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Lee May Of Beamridge Builds Stellar Profile As Real Estate Developer

Lee May is a successful real estate developer that can attest to the value of hard work for individuals who have identified a dream they wish to chase. May began his career working as a construction site laborer at the age of 16. He took the job seriously and went on to study at Northwest Kent College where he became certified as a bricklayer.


The hard work and perseverance displayed by Lee May began to pay dividends as he rose to the ranks of sub-contractor at the age of 23. Five years later, at the age of 28, May was one of the largest subcontractors for brickwork in the South of England and employed more than 600 workers. It was evident at this point in his life that Lee May was a young man with both vision and drive that was not content to let a modest background prevent him from reaching his top potential.

One of the most recognized endeavors in which Lee May has participated throughout his professional career is his affiliation with the construction firm Beamridge. The construction firm, which concentrates on large constructions, development, and managing contracts, has for a long time depended on the knowledge and expertise of Lee May for guidance pertaining to business matters.


Lee May has been able to provide Beamridge with advice that has enabled to company to realize great profits while performing their duties in a highly ethical manner. These influences provided by Lee May to Beamridge can be seen in the willingness on the company’s part to focus its efforts on a wide range of market subsections while maintaining safeguards to the environments that lessens the carbon footprint.


In addition to working with Beamridge, Lee May has realized a variety of professional success during a long and productive career. May has stated that his goal is to be one of the largest developers of real estate in South East London and has provided a tireless effort to make this goal a reality. One example of the success Lee May is realizing is the recent green light he has been given to begin the development on more than 600 apartment units to be located in South London.