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Feminine Hair Care Routine

As a female, I understand the importance of a quality hair care routine in order to maintain my aesthetic. Along with most females, a typical hair care regimen includes shampoo and conditioner treatments every one to three days dependent on how healthy or oily their scalp is. Washing your hair too much can make it unmanageable and dry. I personally could only wash my hair every other day due to over-processed bleaching applications use. That is until I saw Wen on Facebook and the Chaz Dean formula became a part of my hair care regimen.


With the WEN hair care system, you use a five-in-one cleansing conditioner rather than a separate shampoo and conditioner. Not only is this more convenient, but your hair’s healthy oils are not being stripped by shampoo. WEN is safe to use daily, and you will see optimal results with minimal dryness, little to no breakage, and less frizz. After using the cleansing conditioner, there is a deep conditioner as part of the treat system that will be sure to bring life back to your damaged hair.


WEN is a cleanse, boost, style and treat hair care system. According to Wikipedia, this four step system has everything you need for a healthy, manageable hair care look. The best thing about WEN is that your hair does not just feel clean after using the cleansing conditioner; your hair feels healthier than it once did. Not many females can admit to that once shampoo is rinsed from their hair.


I highly recommend being open to change and trying out the WEN by Chaz Dean hair care system ( if you haven’t already. Your hair will thank you whether it’s on the dry side or not. Most females can say they have room for improvement on the health of their hair and WEN by Chaz Dean can make that improvement. Learn more about Wen on