he has love for the basketball and in 2014 Wes Edens bought Milwaukee Bucks basketball team together with his partner. Additionally, he has shown interest in transport sector in that together with his team in Fortress Investment Group has partnered with Brightlines’ company in funding passenger rail system located in Florida. His leadership role has been so influential and admirable in American region

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Be More Efficient with Alex Hern

It’s all about connecting with the right people says Alex Hern, a San Diego-based entrepreneur who has over 25 years of experience in the tech startup business under his belt. Alex Hern indicates in his interview with, that he is on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, and he has no wish to slow down anytime soon. Hern attributes much of his success to surrounding himself with a business team that has the ability to work independently, and make vital decisions on the behalf of the business.

Hern tells, that the road was difficult at first, and he made a lot of mistakes but that he was also thankful for the opportunities that he had along the way. Saying, that now that he has put some years into the industry, he advises new entrepreneurs to stay tenacious and place a higher emphasis on focus. Setting aside at least 4 to 5 hours daily, for challenging projects and strategic planning. Hern enthused that was how he first technology business got started. He focused, got his business capital funded from private equity investors, all of whom took an interest in what he was trying to carry out as a new entrepreneur. Alex Hern says that his team is phenomenal at what they do. He has total confidence in them,when necessary, to push the business further in its goals and execute sales.

Going further to say, that all of his business ventures have incorporated to some degree technology. Technology, that Alex Hern says, he derived from private research institutions and universities. Where he would first acquire the fundamentals in design, and then build upon those design concepts until it fit his specifications and vision. Elaborating, that every detail is considered, and every question is answered. Hern says that when his team acquires new technology, they assess the technology’s overall capabilities and then work backwards from there to develop scenarios in where that technology would be most useful. Indicating, in his interview, as opposed to starting from scratch, this method is resourceful and a more efficient use of time in the long-term. Learn More.

Victories of Deirdre Baggot

Besides inspiring many women, Deirdre Baggot has also brought changes to the lives of many people through her contributions to the health sector. She is among the few women that have continued to pursue their careers with confidence and perseverance. She has worked in many health-related firms through which she has been promoted to higher ranks for her excellent work. She currently analysis and offers her views on bundled payments and she is a key factor towards the systems that offer affordable medical plans to people in the country. She is indeed an inspiration to many, thanks to her kindness and yearns to give good health and better living standards to every individual.

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Before taking up her current role, Deirdre Baggot served as a nurse in a hospital in the country. She went through a lot of challenges in the course of her career, and they made her stronger. According to her, she always felt a lot of pain and remorse whenever she saw her patients struggle with serious diseases that almost left them deprived of their lives. With the struggles she experienced, she knew that there was something that she could do to help people overcome difficulties even at a time of sickness. As a result, she relied on innovation to come up with a checklist that would enable doctors easily track and keep a record of their patients history, through which they could easily recommend the right treatment to them. Today, the health sector has fully adopted her unique approach to help their patients and thus saved many lives. Baggot continues to work with other innovative individuals in the industry to come up with better ideas that will serve in favor of everyone. Her passion for saving lives has impressed many people that seek to have her as their mentor, employee, and caregiver.

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Steve Ritchie Fulfills His CEO Duty

In the midst of a public relations nightmare for Papa John’s, the pizza delivery company’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie fulfilled his duty as such by offering his apology to the company’s customers. In a letter send via email to Papa John’s customers, Steve Ritchie said “I’m sorry.” It was a clear and direct apology. He also sided against racism and promised that any behavior resembling racism would not be tolerated at Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie further stated that the company is comprised of more than 120,000 people, who are decent and hard-working people of their community, implying that the racist views of a single person should not paint the entire company in a bad light. With this statement, Steve Ritchie hopes to distance the company from a person who appears to hold racist views.

Knowing that mere words would not be enough to undo the situation, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s promised that the company will take a number of actions to improve the company, if it is shown to be necessary. One of the actions to be undertaken is meant to address concerns that have suddenly come up as to the company’s inclusiveness, culture, and diversity. To address these concerns, Steve Ritchie stated that the company will hire people that have nothing to do with the company to run audits on those issues. Steve Ritchie also stated that some of the most senior members of the company’s management team will be making visits to Papa John’s stores across the country to get their input on the situation at issue. Steve Ritchie promised to be transparent throughout the entire process and desires that he is personally held accountable by Papa John’s customers. In the letter of apology, Steve Ritchie recognized that the process of gaining back the trust of Papa John’s customer will require some time and a great deal of effort to achieve, but according to him there is nothing of greater importance than the achievement of such.

