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The Role of Dr. Clay Siegall in the Cancer Research and Drug Development Industry

The Role of Dr. Clay Siegall in the Cancer Research and Drug Development Industry

Clay Siegall is an expert in the area of genetics, with a George Washington University Genetics Ph.D. Currently, he runs the Seattle Genetics – a company he founded in 1998 – as the chief executive officer. At the helm of Seattle Genetics leadership, Dr. Siegall has helped the company grow regarding profits and authority in the industry. Now, the company is strategically positioned to dominate the drug development sector, which is competitive in this century.

Most people relate the doctor with only CEO position at Siegall Genetics. But most people don’t realize that he has been in the industry – development of therapeutic drugs and research of cancer – for about two decades. Besides, he holds other positions apart from CEO, and he served in different roles in the company.

Cancer Research

Apart from his Ph.D., he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology. He attained the degree from the University of Maryland. Thus, Dr. Siegall is well-versed in the area of genetics, informing his decision to co-founding the Seattle Genetics Inc. In the area of cancer research, Siegall was influenced to spend his time in the area after observing a brutal chemotherapy process in his family member. Though the patient was cancerous, it was the treatment process – chemotherapy – that nearly caused death; in fact, the patient developed chronic anemia after the procedure.

After the brutal encounter, Siegall realized that there must be better ways to deal with the disease. Afterward, he invested in researching alternative and safe ways to the radical surgeries that often lead to amputations.

Researcher at Bristol

Before founding his current company in 1998, Dr. Siegall was at the center of research activities at Bristol-Myers Squibb from 1991 to 1997. His first role was in senior research followed by the principal scientist role.

Other Professional Roles

From 2014, Dr. Siegall has been directing Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Company. He also oversees running of the Alder Biopharmaceutical Firm. He is, additionally, a member of different boards the cancer research and drug development sectors such as the Biomedical Association, Washington Biotechnology. He is fellow of the Cancer Institute and has awards like the Pierce Ward thanks to his research roles.