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OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe

In 2016, OSI Group, leading meat, poultry and food processing firm has purchased the UK based company known as Flagship Europe.

Flagship Europe was a top supplier of foodstuff to the UK market with a vast variety of quality and innovative products in numerous categories. Some of the products the company supplied include mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, frozen poultry and sous vide products according to the report released from OSI industries. The company expanded its operations in the food production industry when it acquired Calder foods, a company that supplied sandwich fillings, sauces, marinades, dips and mayonnaise.

Russell Maddock, the CEO of Flagship Europe praised the acquisition saying that it was a thrilling and progressive growth. The company will get increased resources and access to a large client base and international market as part of OSI Industries will improve their presence in the market place. This will help the company improve its proposition and create new job opportunities that will allow them to serve their clients better. They will also be able to support the already growing business.

According to the present and COO (Chief Operating Officer) David G. McDonald, the acquisition of Flagship as part of their business in Europe widens OSI Industry’s presence in the region. He adds that the firm’s portfolio of foodstuff and brands complements OSI Industries existing production strength as they widen their abilities to serve the ever-changing needs of clients.

About OSI Industries

From the time OSI established its first family meat company in Chicago in 1909, one trait has remained constant all through. Their unwavering determination to their client’s success.

For this reason, most world’s prominent companies regard the OSI group as their best international food provider. The companies have developed a strong trust for OSI to regularly deliver top quality food solutions for their product creation and production requirements. The company specialize in offering solutions that bring quality, value and smooth process while adjusting costs.

Currently, OSI Group is the leading food supplier in the world, with 20000 workers and 65 facilities in 17 nations. It has grown from a humble beginning to the leading corporate company.