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Mobilizing Voters with NGP VAN

Technology has advanced politics into another sphere. In the past, political campaigns relied on newspaper and television to attract readers. With the world wide web, the political industry has been transformed into a sophisticated system where politicians are able to connect with voters from multiple sources.

One of the areas transforming campaigns is big data. Big data allows campaigners to connect with voters who are most likely to connect with a campaigner. The transition to social media and big data in the political industry was first introduced with President Obama’s first election. NGP VAN, is a voter database company utilized by the Democratic Party. The company focuses on providing data and technology campaigns.

With the high level of social media use, politicians cannot afford to bypass social media platforms. In fact, social media platforms are one of the most effective ways to connect with potential voters. The popularity of these platforms is based on how politicians can connect to their voters.

Instead of a distance voice on television or radio, users can communicate with you directly. This places politicians within reach of voters. In the past, print and television ads were the only way to connect to voters. With these most recent changes, there has been an increase in the variety of ways politicians can connect with their constituents. Including, newsletters, voicemail, and social media platforms.

In addition, the online platforms allow users to also create their own platforms. These platforms can allow voters to meet up. One of the most effective uses for this method is canvassing. Groups can target specific area and span the reach of potential voters. The ability to produce small canvasing groups was one very effective during President Obama’s first presidential campaign.

This is one of the reasons for Presidents Obamas success. The ability to connect to his voter baser from multiple platforms helped to increase the database to 14.5 million. President Obama also reached out to users using snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Even though this was successful during President Obama’s campaign it is important to understand that online technology is ever evolving. Candidates must continually analyze the political and technological landscape to identify opportunities. There are always new platforms and popular web applications that become in demand by online users.