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Penelope Kokkinides, Part of the Strong Leadership Team at InnovaCare Health

Innovacare Health

One of the shining lights in the health care plan business is Innovacare of Fort Lee, New Jersey. They administer health care plans and work with medical care providers. Innovacare contracts with health care professionals and private individuals to create quality care. They are also experts in Medicaid and Medicare Advantage, government health care programs. Innovacare Health is committed to improving and reforming health care by working with doctors for efficient and quality medical care. This “managed care” includes incentives for cost savings and effective use of technology. The switch of focus from quantity to quality is a change from the old standard payment method of fee for services. Innovacare also works with client/patients to encourage them to take a proactive part in their own care. They also advocate for preventative care to reduce disease and costs. Innovacare provides this service for both private clients and those who receive governmental provider care. They are working hard to make medical care more affordable for us all.

New Leadership Team

In the Spring of 2016, Innovacare President and Chief Executive Officer, Doctor Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto was proud to announce an impressive new leadership team filling the top positions at Innovacare. The new additions to the Innovacare Health team are Jonathan Myers, Mike Sortino, and Penelope Kokkinides. Stepping in as the new Chief Actuary Officer is Jonathan Myers. His extensive experience includes serving as Actuarial Director over Medicaid and Medicare for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. The new face in the Chief Accounting Officer position is Mike Sortino. With more than two decades of experience in medical insurance and accounting, Sortino is extremely qualified. He recently was the Controller of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Taking over as the newest Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides (see below).

Penelope Kokkinides

The new CAO at Innovacare Health is the dynamic and motivated Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides is very experienced in clinical medicine and managerial aspects of medical care with over twenty years of service. She has worked with several national health care providers; most recently she was the Chief Operating Officer at Aveta Inc. She also worked at COO at Touchstone Health HMO Inc. Kokkinides was the Vice President for Care and Disease Management with AmeriChoice, part of the United Health Group. She is a strong proponent of managed care and making sure that quality comes before quantity and that value comes above volume.


Marc Beer’s Renovia Raises $42 Million For The Advancement Of Women Health

Marc Beer recently co-founded a health startup, Renovia Inc. dedicated to the advancement of women health research. The firm particularly specializes in the study and development of drugs and other treatment options for urinary incontinence.


According to Renovia, this refers to a pelvic floor disorder estimated to affect over 250 million women across the world. Marc’s startup has, therefore, dedicated vast amounts of time and resources in understanding the condition and developing its first drug, Leva, which received FDA’s approval in April.


Raising $42 Million


Renovia sources its funds from healthcare investment firms to advance its objectives. The Marc Beer-led company would start by organizing a series A funding to get the ball rolling. The funds raised during the Series A round would help the firm initiate different research projects that culminated in the development and approval of their first pelvic floor disorder drug, Leva.


The women health startup has, however, been engaged in several other research and drug development projects. For instance, it is contemplating the development of an advanced form of the Leva drug. More importantly, it has four diagnostic and therapeutic products that it hopes to push through the final development, testing and approval process.


It, therefore, organized a successful Series B round of funding that raised a record $42 Million. Missouri-based Ascension ventures and the Longwood Fund were some of the earliest venture capitalists to join the fund drive that Raised $42 million. A significant portion of this, $32 Million, was in the form of direct investments while venture debt accounted for $10 million.


Marc Beer’s optimism


Acknowledging the success of the Series B funding, Marc Beer praised the healthcare investment funds for their support. He would interpret the success of the fund drive as a show of approval and support of Renovia’s mission and vision. Marc added that his company has access to a host of highly innovative and proprietary healthcare technologies. These help it gain a deeper understanding of the pelvic floor disorders and in effect develop more effective treatment options. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/marc-beer/


More about Marc Beer


Marc has close to three decades of active experience in the health sector. He spent a significant portion of this time in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and devices sectors where he helped to promote research and aid with the commercialization of treatment options. Taking advantage of this industry experience, Marc partnered with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias to co-found Renovia Inc. in 2016 where he serves as the Managing Director.


He shot into the drug research and commercialization limelight during his time at ViaCell, a biotechnology startup specializing in the collection and preservation of umbilical cord and blood stem cells. He led the company for seven years and saw it morph from a simple startup to a fully-fledged commercial organization employing over 300 employees.


Rodrigo Terpins: A Successful Balance Between Sports of Corporate Affairs

Rodrigo Terpins’ name is a common entity in the Brazilian sports fraternity, especially motorsport. His love for adrenaline has driven him to the highest ranks as far as rally competitions are concerned. Having competed severally in the local and international championships as a Brazilian, Rodrigo Terpins has coined a name for himself in the country. His life in the motorsport industry started soon after completing his university Education from the University of Sail Hilaire.

