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Brian Torchin, Leading Healthcare Staffing With An Example

If hospitals and caregiving facilities do not have the right staff at hand, then it can jeopardize their operations. That is why, healthcare staffing has become one of the most crucial aspects of healthcare management.

While many online staffing opportunities are now available, not many of them house the same capabilities as HCRC Staffing.

With a motto to find and connect talent and employers from the medical industry, HCRC Staffing has established a name for itself. And it has been possible due to leadership skills of its President, Brian Torchin.

What Does HCRC Staffing Do?

Under Torchin’s leadership, HCRC Staffing has put a hiring system to work that makes the once convoluted process of hiring medical talent to be a walk in the park for both ends of a typical job seeking scenario.

Its functionalities and many underlying methods ensure that interested individuals are matched with the right employers within 72-hours. This is possible due to the sophisticated way that the HCRC system is built.

Brian Torchin has made sure that he uses his experience from the staffing, healthcare, and management sectors to the fullest. This allows him to provide his customers with an easy to use yet efficient staffing experience.

But Torchin’s outreach doesn’t end there. He has a strong presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, where he provides ample information to his followers from time to time through the posts that he shares. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

How HCRC Staffing Can Help You

These social media platforms also allow Torchin to remain accessible to his many clients, some of whom get to know about HCRC’s effectiveness through them. The content shared through these Facebook and Twitter accounts is helpful, and lets people understand the dynamics of finding jobs or employees through the staffing’s solutions.

The software solutions at HCRC Staffing, coupled with its immense popularity in around 50 states of the United States, make it a compelling offering for healthcare employees and employers of all kinds.

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The Admirable Founder of New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens

Wesley Studied Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration at Oregon state university, Wesley Edens is one of the most celebrated American business men. He is the founder of New Fortress Energy Company as well as the cofounder of Fortress Investment Group. Additionally, he is a private equity chief investment officer in Fortress Investment Group Company. To start with, in 1998, Fortress Investment Group was founded by Wes Edens together with his colleague Randal A. Nardone, the CEO of the firm and it is an investment firm locally based in New York. The company was initially found as a private equity firm but later on progressed to an investment and management firm. The company not only is an investment firm but also serves as a private Equity, whereby Edens served as chief officer, offers credit funds and Traditional asset management. With his helpful skills and knowledge in business, the company has been featured in most recognizable institutions in America such as institutional investor and have been upgraded in so with time. Check out to know more about Wes Edens

Aiming higher, in 2014, Wes Edens Robert as the founder together with his team in Fortress investment group, created New Fortress Energy which is an energy company majorly supplying natural gas. So far, the company is a leading supply of natural gas in America and it has extended its connections worldwide. With good leadership of Wes, the company has portrayed significant changes over the years and as at now targeting in producing liquefied energy supply. Away from his career, Wes Edens has shown interest in sports as well as in hotel management. He has partnered with Jackson Hole Mountain resort as an hotelier as well as Caldera House’s design. With sports, he has love for the basketball and in 2014 Wes Edens bought Milwaukee Bucks basketball team together with his partner. Additionally, he has shown interest in transport sector in that together with his team in Fortress Investment Group has partnered with Brightlines’ company in funding passenger rail system located in Florida. His leadership role has been so influential and admirable in American region

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Oren Frank is the Head of Therapy App Talkspace

Co-founder and CEO of Talkspace, a digital psychotherapy application, Oren Frank has declared his mission of helping people paramount to his personal success. His concern for the behavioral condition of people is what give birth to the application, helping millions. His life is dedicated to helping others with problems from anxiety and depression to OCD and borderline personality disorder.

The chief concern of Talkspace was to eliminate the barriers to outpatient mental health counseling. So many people have found the application to be successful with users now totaling over 350,000. Oren Frank has turned around the idea that mental health counseling can only be found in an office with interactions between two people. Oren Frank has taken the idea of counseling away from the single, solitary location to an interactive platform where people can share their thoughts and feelings in one particular setting. Find out more about of Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank recently hired a chief medical officer to over see the medical side of things at Talkspace. The hiring is a demonstration of Oren Frank’s concern that Talkspace gives way to the proper medical practice and diagnosis. Oren Frank wants to make sure there are no questions left out of ensuring Talkspace offers the best and most complete benefits of virtual health care.

Oren Frank has stated the advent of a chief medical officer also allows prescriptions to be sent through the application. The move shows that Oren Frank wants to take Talkspace to another level where it can perform a state-of-the-art diagnosis of mental health and also offer counseling on top of medicinal healing. Oren Frank has an obvious care for the mental health of people as it shows through his concern for the users of his site. He wants the best for his users and has gone through a change in the company to show his passion.

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Jeffrey Aronin Is Taking Biotechnology To A Higher Level

Although he is an entrepreneur, Jeffrey Aronin is really a philanthropist at heart. He established his company, Paragon Biosciences, of which he is the CEO, for the purpose of helping patients that are afflicted with serious and rare diseases that do not have approved therapies. To discover new therapies and medications, this company relies on advanced research methods.


