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Matt Badiali Points To Gold Mining Company Stocks As A Smart Investment In 2019

While many people claim to be investment gurus, there are really only a handful of people in the natural resource sector who are worth their salt. Matt Badiali is one of these people, and he has been working in the field for close to two decades. Of late, he has been letting the readers of his newsletter, the Real Wealth Strategist, know that there is a real investment opportunity staring at them right in the face. That opportunity has to do with gold, and more specifically, gold mining companies.

Matt Badiali noted in a recent article that the price of gold hit one of its lowest lows in many years in 2015. Many investors were upset about this, and this furthered gold’s reputation as being a risky investment. Badiali has responded by commenting that gold always has a low price and that investors can get this price regardless of where there gold came from. He suggests that investors can diversify their portfolio by holding gold or gold mining company stock. One benefit of this is that gold doesn’t really follow the overall ebb and flow of the stock market.

People listen to Matt Badiali because he is a trained scientist who received a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from Penn State University. He also studied at Florida Atlantic University and ended up receiving his Master of Science degree in geology there. During his time at the University of North Carolina, while he was working towards his Ph.D., he made the decision to listen to a friend’s advice and began his work in the financial world. He has traveled all over the world since in search of solid natural resource investments and has found many of these.

Matt Badiali has commented that investors do not need to invest huge amounts of money to make a p

rofit. Even $1,000, according to Badiali, can be enough to earn some solid profits with a gold mining investment. He believes that gold mining stocks are a buy and hold kind of investment that will increase in value for years to come. Matt Badiali continues to write more articles about this topic and has published many of these on Medium.

Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing

The Sedulous Overachiever Gareth Henry

Serving as the Global Head of investor relations for Angelo, Gareth Henry currently living in New York but born in London United Kingdom, is a 2001 graduate from the university of Heriot Watt with a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. His first job with Watson Wyatt was as an analyst in the managerial research team. Nevertheless his zeal, enthusiasm and determination in his career only made him move to Global investment management services team utilizing and developing his expertise not forgetting experience until 2004 where he jumped to SEI investment band wagon as an investment manager providing services to insurers , pension funds exclusive of managing them too.

Gareth Henry’s sense of adventure took him to Shroders after a year with SEI. After a tenure of over a year and a half at Shroders, weighing his expertise he had garnered so far, went on ahead and join the big giants of investment activities, Fortress investment Group in 2007. This was a huge step for him as his job needed him to relocate to the United States to become the company’s managing director. Remembered as the guy who came to Fortress and raised rapidly for Hedge funds, private credit in the name of Fortress Moreover overseeing almost all fortress global distribution agreements.

His Gareth Henry Access Bursary at his former school comes as a significant aid to the underprivileged students. Not only that, the student lucky enough to get the Henry Access Bursary granting, also get tutoring and mentorship by the one and only Gareth Henry . Acknowledging the importance of what he learnt in Parrarel to his career, he wouldn’t hesitate to offer education to the less fortunate. Raising over 4billion for his company, the successful overachiever is also a married family man with one spouse.

All this success in his career wouldn’t come so easy if the amazing Investor wasn’t energetic in his communication which to Investors and financial institutions was bargain enough for them. In addition to, the opportunistic investor wastes no time in getting things done in the basis of running Angelo and managing his clients.

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This is why Fortress Investment Group stays ahead of the curve

Looking ahead and planning for the future is one of the most crucial things any person can do. To achieve this, investing is the way to go and Fortress Investment Group is the best vehicle to go by. Fortress Investment Group is among the top investment managers in the world and manages assets in excess of $43 billion, besides servicing more than 1,750 high net-worth individuals all over the world. Since its foundation in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has set new standards in the investing world and profited its investors in every way possible. At the height of the company’s success in 2007, Fortress offered its initial public offering (IPO) and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), becoming the first multi-million private equity company to achieve the fete.


Astute Leadership

The success of Fortress Investment Group is not only influenced by the astute leadership at the helm of the firm, but also by the many diversified investing strategies that the company has adopted. As a result, Fortress is the go-to company for mergers and acquisitions, asset-based investing, capital markets, and operations management. With Wes Edens, Peter Briger and Randal Nardone working as the principals of the firm, it is clear that Fortress is under sound management. Given the solid financial backgrounds of the three principals, it is not out of the blues that Fortress has grown to such magnitude.

Acquisition by SoftBank

In 2017, exactly a decade after Fortress went public, Japanese SoftBank Group Corporation purchased the investment firm. In a lucrative deal to the tune of $3.3 billion, SoftBank acquired Fortress Investment Group. Following the acquisition, Fortress now operates independently under Softbank’s umbrella. Financial experts have hailed the move momentous, given the financial muscles of SoftBank and the resource-rich Fortress.

Consequently, Fortress will have the resources to invest in more sectors such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, clean-energy technology, and telecommunications. These are the sectors that have been tipped to grow exponentially in the near future. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger retain their positions as the principals of the company even after SoftBank ’s acquisition. Read more on

Freedom Checks Are the Ticket to the American Dream of a Stable Energy Sector

Freedom Checks would be almost free money if one were to consider the amount of money the average American pays the state in the form of tax. Tax is a burden for many people especially those struggling to make ends meet. Evading tax is not an option either as it is a federal offense.

People, therefore, are left with little choice but to give Caesar his share even while grumbling at it. The Freedom Checks, however, are a fresh of breath air as they allow anyone who has invested in energy a clean ninety cents for every dollar trading. While the project saw the light of the day because of President Nixon, it remains a non-governmental entity. The checks trace their origin to the Nixon era, but very few people knew about them. The few people who had an idea believed it was a rip-off, and no one loves risking their hard earned money for fruitless ventures. The rest of America is finally waking up to the fact that they could smile all the way to the bank each month all thanks to this project. All one is required to do is invest in the energy sector and a secure energy America. Either way, everybody wins.

The master limited partnerships have been kept secret for way too long, and Americans need a financial awakening. The partnerships only exist because of a small clause almost forgotten known as Internal Revenue Code. In the clause, title 26 under subtitle F states the reason why the checks are a legit business opportunity. It is advantageous that any American can invest and no unique skill set is demanded.

More about the Freedom Checks

The names promise freedom, and in indeed Freedom checks were introduced so that Americans remain free in the energy sector and free from punitive tax. The checks are an example of the proverbial kill two birds with one stone. The two birds are Americans investing in the energy sector and the country preserving independence in energy matters. Few Americans knew that the Freedom checks existed and more are now informed all thanks to an energy enthusiast known as Matt Badiali.

Fortress Investment Group Using Various Strategies to Maintain Its Lead in the Competitive Market

Fortress Investment Group has stood out to be one of the best company operating in the alternative asset industry. However, the company has not gained this title without working for it. Some of the strategies that have been adopted by the form have proved so useful to the point of helping the firm increase its income to unprecedented levels that other asset managers in the industry have not been able to do.

During the financial crisis, Fortress Investment Group took decided to purchase an asset from the organizations that were looking to acquire some money so that they could be able to remain stable. The company would later sell these assets, some of which were purchased at discounted rates at higher income after selling the assets just a few years after the situation stabilized. The company took a gamble to buy assets at this period despite the risks associated.

The second strategy that Fortress Investment Group adopted to enhance its growth included buying alternative assets such as rail lines, some of which were available at throwaway prices. This strategy continued where the company had a significant number of assets mostly acquired through discounted rates. However, tremendous changes have happened in the infrastructure industry making the company to get an opportunity to sell the assets that were bought at discounted rates at higher prices, some of them fetching as more top as three times the purchase value.

Fortress Investment Group has adopted other strategies to help it increase its overall wealth and maintain its status as one the largest asset managers in the industry regarding asset base. These strategies involve diversifying in other areas to ensure that the company minimizes its risks and continue to operate despite the challenges facing the market. For example, Fortress Investment Group has invested in real estate, health, and units’ ownership in New York Stock Exchange among others.

A critical success factor that has propelled the achievements of Fortress Group is the investment strategy that it implements. The asset-based strategy has ensured that the company remains at the top of the industry’s ranks. The strategy involves the diversification of the company’s portfolio which went very far in the mitigation of investment risk that is always associated with single asset strategy. To effect this initiative, Fortress Group introduced hedge funds and other asset strategies into its portfolio, to transform it from being a private equity firm and became an alternative asset firm.


Ted Bauman On Being The People’s Advocate When It Comes To Their Assets

Writer and founder of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter Ted Bauman spent a lot of his life helping others. This passion has translated into working for non-profit organizations, traveling the world, and writing to readers to find unique investment advice but also arm them with the knowledge to protect their assets from outside factors.

Ted Bauman briefly studied economics and history at the University of Cape Town when he lived in South Africa as a young man. When he moved back to the United States Mr. Bauman achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The State University of New York in 1993. Not satisfied fully with his education, Ted Bauman to further it. Upon much reflection, the university student received his Master of Business Administration in Finance from Georgia State University in 2001. This was quite an achievement for Ted and he would use his degrees in his profession long to come.

With all this experience in his life, Mr. Bauman uses it to draw examples in his newsletter The Bauman Letter. He turns dry financial information into a personal journey that subscribers can relate with. Being a staunch advocate for poor and working class people, Ted Bauman helps the keep their assets safe from government oversight and corporate greed. He also gives them very useful tips and investments advice so they can grow their wealth and keep it. Each day Ted goes into his home office and writes several pages a day to contribute to his newsletters. Starting early in the morning is vital because Mr. Bauman is at his best and freshest then. Most successful entrepreneurs can relate with this and do it each and every day. This is what the successful financial writer deems as how he is most productive. Ted Bauman also gathers information from all sources around the world to write his informative newsletters. On a side note, Ted is successful now but like anyone else has had his share of struggles. Using these experiences gives him a sense of depth in his writing that cannot be made up.


What To Know About Christopher Linkas

In the current time, anyone can be called a financial advisor but when looked upon, its few of them that can back that after having decades of success and experience. When you hear about Christopher Linkas, then he is a man who has been in the field for more than 25 years now. He has a wide range of wealth and knowledge which has been working with top companies and he is now a hot commodity and most of his time, he keeps discussing investing. So that he could reach this point, Christopher Linkas started by having an early passion after he completed college and it led him to his current job where he is working for a UK-based investment company.


He jumped into the finance world shortly after Christopher Linkas finished his college education. He started working as an Analyst & Asset Manager. When he left his first employer, an organization called RER Financial Group and after working for a couple of years, he went back and took the role of the organizations Vice President. From there, Christopher Linkas now started growing and developing his name in the investment and financial world. He was at that time directly responsible for over $4 billion book balance which was within 18 months which lead him to another new opportunity in the New York City where he worked for Goldman Sachs.


He currently works as a credit investor. He is a person who invests up and down for the capital structure. He handles anything from debt or the structured debt pieces together with assets and the outright equity having credit in the mind.


While thinking about the commercial real estate, Christopher Linkas talked about the advantages that are experienced when one invests. The advantage is that it has an attractive leasing rate. In those areas where there are limitations of constructions because of law or land, the then commercial real estate is something that can have an impressive return which will also have a considerable monthly flow of cash. In addition to the advantage is that they also benefit from comparable long lease contracts than residential estates. It, therefore, brings a considerable flow of cash stability in case the building has been occupied by long-term tenants.
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An Overview of Commercial Real Estate Investing with Christopher Linkas