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Marc Beer’s Renovia Raises $42 Million For The Advancement Of Women Health

Marc Beer recently co-founded a health startup, Renovia Inc. dedicated to the advancement of women health research. The firm particularly specializes in the study and development of drugs and other treatment options for urinary incontinence.


According to Renovia, this refers to a pelvic floor disorder estimated to affect over 250 million women across the world. Marc’s startup has, therefore, dedicated vast amounts of time and resources in understanding the condition and developing its first drug, Leva, which received FDA’s approval in April.


Raising $42 Million


Renovia sources its funds from healthcare investment firms to advance its objectives. The Marc Beer-led company would start by organizing a series A funding to get the ball rolling. The funds raised during the Series A round would help the firm initiate different research projects that culminated in the development and approval of their first pelvic floor disorder drug, Leva.


The women health startup has, however, been engaged in several other research and drug development projects. For instance, it is contemplating the development of an advanced form of the Leva drug. More importantly, it has four diagnostic and therapeutic products that it hopes to push through the final development, testing and approval process.


It, therefore, organized a successful Series B round of funding that raised a record $42 Million. Missouri-based Ascension ventures and the Longwood Fund were some of the earliest venture capitalists to join the fund drive that Raised $42 million. A significant portion of this, $32 Million, was in the form of direct investments while venture debt accounted for $10 million.


Marc Beer’s optimism


Acknowledging the success of the Series B funding, Marc Beer praised the healthcare investment funds for their support. He would interpret the success of the fund drive as a show of approval and support of Renovia’s mission and vision. Marc added that his company has access to a host of highly innovative and proprietary healthcare technologies. These help it gain a deeper understanding of the pelvic floor disorders and in effect develop more effective treatment options. Learn more:


More about Marc Beer


Marc has close to three decades of active experience in the health sector. He spent a significant portion of this time in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and devices sectors where he helped to promote research and aid with the commercialization of treatment options. Taking advantage of this industry experience, Marc partnered with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias to co-found Renovia Inc. in 2016 where he serves as the Managing Director.


He shot into the drug research and commercialization limelight during his time at ViaCell, a biotechnology startup specializing in the collection and preservation of umbilical cord and blood stem cells. He led the company for seven years and saw it morph from a simple startup to a fully-fledged commercial organization employing over 300 employees.


OSI Industries: Its origin and leadership

OSI Industries is a value-added foods company with headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It is a top producer of food products which are supplied to almost every continent. Currently, the privately-owned company is ranked as one of the largest in the world. The Forbes places it at number #58 with a net worth of over $6.1 billion. OSI Industries is serving 17 countries in different countries and has established 65 production plants to meet the high demand for food products. It has also employed over 20,000 people to serve in its plants. The company is still in expansion mode, and it is doing a thorough job of taking its operations to the people in different parts of the world.


OSI Industries is a name that was adopted in 1975. However, this is not when the company was created. It has been around for a longer time. Previously, the company was operating as a family-owned business and operated in the name of Otto & Sons. Otto Kolschowsky is the founder of this company. He was a German immigrant living in Chicago when he started a butcher shop in 1909 which grew to become OSI.

Early development

Otto & Sons got an opportunity to work with the McDonald’s restaurant franchise when it opened its first restaurant in Illinois. This was the beginning of growth for Otto & Sons. McDonald’s got v a lot of business, and Otto & Sons was made one of the suppliers to their restaurants. As they expanded, more products were needed for supplies. That is how Otto & Sons found itself looking for financing to expand its operations. It needed to have high production capacity so that it grows into a huge business and meet the huge demand from McDonald’s.

Entry of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin was a banking executive in a bank where Otto & Sons was looking for financing. OSI Group acquires Baho Food. He was responsible for the expansion of the company at the time, by availing the resources needed to grow the company. After the role he played in the growth of the company, he took another initiative of helping the company grow by taking up an active role in its day-day operations. He joined other partners in OSI Industries in equal status to others. Soon he was appointed Chairman and CEO, and since then he has never looked back. He has carried out operations of the company in a manner that is impressive. He has made it the company we see today.

What To Know About Christopher Linkas

In the current time, anyone can be called a financial advisor but when looked upon, its few of them that can back that after having decades of success and experience. When you hear about Christopher Linkas, then he is a man who has been in the field for more than 25 years now. He has a wide range of wealth and knowledge which has been working with top companies and he is now a hot commodity and most of his time, he keeps discussing investing. So that he could reach this point, Christopher Linkas started by having an early passion after he completed college and it led him to his current job where he is working for a UK-based investment company.


He jumped into the finance world shortly after Christopher Linkas finished his college education. He started working as an Analyst & Asset Manager. When he left his first employer, an organization called RER Financial Group and after working for a couple of years, he went back and took the role of the organizations Vice President. From there, Christopher Linkas now started growing and developing his name in the investment and financial world. He was at that time directly responsible for over $4 billion book balance which was within 18 months which lead him to another new opportunity in the New York City where he worked for Goldman Sachs.


He currently works as a credit investor. He is a person who invests up and down for the capital structure. He handles anything from debt or the structured debt pieces together with assets and the outright equity having credit in the mind.


While thinking about the commercial real estate, Christopher Linkas talked about the advantages that are experienced when one invests. The advantage is that it has an attractive leasing rate. In those areas where there are limitations of constructions because of law or land, the then commercial real estate is something that can have an impressive return which will also have a considerable monthly flow of cash. In addition to the advantage is that they also benefit from comparable long lease contracts than residential estates. It, therefore, brings a considerable flow of cash stability in case the building has been occupied by long-term tenants.
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An Overview of Commercial Real Estate Investing with Christopher Linkas