Paragon Biosciences Is Seeking New Forms Of Treatments


Having an innovative approach to treating diseases, Paragon Biosciences is searching for fresh methods of treatments that exceed the present limits of traditional medicine. While the efforts of medical scientists and researchers throughout history have succeeded in the development of groundbreaking treatments for treating illnesses, Jeffrey Aronin seeks to boost biotechnology to a higher level.


Using his innovative mindset, this businessman-philanthropist aims to improve the approach of modern medicine in healing patients afflicted with rare diseases. Jeffrey Aronin believes that curing illnesses is not to be limited by current treatment concepts. His company uses a network of companies focused on biotechnology that employs talented researchers who are passionately searching for new forms of treatments. The scientific and medical researchers in these companies create contemporary methods that will treat a specific rare disease. These companies are all part of the network of Paragon Biosciences although they each have their own sets of leaders.


Timely Development Of New Treatments Is The Approach


A certain degree of recognition has already been attained by Paragon Biosciences in the world of biotechnology. This is the result of the work that Jeffrey Aronin and his research teams have done and the innovative treatments that they were able to develop in a timely manner. Currently, this team has already created 14 innovative medicines which have also gained the stamp of approval from the U.S. Food Administration.


But Jeffrey Aronin is still not satisfied with the achievements of his team at Paragon Biosciences. He is passionate about helping patients who are suffering from rare diseases. Through his efforts and the work of his network of companies, the lives of countless patients with rare medical disorders who have already given up have vastly improved. His commitment in helping patients around the world is the spark that led him to establish this network of companies.


Mike Baur Leads by Example Building Startup Companies with Core Passion for Success

Mike Baur, Founder and Executive Chairman of Swiss Start Up Factory is a previous banker with some of the most-prominent private banks in Switzerland. It was a career that lasted over 20 years until Mike decided it was time to move forward with building startup companies. The Swiss Start Up Factory is now the most sought-after accelerator company for entrepreneurs looking to advance their business, and a company that investors know they will receive startups that are worth investing huge capital.


The startup industry is an evolution that has emerged some of the biggest and brightest entrepreneurs within a multitude of markets. A fast-growing business idea can evolve through an entrepreneur’s vision and develop into a very successful and profitable business opportunity. Mike has an impressive style of leadership, which has gained him a great deal of respect within the startup industry.


Swiss Start Up Factory not only has a paramount program to bring small companies into the marketplace successfully, but the creative guidance to support and leverage the best talent. As a graduate from the University of Rochester in New York; earning an MBA, and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern, Mike used his education background to build the program. He also designed the accelerator program to include mentoring and coaching. When he founded the company, Mike saw that there were many entrepreneurs who had the talent and ideas, but who lacked the business insight to navigate their way to success.


Mike’s knowledge of the banking industry is only one layer of his multiple skills as a businessman. He has extraordinary skills as an effective investor. He is inventive, creative and extremely knowledgeable with regards to digital technology. Mike is also the Deputy Manager for Swiss Invest and has implemented several improvements within the startup industry within Switzerland. As someone who began in business at a very young age, Mike has learned how to lead with exceptional skills that are infectious to his team. He sets a high-bar for developing the type of companies that will become lucrative for investors and entrepreneurs. It all begins with his core passion for succeeding and being true to his authentic talent.


Mike Baur recognizes the importance of providing entrepreneurs the opportunities to expand their business acumen. He says that having talent is a good start, but being passionate about what a person does is what drives them towards success.


Beauty and Art: The Career of Doe Deere

Doe Deere has shown a lot of passion and wisdom in the beauty industry. She has shown people that it is okay and sometimes even necessary to step outside convention in order to find one’s own beauty. They don’t have to worry about not making the cut. As a matter of fact, they might even gain the attention of others when they dare to explore different forms of beauty and fashion. Doe Deere approaches fashion and beauty like it is art. This is not surprising because she has worked in other aspects of art throughout her career. She has also learned how to market her business at a young age. Learn more:


Doe Deere is a very innovative entrepreneur. She makes her own products and knows how to market them in ways that make people want to buy them and use them. She sells make up. The type of make up she sells are made from natural sources. Therefore, they are not only higher in quality but also healthier for the skin. Doe Deere goes outside of convention when it comes to the different ranges of colors. One of the methods she uses to market her products is showing what the products look like on her.


Her customers also show off their work on Instragram and other social media sites so. They have tons of impressive pictures of them with make up. This is one of the reasons that her company, Lime Crime is very successful. She is also bringing forth some new products that are worth trying out like the Unicorn product line for hair dye. One of the best aspects of Lime Crime is that it inspires women to experiment with different types of looks without worrying about convention and meeting an established standard. More types of looks are going to be accepted as beautiful. Visit here: