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Peak Performance with Herbalife

What started as a single protein shake for weight loss sold out of the trunk of Mark Hughes car in 1980, has turned in 2018 into a global corporation with over 3 million Herbalife Independent Distributors in over 95 countries selling nutritional supplements, drinks, protein bars, weight-loss management programs and personal hygiene products. Herbalife offers some of it’s products in kosher, vegetarian, allergen free or halal versions. Other products are specialized for heart and digestive health, skin care, as well as a sports line.


Realizing success in sports starts with good nutrition, the Belgian Red Devils National Soccer team decided to use Herbalife Nutrition to enhance their performance. The Herbalife24 CR7 Drive sports drink is a crucial component to the daily nutrition intake of the team. This sports performance drink has electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep up the team’s strength before and during practices and games. It also keeps them properly hydrated for maximum energy. Muscle recovery after hard play is achieved by using Herbalife’s Rebuild Strength, a supplemental drink used within 30 minutes after play. This drink has proteins and carbohydrates that help the body balance glycogen stores and maintain strong muscle fibers.


Since the Brazilian Red Devils have to travel often, keeping on track with nutrition is an important task. Being able to bring along Herbalife products as they travel to games is an easy way to keep the team focused. This well-balanced approach to sports nutrition has given the team an edge, leading them to an impressive run to qualify for the world’s biggest soccer tournament, scoring 43 goals during the tournament schedule while conceding only 6. Director of Sports Performance and Education for Herbalife, Dana Ryan, conferred with the team’s nutritionists months ago to discuss ways to enhance the performance of the team. Hard workouts, training and mental toughness could all benefit from the supplements Herbalife had to offer. The Belgian Red Devils followed the Herbalife Nutrition plan, using the products as part of the sports program and the team has been at the top of their game with more to come.