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Jason Hope Invests in a Different Front in the Battle Against Aging

One of the biggest driving forces in modern medicine, alongside combatting the scourge of cancer, has been the pursuit of a way to fight aging. Like flying cars, the elimination of aging and ultimate immortality has long been a promised yet never delivered wonder of future predictions since the dawn of futurism itself. Aging is a problem faced by everyone fortunate enough to live a full life. Eventually, our bodies all break down and give in to entropy.

Unsurprisingly, research into the causes of aging and of course ways to reduce or prevent it, never slowed down. Advances in molecular biology, genetics and other related fields have revealed many of the secrets behind the mechanics of the human body aging. The main mechanical reason, it turns out, is due to chromosomes eventually breaking down after being copied a bit too much. They become less capable of providing a template to rebuild as the body renews itself. Find out more about Jason Hope at Arizona Capitol Times.

While methods to reduce this chromosomal breakdown has been promising, many futurists like Jason Hope seek a more immediate solution. Being a philanthropist and entrepreneur, he sees the immediate benefit to humanity, as well as cost-effectiveness and practicality of fighting many of the age-related diseases. Jason Hope has, in this pursuit, invested significantly in the SENS project, which focuses on ways to prevent a multitude of age-related ailments such as several cancers, Alzheimer’s, and the degradation of the nervous system.

This is not the key to immortality, nor does it prevent visible and ultimate aging in and of itself, but conquering those is probably a generation or two away at the soonest. This means that currently-living generations will probably not see the benefits of this still very important research. Jason Hope and other philanthropic futurist investors wish to see people currently alive suffer less from the ravages of age. They want to build a world here and now in which people can enjoy their well-earned retired years fully mobile, healthy and lucid. Jason Hope wants a world where they can enjoy time with their grandchildren, possibly even keeping up with them within reason.

This is a side of anti-aging that many overlook – the act of taking the bite out of it.

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Betsy DeVos Turns Heads As She Makes An Appearance With The Rapper Known As Pitbull

A lot of people had to take check their hearing when they heard that Betsy DeVos had appeared with the rapper Pitbull at a charter school in Miami. What many might not know is that the charter school in question was founded by Pitbull. While the rapper is known for profane lyrics and a brash style, he also happens to be a supporter of charter schools. This happened to be Betsy DeVos’s third visit to schools in Florida as the Secretary of Education for the U.S.A., and along with the visit to the school that Pitbull created, she also visited a handful of other private and charter schools.


While most people have just become familiar with Betsy DeVos because she has suddenly been thrown into the limelight of politics, those who do know her know that she has been heavily involved with pushing for freedom of educational choice for a long time. What does freedom of educational choice mean for Americans? For Betsy, it means that every single family in the United States can choose where they want to send their kids to school. The problem, according to Mrs. DeVos, with the system as it is now is that there are millions upon millions of people being left out because they can’t afford to send their children to a private school or a charter school. Instead, they are forced to send them off to a school based on where they live.


Betsy DeVos believes that the notion of forcing kids to go to a school based on the zip code of where their home is located is an outdated notion. It hearkens back to days when there was no internet and when it made sense to send kids to the school that was nearest to them. She has talked about the fact that many families in the United States are forced to send their kids to schools that are failing, unsafe, and that do not provide the right kind of environment for them to learn in. She has fought for the rights of everyone and especially the economically challenged families that call America home.


What Betsy DeVos wants is for public funds to be able to be used to pay for the tuition of charter schools and private schools. This is real freedom, and she believes that the current system is not supporting the majority of American families. Not only has Betsy DeVos supported causes and political initiatives that would change this, but she has also donated a lot of her own money. She is the Chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation where she works to support the rights of Americans through charitable giving. She also donates her time as a member of many different boards. A few of these include Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Kids Hope USA.


Betsy DeVos has been a reformer and fighter for those who are yearning for a change in the educational system in the United States for the majority of her life. As Secretary of Education, she is aiming to make the nation the kind of place where people can truly say they have freedom of educational choice.


