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Herbalife Nutrition Is Showing Unprecedented Growth

Investors are choosing Herbalife Nutrition as a preferred pick. This became evident when the stock surged 68.7 percent in comparison to the 0.1 percent decline of the industry. The general wellness and weight management company is showing gains from their global presence, product portfolio and key market volume. During the third quarter of 2018, there was an advancement in volume points of fifteen percent to 1,506.9 million. This exceeded the projections of the management. The volume points achieved were the second highest Herbalife has ever seen. This followed the second quarter during 2018 and was a representation of the highest volume points growth on a year to year basis since 2012. The volumes achieved revealed growth in the double digits for the second consecutive period for four out of five of the top markets.

The efforts of the management’s direct selling strategy and efforts to keep pace with the preferences of the consumers are on target. The 2018 volume outlook was increased for a robust portfolio including fitness products, targeted nutrition, sports, energy and weight management. The expansion of Herbalife Nutrition for their product portfolio has enabled new customers and the retention of existing customers. A total of 58 new products have been introduced during the third quarter throughout 51 countries. Herbalife Nutrition is on target with the launches of existing brands and new flavors that consider the preferences and local tastes. A strong geographical presence has been established by the company with accessible products in excess of 94 countries across the globe. The net sales in the top ten nations account for 71.8 percent of the net sales for 2017.

According to Crunchbase, the direct sales model has several advantages including brand name recognition. The company was founded almost forty years ago, is listed as one of the top ten companies worldwide for direct selling and has relationships in over ninety countries with direct sales entities. The sales representatives benefit from product recognition with numerous potential customers who have never tried the products for more streamlined sales. The independent distributors have an advantage due to the brand recognition. Making a sale is easier when the person is already familiar with the Herbalife Nutrition brand.

The independent distributors and consultants have a lot of flexibility in regards to where and when they work. They can fit direct sales into their lifestyles and schedules because they choose the hours they work. The independent distributors can choose whether their hours are full time or part time depending on their individual goals. This appeals to full time students with less hour availability looking for additional income and entrepreneurs. This option offers a lot more flexibility than a job working in either a retail setting or a traditional office. Read more about Herbalife on Forbes.


The Sedulous Overachiever Gareth Henry

Serving as the Global Head of investor relations for Angelo, Gareth Henry currently living in New York but born in London United Kingdom, is a 2001 graduate from the university of Heriot Watt with a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. His first job with Watson Wyatt was as an analyst in the managerial research team. Nevertheless his zeal, enthusiasm and determination in his career only made him move to Global investment management services team utilizing and developing his expertise not forgetting experience until 2004 where he jumped to SEI investment band wagon as an investment manager providing services to insurers , pension funds exclusive of managing them too.

Gareth Henry’s sense of adventure took him to Shroders after a year with SEI. After a tenure of over a year and a half at Shroders, weighing his expertise he had garnered so far, went on ahead and join the big giants of investment activities, Fortress investment Group in 2007. This was a huge step for him as his job needed him to relocate to the United States to become the company’s managing director. Remembered as the guy who came to Fortress and raised rapidly for Hedge funds, private credit in the name of Fortress Moreover overseeing almost all fortress global distribution agreements.

His Gareth Henry Access Bursary at his former school comes as a significant aid to the underprivileged students. Not only that, the student lucky enough to get the Henry Access Bursary granting, also get tutoring and mentorship by the one and only Gareth Henry . Acknowledging the importance of what he learnt in Parrarel to his career, he wouldn’t hesitate to offer education to the less fortunate. Raising over 4billion for his company, the successful overachiever is also a married family man with one spouse.

All this success in his career wouldn’t come so easy if the amazing Investor wasn’t energetic in his communication which to Investors and financial institutions was bargain enough for them. In addition to, the opportunistic investor wastes no time in getting things done in the basis of running Angelo and managing his clients.

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Michael Phelps Advocating For Therapy and Talkspace.