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Ted Bauman On Being The People’s Advocate When It Comes To Their Assets

Writer and founder of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter Ted Bauman spent a lot of his life helping others. This passion has translated into working for non-profit organizations, traveling the world, and writing to readers to find unique investment advice but also arm them with the knowledge to protect their assets from outside factors.

Ted Bauman briefly studied economics and history at the University of Cape Town when he lived in South Africa as a young man. When he moved back to the United States Mr. Bauman achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The State University of New York in 1993. Not satisfied fully with his education, Ted Bauman to further it. Upon much reflection, the university student received his Master of Business Administration in Finance from Georgia State University in 2001. This was quite an achievement for Ted and he would use his degrees in his profession long to come.

With all this experience in his life, Mr. Bauman uses it to draw examples in his newsletter The Bauman Letter. He turns dry financial information into a personal journey that subscribers can relate with. Being a staunch advocate for poor and working class people, Ted Bauman helps the keep their assets safe from government oversight and corporate greed. He also gives them very useful tips and investments advice so they can grow their wealth and keep it. Each day Ted goes into his home office and writes several pages a day to contribute to his newsletters. Starting early in the morning is vital because Mr. Bauman is at his best and freshest then. Most successful entrepreneurs can relate with this and do it each and every day. This is what the successful financial writer deems as how he is most productive. Ted Bauman also gathers information from all sources around the world to write his informative newsletters. On a side note, Ted is successful now but like anyone else has had his share of struggles. Using these experiences gives him a sense of depth in his writing that cannot be made up.


Perry Mandera A Man Of Many Achievements

Perry Mandera is a name that is highly popular around the world, it is no surprise because Mr. Mandera is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Perry Mandera is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., which was established in 1986. The Custom Company employs over three hundred employees, and has exceeded sales of over two hundred million dollars.

With such a big company, and outstanding numbers Perry Mandera is very hands on with his business. When it comes to his customers, Mr. Mandera exceeds his expectations and makes sure that each individual customer gets personal service, that surpasses any competition.

Not only is Perry Mandera a fantastic businessman, he also gives back to the community. Mr. Mandera makes substantial donations to various charities, and highly takes care of children and veterans. Along with the many cash donations that Mr. Mandera makes, he also is involved with showing up places that are in need. Perry Mandera has reportedly donated six thousand five hundred jackets to needy children in the Chicago area.

Along with all of his donations, Mr. Mandera has helped tornado victims in the Washington, Illinois area, as well as the many people who suffered the impact of Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Mandera provided transportation and supplies that the families of this tragic hurricane needed.

Perry Mandera enjoys sports, and for this fact he has coached many youth teams in his time. From baseball, basketball, and football, Mr. Mandera has participated in the coaching for these teams. Perry Mandera also donates to the boxing community, and is a huge supporter of professional boxing.

Perry Mandera is a highly respected man and has his hands dipped in anywhere from his multi million dollar business, to his charity work, donations, and coaching. Perry Mandera has two children of his own, and a wife that all participate in church services.

Success History of Stansberry Research Company

In the history of America, there are two famous investors namely Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet. According to the latest article, Stansberry Research clarified about the investment tactic some people consider to be accountable for a large section of their victory. The strategy comprises of investing in the insurance firms that fetch more in premiums than what usually pay in claims. The easy investment tactic assisted in building significant dual fate in the United States, and still ample chances for investing as Buffet and Graham did are available. Stansberry Research works as financial advice publisher, and its pride lies on delivering recommendations of actionable investment and research to the people who deal with their portfolios.


Porter Stansberry established Stansberry Research in 1999 at his kitchen table. The firm has rapidly spread all over the world and the number of scribers today is roughly 500,000, 70,000 of the subscribers are permanent. The quality of the investment guidance to the people who write the different publications for the firm has contributed a lot to this remarkable growth. The Stansberry Research comprise of approximately 175 years of joint analyst experience. Porter Stansberry is the flag bearer of the strategy of the company to invest. Porter has a broad history of prestigious achievements in the financial advice field. The excellence of Porter as the first Fleet Street Letter’s American editor is the topmost Porter’s achievement. (prenewswire)


The Fleet Street Letter was the oldest among all English-language financial newsletters in the world. Even if the firm that is under the name of Porter to date gets donations from several financial experts, he still donates his suggestions to the publications of the publishers. Stansberry is an author of the first mentioned article that evaluates the advantages of investing in the insurance firms and as well he works towards informing the readers. In the article, Porter gave the primary reason as to why some those firms offer such ripe goals for the investment and others perform more badly. The key is to ensure that the firm ‘s business model is not circling just in investing funds from the premiums shortly prior to making payments of capital back out in claims form.