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Betsy DeVos: Pushing for a Normal Type of Alternative Education

Between the hours of 230 and 3:30 PM children all over the country are leaving school and making their way home to talk about all the new things they learned throughout the day. Perhaps some absorb everything, and they can parrot back much of the information to the parents, feeling extremely confident that they have reached their maximum potential for the day. Other children, however, struggle recounting much, if anything, that they learned from the day. These are the children that answer the typical parental question about what they learned today with a nondescript shrug. As a parent, it can be difficult to know if your child is truly absorbing the information that they are given every single day. Their teachers may not be as dedicated to their future as you are, or they may not understand the material the same way that their peers do. Then there are the students that feel as though they could work ahead of their peers, but they are not given the opportunity to do so. This, in and of itself, can lead to low functioning because students are not rewarded for their increased excess in class. What can be done for all these terrible situations?


Betsy DeVos, the acting Secretary of Education, believes that the biggest portion of this problem can be solved by enrolling students into programs that are more specialized. She means that students would do better in magnet schools, private schools, specialized schools, or online learning environments. These all give children different advantages when it comes to their educational goals. For the student that is always working ahead, they may benefit from placement within a magnet school or even an online learning environment. Both situations will allow the student to work at their own pace or are largely self-directive. Children that feel as though they are struggling to keep up with the pack may find more solace in a specialized school or private school. Each of these places gives a student more one-on-one interactions with their teachers, leaving the door open for deeper discussions of the material. The best thing about all these options is that they are completely interchangeable with different students because of their high degree of customizable content. The difference between these programs in public school is that they do not adhere to a very ridged set of standards. Parents will see students coming home from school with more confidence and higher marks because of the customized fit of their education.


To achieve this goal, Betsy DeVos believes that the best option is to take away funding from public schools to provide more resources for these types of programs. She believes that the benefits are easily apparent and anyone who has enrolled a student in this type of education would be more than willing to pay extra to enroll their own children into these programs. The major concern that she has with this program is getting more parents on board, there is still much to be done but parents are finding it difficult to adjust to a different type of learning method. It is her hope that it will one day become the norm.


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Scott Rocklage and 5AM Ventures Help Secure Funding for MD1 Research

Expansion Therapeutic has recently begun working on a campaign to raise series A funding for the purpose of increasing the efforts that it is making toward research into fighting a wide variety of genetic conditions in their portfolio of concern. Chief among these conditions is myotonic dystrophy type I which is a precursor disorder that is the leading cause of Adult Muscular Dystrophy. The currently accepted research indicated that the symptoms of DM1 begin to manifest once RNA levels reach toxic.


What has been found is that the production of some RNAs eventfully becomes toxic and trigger the effects of DM1. Unlike regular RNAs, molecules that are released from DNA strands and eventually convert into protein molecules which usually are harmless, these particular RNAs can have severe adverse reactions in the cells that contain them. The cells that are most susceptible this toxic RNA activity are the ones which are located in the heart, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, and central nervous system. As the cells at compromised the systems become defective and start to fail.


DM1 can affect entire families and can become worse with each subsequent generation. Expansion Therapeutics is committed to finding a solution to the problem of DM1. There is currently no known cure or treatment for DM1, but Expansion Therapeutics feels that they are on the right track. With the new resource pool of funding that was acquired by the campaign, this effort can now continue until a cure is found.


The funding campaign was led by Novartis Venture Fund, Sanofi Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and 5AM ventures with Alexandria Venture Investments and RA Capital Management also being attached. A press release was issued by the managing partner of 5Am Ventures, Scott Rocklage on the funding campaign. Rocklage has been a leader in helping to fund advancements in medical research of all types with the goal being to help advance the understanding of illness and increase the benefits of medical science for mankind. Learn more:


Scott Rocklage has devoted his life, both in business and in the realm of science to the advancement of the understating of how science can be applied to the real world problems of everyday people. He started his company 5AM ventures to provide investment opportunities to those who share his dreams of a better world and to provide a secure source of funding to those research organizations and companies that are looking for cures to the worlds most incredulous diseases and conditions. He is a man who has spent the better part of his adulthood working to better the lives of others and continues to find new ways to make the world a better place every day in any way possible.