After the invention of the smartphone, communicating face to face has become one of the most uncomfortable things to do. It is common to text, call and share a video faster than compiling the sentences used in the media above to the same person’s face. Over the years, it has been concluded that communication via social media portrays some of the most fearless and courageous communicators who are the complete opposite when communicating with a real-life person. While this maybe does, it gets even harder for an individual to admit they have a problem and talk it through with someone let alone a therapist. This is what makes Talkspace the future of therapy. Learn more on talkspace at

Talkspace is an online therapy app that was founded by Roni Frank and the current CEO, Oren Frank in 2013. As a smartphone application, Talkspace provides a constant connection between a client and a therapist or a medical professional at all times. Mr. Frank designed the app to work within the pillars of smartphone technology to provide online therapy. By doing so, the app has revolutionized the mental health care system by migrating therapy sessions between the client and therapist into the virtual world.

When Michael Phelps learned that there was a way to carry your therapist with you, he was pushed with the empowerment he felt to help others who are able to access these much-needed services. This led to the partnership between the champion swimmer and Talkspace that will propel the spread of information about Talkspace while at the same time addressing mental health issues and advocating for therapy as a way of managing these conditions. These objectives will be achieved through Michael Phelps sharing his life story and his struggles with anxiety and depression, and finally, how therapy helped him manage these mental conditions.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Helping Entrepreneurs Grow

Ashley Brasier, who will be referred to as Ashley Lightspeed, has developed her career by working in companies such as Thumbtack, where she held a category manager position. She has also been a senior associate at Bain & Company. However, her current role is at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where she is a partner. This company was founded in 2000, and its focus is on early stage investments in the areas of consumer space and enterprise technology.

Initially, Ashley wanted to enter the world of architecture because she admired and enjoyed her father’s ability to turn prototypes into buildings. However, after growing up, she realized that her passion was in prototyping business ideas. This realization came when she was studying at Duke University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in 2012. As an outcome, she spent 2016 to 2018 getting a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Learn more about Ashley at

Ashley Lightspeed has developed her career by using her prototyping interest to collect feedback, iterate on ideas and make product improvements. Ashley’s focus on venture capital was triggered by the time she spent at Thumbtack handling a fundraising pitch deck. She became interested in this field because she felt that it could predict the future by identifying and supporting trends before they were established.

During her time studying for her MBA, she worked with various startups as a consultant, and this is where she learned that her interest was in deep-diving in different industries at once. Ashley became part of Lightspeed because she realized that when she partnered with entrepreneurs to solidify their ideas, she was fulfilling her purpose. Ashley Lightspeed, therefore, works with companies in their early stages where she enables them to put in place a growth strategy that breaks through their plateau. The people who have worked with her know that her eye for craftsmanship is still present.

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Oren Frank is the Head of Therapy App Talkspace

Co-founder and CEO of Talkspace, a digital psychotherapy application, Oren Frank has declared his mission of helping people paramount to his personal success. His concern for the behavioral condition of people is what give birth to the application, helping millions. His life is dedicated to helping others with problems from anxiety and depression to OCD and borderline personality disorder.

The chief concern of Talkspace was to eliminate the barriers to outpatient mental health counseling. So many people have found the application to be successful with users now totaling over 350,000. Oren Frank has turned around the idea that mental health counseling can only be found in an office with interactions between two people. Oren Frank has taken the idea of counseling away from the single, solitary location to an interactive platform where people can share their thoughts and feelings in one particular setting. Find out more about of Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank recently hired a chief medical officer to over see the medical side of things at Talkspace. The hiring is a demonstration of Oren Frank’s concern that Talkspace gives way to the proper medical practice and diagnosis. Oren Frank wants to make sure there are no questions left out of ensuring Talkspace offers the best and most complete benefits of virtual health care.

Oren Frank has stated the advent of a chief medical officer also allows prescriptions to be sent through the application. The move shows that Oren Frank wants to take Talkspace to another level where it can perform a state-of-the-art diagnosis of mental health and also offer counseling on top of medicinal healing. Oren Frank has an obvious care for the mental health of people as it shows through his concern for the users of his site. He wants the best for his users and has gone through a change in the company to show his passion.

