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Jeremy Goldstein Discusses Stock Ideas

Jeremy Goldstein is currently a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. As a boutique law firm, the business is designed to help with high level clients from across the financial industry. This has allowed him to work with countless clients and learn about what exactly people want.


Jeremy Goldstein has acquired his degrees from New York University School of Law, University of Chicago, and Cornell University. He acquired over 15 years of experience before ultimately starting up his own firm in New York. During his career Jeremy Goldstein has overseen of the biggest and most important business deals of our generation. He remains very active within the law field to this date. He is currently the chair of a committee within the American Bar Association.


As an expert in the field, Jeremy Goldstein discussed the advantages and disadvantages to companies giving their employees stock options. In particular, he discusses 3 major disadvantages: the stock value may drop, an economic downturns can make it completely worthless, and it creates accounting burdens for those involved. However, he describes several advantages it can provide. It’s easier for employees to understand and it boosts the likelihood of good work to increase stock value.


Jeremy Goldstein suggests these issues can be fully solved with the “knockout” option. This allows companies and employees the ability to remove the stock with no drawbacks if it drops below a certain threshold. It encourages employees keeping the company’s best interest in mind and allows accounting to be more accurate. This gives the company an overall positive boost.


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