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Why Barbara Stokes is Rebuilding Huntsville, Alabama

Green Structure Homes has been awarded a contract to build homes and other structures in Huntsville, Alabama. The corporation has its headquarters in the same region and has been known to be the best disaster relief contractor in the country for an extended period. The firm is expected to build homes after the hurricane destroyed a significant number of homes that were based in the region. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) decided to offer this contract to an organization that has consistently proved to be up to the task due to the products it has been providing to its customers. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Under the leadership of Barbara Stokes, Green Structure Home has proved to be an organization that addresses the needs of the disaster victims. One of the factors that could have prompted the firm to be awarded the contract despite other firms applying for the same contract is the ability to use the local community in building homes. Green Structure Homes has been employing the members of the local community when it is building their homes. This allows locals to acquire some funds that can help them establish their lives. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes is a knowledgeable person who has sufficient information about government contracting despite working in the private sector for extended periods. Although this could have played a key role in Green Structure Homes getting the contract, the company has proved efficient in using fewer resources to build durable and comfortable houses. GSH has been building cheap homes that offer quality and durability to their ultimate users. The Government could have considered low cost as an essential aspect in building homes for the hurricane victims.

The final factor that enabled Green Structure Homes to get the lucrative contract is the ability of the company to offer quality services within a short period. Barbara Stokes has developed a policy that ensures the company builds homes and all the necessary structures within a short period. This helps the victims of the disaster to be settled within a short period where they can start enjoying quality homes. Moreover, building homes within a short period ensure that the contract period is short hence reducing the overall contract costs.