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There are many things Fortress Investment Group has accomplished for their clients. They have been able to guide investors with decisions that landed them with hefty returns. They have backed some major real estate projects throughout the United States. They have grown to being one of the largest companies of their kind. Fortress Investment Group is a powerhouse that leads the industry with its ability to transform portfolios for investors seeking to earn large lump sums.

The world has taken notice as this giant asset manager has grown to being a firm that manages tens of billions of dollars for investors. The world has noticed so much even larger companies have put offers in to become the news owners of this powerful firm. It was Softbank, a Japanese company, that made the deal with Fortress Investment Group. Softbank felt as though this acquisition was necessary. They believe they can push Fortress to even greater heights. Read more on

Softbank was created in 1981 to sell software for computers. The company moved into the computer trade show space and computer magazine publishing arena in the 1990s. Nearing the end of this decade, the company bought a large percentage of Yahoo. They currently have stake in over four hundred companies, some which include promising startups that are ready to disrupt industries.

Fortress Investment Group has been around since 1998. This company has its headquarters in New York City. Unlike the hundreds of other companies Softbank holds stock in, this new acquisition will take Softbank in a direction it does not primarily go in. Softbank will basically manage the company and provide direction on the future. Fortress will still run its day to day operations normally. Both companies are happy to be working with each other. This partnerships will bring in even more success for two already successful companies.