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The Admirable Founder of New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens

Wesley Studied Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration at Oregon state university, Wesley Edens is one of the most celebrated American business men. He is the founder of New Fortress Energy Company as well as the cofounder of Fortress Investment Group. Additionally, he is a private equity chief investment officer in Fortress Investment Group Company. To start with, in 1998, Fortress Investment Group was founded by Wes Edens together with his colleague Randal A. Nardone, the CEO of the firm and it is an investment firm locally based in New York. The company was initially found as a private equity firm but later on progressed to an investment and management firm. The company not only is an investment firm but also serves as a private Equity, whereby Edens served as chief officer, offers credit funds and Traditional asset management. With his helpful skills and knowledge in business, the company has been featured in most recognizable institutions in America such as institutional investor and have been upgraded in so with time. Check out wikiquote.org to know more about Wes Edens

Aiming higher, in 2014, Wes Edens Robert as the founder together with his team in Fortress investment group, created New Fortress Energy which is an energy company majorly supplying natural gas. So far, the company is a leading supply of natural gas in America and it has extended its connections worldwide. With good leadership of Wes, the company has portrayed significant changes over the years and as at now targeting in producing liquefied energy supply. Away from his career, Wes Edens has shown interest in sports as well as in hotel management. He has partnered with Jackson Hole Mountain resort as an hotelier as well as Caldera House’s design. With sports, he has love for the basketball and in 2014 Wes Edens bought Milwaukee Bucks basketball team together with his partner. Additionally, he has shown interest in transport sector in that together with his team in Fortress Investment Group has partnered with Brightlines’ company in funding passenger rail system located in Florida. His leadership role has been so influential and admirable in American region

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The amazing story of Doe Deere

Who is Doe Deere? What is her legacy and how did she become a successful American Entrepreneur? Doe Deere, or Xenia Vorotova was born in Izhevsk, Russia to a young, struggling single mother. As a small child, Xenia always wondered what America was really like. She’d watch movies, read magazines and even read newspapers to visualize what it was really like to be an American. A few months after she turned 17, she got the news from her mother and little sister that they were all going to immigrate to the United States of America in order to have more opportunities for a better life. Xenia and her little sister were overjoyed but at the same time a little skeptical. Their chosen destination was New York City because it was a synonymous to America, people often said that if you can make it big in New York City than you can make it anywhere. They also heard that they could prove themselves fit to be in America if they could live comfortably in New York. It was a pretty big cultural shock for poor little Xenia. The population in New York was much larger than it was in her home town in Russia, plus she had to deal with the packed subway stations, busy intersections and just the general crowdedness of living in New York. Xenia and her mother knew that it wouldn’t be easy to live in New York City so they came ready to work hard, but unfortunately Xenia’s mother couldn’t find a job because her educational papers took too long to transfer and their life savings were running out fast and they could barely sustain themselves. To try and keep themselves afloat, Xenia’s mother started cleaning people’s houses and Xenia started a pet sitting business, but despite all their efforts and hard work they ended up not being able to pay rent, they had no choice but to go stay in a homless shelter. It was a rough time for them, they stayed in a tiny room with no kitchen but they tried their best to stay hopeful.



Ashley Lightspeed: Helping Entrepreneurs Grow

Ashley Brasier, who will be referred to as Ashley Lightspeed, has developed her career by working in companies such as Thumbtack, where she held a category manager position. She has also been a senior associate at Bain & Company. However, her current role is at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where she is a partner. This company was founded in 2000, and its focus is on early stage investments in the areas of consumer space and enterprise technology.

Initially, Ashley wanted to enter the world of architecture because she admired and enjoyed her father’s ability to turn prototypes into buildings. However, after growing up, she realized that her passion was in prototyping business ideas. This realization came when she was studying at Duke University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in 2012. As an outcome, she spent 2016 to 2018 getting a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Learn more about Ashley at techcrunch.com

Ashley Lightspeed has developed her career by using her prototyping interest to collect feedback, iterate on ideas and make product improvements. Ashley’s focus on venture capital was triggered by the time she spent at Thumbtack handling a fundraising pitch deck. She became interested in this field because she felt that it could predict the future by identifying and supporting trends before they were established.

During her time studying for her MBA, she worked with various startups as a consultant, and this is where she learned that her interest was in deep-diving in different industries at once. Ashley became part of Lightspeed because she realized that when she partnered with entrepreneurs to solidify their ideas, she was fulfilling her purpose. Ashley Lightspeed, therefore, works with companies in their early stages where she enables them to put in place a growth strategy that breaks through their plateau. The people who have worked with her know that her eye for craftsmanship is still present.

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The Success of Ara Chackerian

An investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ara Chackerian has been impacting the business world for quite some time. Currently Chackerian serves as the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings. He is also the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, a group focus on treating depression. Chackerian is committed to helping beginning healthcare companies grow to new levels.

Ara Chackerian has more than twenty years of expereince working with healthcare companies. During this time he has worked with major groups like BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx and Embion. He has also served as a board member with several beginning companies including Mint Medical Education and TMS Health Solutions. Chackerian’s resume also includes holding a number of high positions including CEO of of BMC Diagnostics, Executive Chairman of PipelineRx as well as Executive Vice President at PSS/World Medical.

Recently Ara Chackerian sat down with ideamensch to share some insight into his biggest success TMS Health Solutions. For years Chackerian and his business partners have shown a commitment to building healthcare facilities around the world. After lots of research they became convinced that TMS had the chance to become a third pillar of psychiatric care. Along with medication and talk therapy, TMS could be an excellent method for treating depression. Their ultimate mission was to create a model that helped the patient and physician to achieve their desired outcome.

Ara Chackerian has dedicated his life to become successful. A typical working day can vary as Chackerian doesn’t keep a daily calendar and is open to being flexible. He works to have as many experiences as possible as he believes this is where ideas come from. He encourages young entrepreneurs to pick their partners wisely. Value the possible differences that people bring to the table. Great entrepreneurs learn how to create a whole from many. Ara Chackerian has been able to do that, and thus has had lots of success.