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TalkSpace partners with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps

TalkSpace, an online therapy service recently announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. The campaign will be aiming to educate and bring awareness to the growing epidemic of declining mental health within our society as well as ultimately promoting the services of TalkSpace. The partnership with Phelps will include a national wide TV campaign ad in which Phelps will speak about his own battles with mental illness and encouraging people to seek help. The TV campaign is said to be launched on May 22nd and will also include digital content as well. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

TalkSpace has been one of the fastest growing start-ups this past year and rightfully so. The online therapy service provides users with the ability to receive the help they need from the privacy of their own home by a licensed therapist via message or video chat. In addition, the service provides a much more affordable alternative to the traditional face to face clinic sessions with a weekly membership costing only $79 for a therapist and $49 for a professional mental health consultant. With over one million users to date, there is no doubt that success and impact the TalkSpace service is having on people.

In addition to promoting the company through a series of TV spots, Phelps will also take part in a more serious role with the company as part of the Talkspace Board of Advisors. This advisory board consists of a small team of industry experts, psychologists, and corporate executives. CEO Oren Frank stated that the addition of Michael Phelps to the board will provide crucial information from someone who not only has a deep knowledge of the struggles of mental illness but also from an individual who is data-driven. TalkSpace and Michael Phelps are no doubt ready to bring down the barriers of mental stigmas and introduce to the world what the TalkSpace services can do.

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Penelope Kokkinides, Part of the Strong Leadership Team at InnovaCare Health

Innovacare Health

One of the shining lights in the health care plan business is Innovacare of Fort Lee, New Jersey. They administer health care plans and work with medical care providers. Innovacare contracts with health care professionals and private individuals to create quality care. They are also experts in Medicaid and Medicare Advantage, government health care programs. Innovacare Health is committed to improving and reforming health care by working with doctors for efficient and quality medical care. This “managed care” includes incentives for cost savings and effective use of technology. The switch of focus from quantity to quality is a change from the old standard payment method of fee for services. Innovacare also works with client/patients to encourage them to take a proactive part in their own care. They also advocate for preventative care to reduce disease and costs. Innovacare provides this service for both private clients and those who receive governmental provider care. They are working hard to make medical care more affordable for us all.

New Leadership Team

In the Spring of 2016, Innovacare President and Chief Executive Officer, Doctor Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto was proud to announce an impressive new leadership team filling the top positions at Innovacare. The new additions to the Innovacare Health team are Jonathan Myers, Mike Sortino, and Penelope Kokkinides. Stepping in as the new Chief Actuary Officer is Jonathan Myers. His extensive experience includes serving as Actuarial Director over Medicaid and Medicare for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. The new face in the Chief Accounting Officer position is Mike Sortino. With more than two decades of experience in medical insurance and accounting, Sortino is extremely qualified. He recently was the Controller of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Taking over as the newest Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides (see below).

Penelope Kokkinides

The new CAO at Innovacare Health is the dynamic and motivated Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides is very experienced in clinical medicine and managerial aspects of medical care with over twenty years of service. She has worked with several national health care providers; most recently she was the Chief Operating Officer at Aveta Inc. She also worked at COO at Touchstone Health HMO Inc. Kokkinides was the Vice President for Care and Disease Management with AmeriChoice, part of the United Health Group. She is a strong proponent of managed care and making sure that quality comes before quantity and that value comes above volume.

Leading Asset Managment:Fortress Investment Group

There are many things Fortress Investment Group has accomplished for their clients. They have been able to guide investors with decisions that landed them with hefty returns. They have backed some major real estate projects throughout the United States. They have grown to being one of the largest companies of their kind. Fortress Investment Group is a powerhouse that leads the industry with its ability to transform portfolios for investors seeking to earn large lump sums.

The world has taken notice as this giant asset manager has grown to being a firm that manages tens of billions of dollars for investors. The world has noticed so much even larger companies have put offers in to become the news owners of this powerful firm. It was Softbank, a Japanese company, that made the deal with Fortress Investment Group. Softbank felt as though this acquisition was necessary. They believe they can push Fortress to even greater heights. Read more on

Softbank was created in 1981 to sell software for computers. The company moved into the computer trade show space and computer magazine publishing arena in the 1990s. Nearing the end of this decade, the company bought a large percentage of Yahoo. They currently have stake in over four hundred companies, some which include promising startups that are ready to disrupt industries.

