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OG Juan Does The Night In Style

OG Juan Perez is a close friend and business partner to world famous rapper Jay-Z. The two have a relationship that goes back as far as 20 years. They met in the early 90’s when Jay-Z was with Rockefeller Records. The rapper and the record label were cranking out hits one right after the other. They were introduced by a mutual friend. Kareem “Biggs” Burke new that Jay-Z and OG Juan would get along. JAt-Z and Juan immediately formed a bond and their relationship has stood the test of time.

OG Juan recently celebrated his 50th birthday and it was a night to remember. He hit the town with Jay-Z and several others of The Roc Nation entourage. The group visited several of New York’s hottest spots, including the internationally famous Japanese restaurant Zuma. The dinner tab was estimated to be over $13,000.

The group moved on from the restaurant and set up camp at Play Room nightclub. They proceeded to order bottles of champagne. An estimated 40 bottles was consumed as they continued to party well in to the early morning. Someone from the crew later posted the receipt from the tab, which was an excess of $91,000. The entourage began to whittle down by this point. However, OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z, along with some close friends, remained.

Followers on the internet went wild after the receipt for the night’s activities was posted. However, many did not know that much of the money spent on the champagne was towards Jay-Z’s own personal label. D’usse and Ace of Spades are two companies that are owned by Jay-Z. Therefore much of the $100,000 tab went right into Jay-Z’s pocket. The buzz on the internet provided free advertising as followers chimed in with various opinions that ranged from shock to outrage. original source