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The amazing story of Doe Deere

Who is Doe Deere? What is her legacy and how did she become a successful American Entrepreneur? Doe Deere, or Xenia Vorotova was born in Izhevsk, Russia to a young, struggling single mother. As a small child, Xenia always wondered what America was really like. She’d watch movies, read magazines and even read newspapers to visualize what it was really like to be an American. A few months after she turned 17, she got the news from her mother and little sister that they were all going to immigrate to the United States of America in order to have more opportunities for a better life. Xenia and her little sister were overjoyed but at the same time a little skeptical. Their chosen destination was New York City because it was a synonymous to America, people often said that if you can make it big in New York City than you can make it anywhere. They also heard that they could prove themselves fit to be in America if they could live comfortably in New York. It was a pretty big cultural shock for poor little Xenia. The population in New York was much larger than it was in her home town in Russia, plus she had to deal with the packed subway stations, busy intersections and just the general crowdedness of living in New York. Xenia and her mother knew that it wouldn’t be easy to live in New York City so they came ready to work hard, but unfortunately Xenia’s mother couldn’t find a job because her educational papers took too long to transfer and their life savings were running out fast and they could barely sustain themselves. To try and keep themselves afloat, Xenia’s mother started cleaning people’s houses and Xenia started a pet sitting business, but despite all their efforts and hard work they ended up not being able to pay rent, they had no choice but to go stay in a homless shelter. It was a rough time for them, they stayed in a tiny room with no kitchen but they tried their best to stay hopeful.

Why Fabletics Leverages “The Power of the Crowd.”

“The power of the crowd” is increasingly determining consumer purchases. Today, customers turn to crowd-sourced reviews to decide their final purchase. They trust the reviews they read and view them as personal recommendations from people they know. This trend has led savvy brands to capitalize on this consumer behavior shift using review-centric marketing approaches.


One such brand is Fabletics. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletics has achieved a growth of over 200 percent to a revenue of more than $235 million not to mention over a million paying members. According to TechStyle Fashion Group’s Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, much of Fabletics success can be attributed to embracing the crowd or user reviews.


Fabletics was able to power such speedy growth by leveraging the significance of reviews in the customer journey of today. Consumer reviews are in a position to directly influence increased customer acquisition, customer retention, and improved loyalty for brands across all fields.


The consumers of today increasingly lead digital lives making online reviews important factors when it comes to the process of decision making. People have the tendency of researching businesses prior making any purchases. Additionally, they read reviews to help them make their decisions. According to the latest BrightLocal study, around 84 percent of customers view online reviews as personal recommendations from people they know. Since the survey was conducted, this stat has been increasing every year.


According to the CEO and Founder of Trustpilot, Holten Muhlmann, trust is presently in an all-time law, and people have no trust on traditional advertising and marketing strategies like before. However, there is safety, power, and trust in the feedbacks and opinions of the crowd. The smartest brands are fully aware of this, and they have begun leveraging it.


When TechStyle Fashion Group’s founders Adam Goldenberg and Ressler were starting an athleisure brand, there wasn’t quality, reasonably priced and stylish athleisure brand on the market. Only grey and black overpriced women workout gears. They needed to change this, but first, they needed a partner. The first person they thought of was Kate Hudson. Because of her approachable nature, active lifestyle, and failure to take herself overly-seriously, she represented what they needed Fabletics to become.


Since day one, Kate was heavily involved. Be it picking social media strategies or reviewing budgets; she was hands-on. Until now, Kate actively participates in the design process. Additionally, she closely works with the team to make sure that the styles remain fresh.