After completing his Business Management courses at the university, he worked for 16 years at Lojas Marisa where his prowess in management was evidenced as he rose to the position of the corporation’s president, a position he opted to let go in 2007 to develop other parts of his life ambitions. Rodrigo Terpins’ main career revolves around the rallies, but still maintains some level of white collar engagements. For instance, he holds executive positions in companies including his own T5 Participacoes which he founded in 2008. Check out 1000variedade.com


Rodrigo Terpins is also savvy as far as the need for environmental conservation is concerned. As the founder and chair of Floresvale, he has been actively involved in the development of ideas which harness environmental resources such as forests in a manner that promotes environmental conservation and preservation. Floresvale utilizes trees from the environment reasonably and sustainably, thereby serving as a leader in Brazil’s environment conservation mechanisms.


An overview of his day-to-day operations shows that Mr. Terpins is not only productive but also highly engaged with official and non-official duties relating to his work in the office and the safari rally. However, his hands-on approach to most of his duties gives him a platform to bring most of his ideas to reality whenever needed. Being self-aware gives him the required level of interconnectedness that makes him obtain the necessary resources required for making his corporate and sports life a success.

Despite his streak of successes, he has previously had some minor failures which, according to his philosophy, have served to advise him to become a better person in the corporate world. Undoubtedly, Rodrigo Terpins puts in lots of effort to make a highly needed balance between managing his corporate and sporting personalities.

Click here: http://hackronym.com/a-look-into-the-career-of-rally-driver-rodrigo-terpins/



The Rise of Dr. Mark Mckenna

Living a healthy lifestyle should be practiced as often as possible. Though you don’t necessarily have to be a fitness-fanatic or a health-guru, just staying active in your daily life can go a long way. Dr. Mark McKenna of New Orleans, Louisiana, is the very definition of healthy living. This extraordinary guy has used his brilliance in some of the most innovative ways. Creating the perfect medical-aesthetic experience is his main goal now days, and he’ll accomplish this amazing feat via OVME. OVME is the ultimate in medical aesthetics because it will offer a host a beneficial medical treatments.

This is just another one of Dr. Mark McKenna’s extraordinary medical practices. OVME is not only his latest creation, it’s a medical practice that will host a wide variety of services. The company will also host luxury treatment rooms as well as secluded offices. Modern cosmetic services is the name of the game and no other similar practice will be able to do it any better than this. Chemical peels, Botox injections, Juvederm Ultra Plus, medical-grade facials, skin care, Restylane treatments and many more options will be available to the public. This innovative-approach will also be completely different from anything else on the market because the company will connect health-conscious consumers with the beneficial services that they may be seeking. Consumers can either come in to the location, or consumers can use the advanced-smart application for scheduling house calls. Yes, that is correct! OVME will come straight to your front door.

Dr. Mark McKenna has over 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics. He is also a well-accomplished doctor as well as a well-accomplished businessman. The Tulane University Medical School graduate is licensed in surgery and is licensed in medicine by the Georgia and Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. In the end, Dr. Mark Mckenna and OVME is the perfect combination for medical-aesthetic health.


Marc Sparks Talks About When Everyone Hits The Point of Needing Financial Assistance

Marc Sparks is an experienced serial entrepreneur who has seen plenty of businesses get started up. One thing that he has concluded is that everyone is going to need financial assistance at some point when they are starting a business. Every entrepreneur he has observed has hit a wall and has needed financial assistance because they have run out of the funds needed to support their business. For one thing, it often takes a long time before a business becomes profitable. There are also plenty of costs that are involved in running a business which include payment for the space and equipment needed.

One of the biggest factors in cost is marketing. Many business owners either do not have the skills or the time to market their own business. Therefore, they need to pay for a service that works on coming up with the marketing campaign for the entrepreneur. Given that it is highly unlikely that an entrepreneur is going to have enough money to carry him until his business profits, Marc Sparks suggests that people get their proposals ready for a venture capitalist. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to be ready to find someone that is willing to help them get their business off the ground.

One thing that an entrepreneur needs is a plan of action. This plan does include the type of help he is going to need. Marc Sparks himself has seen the value of getting the needed help in his experience of being an entrepreneur. He has a lot of advice for people who are trying to get a loan for their busines. An entrepreneur should gather plenty of information on the different aspects of his business which includes the sales data and any type of unique service that is being provided to the customers. Another important aspect is the strategy for using the loan. Learn more: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/marcsparks