Learning More About Custom Companies And Its Founder

There are some companies that provide one type of shipping or transportation service and stop there, but Custom Companies is not that kind of a company. This is a full service transportation company, and it is a company that serves large businesses but also small and family-run businesses. This company has been a part of the Chicago business community for over three decades, and it is a company that cares about the community around it. The founder of this company cares about others and does great things to help them out. Custom Companies is a company that is making a difference, both in the way that it works and in the giving that it and its founder do together.


Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Companies and he is someone who is still involved in the company as he works as its president. He is someone who is committed to making the company special and helping it do well. He is also someone who is committed to making a difference in the world. He served in the military in the past, and he is now committed to charities that support the lives of veterans. He is involved with many different charities and organizations that are focused on the needs of children, as well. He positively affects a number of organizations through his financial giving.


Custom Companies is focused on providing all of its customers with the technologically advanced services that they are seeking. This company uses software to help them handle their delivery work in the best way possible. This company created its website based off of the needs and the feedback of its customers. Custom Companies works hard to make sure that it serves every one of its customers in the best way and that it leaves each one satisfied with all that it gives to them.


IC Systems leading with Values in the Age of Technology

Many view collections as a bad word, however, have you ever considered if someone owed you money wouldn’t it be nice to have someone lobbying on your behalf? IC Systems is such a company. They take the stigma and sting from the business of collections, by not only servicing the corporate client but the patients financial picture as well.


Established 80 years ago and founded by Jack and Ruth Erikson this family owned and operated business has stood the test of time because of its core values and kindness towards their patients and the integrity by which they stand. These principles hold steadfast and unmovable 3 generations later. How many companies can you say are even still in existence after 5 years. The fact that they are still in business after 8 decades is a testament to that fact. IC Systems is also a pioneer in Leadership for women. Before the phrase Women’s liberation or Independent woman were even thought of, IC Systems was leading the cause for Women Empowerment. After the passing of her husband Ruth Erickson not only kept the business afloat but took the helm and grew the business financially as well as in corporate partnerships.


Doing business with virtue can still be a factor in the success, longevity and viability of any company. This principle driven family organization extends this outlook and perspective to their employees as well. Loyal employees who openly declare their allegiance and appreciation for their employer. In this social media driven, fast food model for business, high tech, unfriendly corporate disconnect world in which we live, it is refreshing to see that such a highly profitable company exemplifies these qualities. It also speaks to what it really takes to be successful. Its not the frills, the computers, the social media intruders who watch our every move, but people genuinely caring and creating a balance in business. Here is where finance and values meet to add resolution and benefit for all parties involved. A company like IC Systems is a throwback to what can work well in American business even today.


Grow your Investments with Glen Wakeman.

For more than two decades, Glen Wakeman has held the hands of upcoming entrepreneurs. Many of the new entrepreneurs lack proper managerial skills and their ventures end up collapsing after a short time. He has pioneered several firms including SAAS and LaunchPad Holdings. Both platforms are meant to help the management of business startups to put in place good structures for the business for more productivity in the long run. He is always happy to see some of the people he mentored in business performing well. To pass more information to his audience, he has a blog. He analyses and informs the readers on new opportunities and the latest technology for their businesses.


He advises businesspeople on the most affordable and less risky financial solutions for their business. Glen Wakeman has worked with financial institutions and understands their operations. He has experience in various economies around the world. He offers advice on opportunities that arise in foreign countries that he has worked. He has helped in the creation of more than 17,000 individuals around the world. Over the years, he has built assets worth $15 billion. Some firms may decide to merge or acquire others, he has been instrumental in the success of several such developments.


He acquired his higher education from the University of Chicago where he pursued an MBA in Finance. Glen Wakeman. He has worked with various firms where he made a positive impact on their profitability. He believes that all entrepreneurs should make daily goals and purpose to improve on their past failures. He acknowledges that planning for all the stakeholders is critical for the firm to operate effectively. The business mentor advises everyone to share their ideas with the relevant stakeholders as this will help them to bring out the best in them.


He acknowledges that the use of new technology can help to cut costs and improve the decision making process. Glen Wakeman believes that a good entrepreneur must be willing to seek more information on the opportunities that they think could give good returns. He has worked in low-level jobs that paid low incomes but was patient enough to be part of the executive of large corporations.