Fortress Investment Group has been around since 1998. This company has its headquarters in New York City. Unlike the hundreds of other companies Softbank holds stock in, this new acquisition will take Softbank in a direction it does not primarily go in. Softbank will basically manage the company and provide direction on the future. Fortress will still run its day to day operations normally. Both companies are happy to be working with each other. This partnerships will bring in even more success for two already successful companies.



Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Minister Mikhail Bogdanov plan on addressing the Syrian war

In October 2017, Dr. Shafik Sachedina led a delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation to meet Mikhail Bogdanov, a Russian diplomat. This meeting was marked with discussions about the prospects of future development projects in Afghanistan and Syria. The conference also addressed the current affairs in the Middle East.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina and the Syrian conflict

He congratulated Russia for being at the forefront in the fight against extremism and terrorism. He also acknowledged the Russian administration for promoting peace the regions facing war and civil unrest.

During his discussions with this foreign diplomat, he talked about the prospects of working in collaboration with Russia to solve the current crisis in Syria. He spoke about initiating negotiations between the Syrian government and the country’s opposition to bring about peace. According to Dr. Shafik Sachedina, these efforts are provided for by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 which advocate for political settlement and peace in Syria. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at

About Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dentist and the current chairman of Sussex Healthcare. He is a native of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He came to England during the early years of his life and soon after became a British citizen. This professional is one of the most sought-after doctors who work in various health organizations.

For years, he has demonstrated an interest in philanthropic matters. His passion for giving to the community has earned him a leadership position with Jamati Institution of Aga Khan which is situated in France. His division is involved in providing voluntary services to the community.

He is a member of the board of directors for various companies including Ismaili Council in the UK and Aga Khan Development Network. Additionally, he sits on the board of Focus Humanitarian Assistance International and Ismaili Imamat and Community.

He is founder and owner of Sussex Health Care, an organization that cares for the elderly. This facility provides care to people with Dementia, Alzheimer as well as patients with physical problems. At Sussex Health Care, He works with some of the most skilled professionals in the Sussex locality.



Boraie Development Aim To Provide Better Accommodation In New Jesey

Boraie Development has been developing housing and commercial complexes in New Jersey for 30 years now. Their focus is mainly on tenants and owners who want a long tenure commitment of ownership.

Proper maintenance and handling of the properties are their forte. The tasks of handling the workforce, effective customer service, maintenance, and strict administration comes into play during the management of properties which they efficiently handle.



Their new project in New Brunswick is called ‘The Aspire’. It is a top-quality housing complex with 238 luxury apartments given out for rent. The amenities that come with the stay are 24/7 doorman lobby, a fully equipped gym, a yoga center and a recreational center for business as well as leisure activities. It has become the choice of stay for the citizens with the requirement of rental apartments. There are dining options available within the complex providing a variety of meals throughout the day. They have an effective and smart concierge system that provides an online system for rent payment and provides a heads-up prior to the arrival of guests and deliveries.



There are three categories of apartments with according rates. A monthly charge of $1,650 is levied for a studio apartment. The next higher rate is for one-bedroom apartments which stand at $1,800 every month. Lastly for a rent of $2,750, one can afford a two-bedroom apartment.



The founder and the current president of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie has partnered up with Shaquille O’Neal in developing housing and commercial complexes in the whole of New Jersey.

Omar Boraie was a chemist initially and came to America in the 70’s for completing his doctorate.


Their partnership has given scope to their ambitious number of projects simultaneously progressing in Newark. Shaquille O’Neal first met with Omar Boraie through Mike Parris, uncle of Mr. O’Neal.

Soon after their partnership, they immediately started working on the $7million renovation of a medieval theatre, in New Jersey. They focus on affected areas where the citizens cannot afford affordable and desired apartments. For examples, they are currently building a housing and a commercial complex in Atlantic City.  You can visit to see more

As a co-developer, Shaquille O’Neal stays deeply involved in the planning of the projects with the Boraie Developers. They believe that these projects are the best way to give back to the society they dearly love. Wasseem Boraie recently mentioned that Mr. O’Neal holds a certain stake at Boraie Developers but denied to talk about the details of it.  For more details you can visit


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