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End Citizens United Back New Dem And Muller Celebrates Another Year

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization involved in this year’s elections in alignment with their big national goals. Most recently they have backed Democrat Conor Lamb of the 18th District in Pennsylvania with a purchase of $250,000 worth of advertisements and digital videos. They aim to educate the public on the misdeeds of Republic Rick Saccone, a state representative.

Suspected of using expense accounts fraudulently, one of End Citizens United’s ads titled “Clean House” calls out the representative in his pledge not to take legislative perks when and if he took office. He argued that they were too extravagant, but once he took office, he also accepted the perks. In addition to this, he also spent $450,000 on personal expenditures. This is everything End Citizens United stands against, and rightfully so.

The expense account in question has been funded by taxpayer dollars for more than eight years, since 2010. On the other hand, Conor Lamb pledges not to accept donations from any political action committees, which aligns perfectly with End Citizens United’s beliefs and goals. In the decision made by the Supreme Courts, billionaires and special interest groups were allows to donate unlimited sums of money towards political campaigns without any regard to transparency. Of course this a problem that End Citizens United aims to remedy through backing representatives like Lamb.

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President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller has stated that they are committed to ensuring the people are aware of Lamb’s stance and integrity while also informing them of Saccone’s gross deeds.

Also of interest, Tiffany Muller celebrated her birthday in March. after growing up in Missouri, she moved to Topeka, Kansas to become one of the first openly gay public officials in the state. She has admitted that it was one of the most life-altering experiences in her life, and has taught her the importance of grassroots organizing.

Outside of politics, Muller has interests in criminal justice reform and would have focused on this if not focused on campaign finance. In completing the book ‘Blood in the Water’ that concerns the Attica Prison uprising, this second passion of sorts brought to the surface in an interview she did with Politico.

Fun fact, Muller is an avid skimboarder and picked up the sport after moving to Florida in her 30s. She learned by watching YouTube videos, a sport which is a mixture of skateboarding and surfing. After all that, she is not too bad and even owns four boards.

Overall, End Citizens United and Tiffany Muller a force to be reckoned with, not only a match made in heaven, but they are making strides to succeed in their mission. With that, Muller had much to celebrate this year.

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