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Genucel reveals their Holy Grail for the Anti-Aging Process

Fortune seekers, kings, emperors, and nobles alike have always searched for the “Fountain of Youth” for centuries. Many people have spent all of their fortunes on this little business endeavor and many of them have passed away while searching for this quest. These brave individuals that have searched for this supposed “Fountain of Youth” have never really come close to actually finding this secret serum until now.


Fountain of Youth Rescue Technology that is Effective and Safe

Everybody knows that aging is a fact of life and that it’s inevitable but is it actually irrevocable? Genucel’s anti-aging and nature-based technologies are assisting several women and men alike to grow old gracefully! We all know what they say—if a person can’t permanently fight the aging process, then why now live with the aging process on their own terms and enjoy it.


Chamonix actually manufactures Genucel from a series of therapies of stem cells taken from plants. George Faltaeous is the pharmacist that initiated the anti-aging products in the year of 1999. Other anit-aging providers are always looking for chemical-based, lab-created products to fight this anti-aging challenge, Faltaeous looked for more natural remedies to guide his anti-aging formulas.

Complications were avoided by leveraging these therapies that were more naturally based. Calendula flower extracts, natural sources of the Vitamins A, E and Ester-C as well as Grape seed oil are just some of the ingredients that are in Genucel and these lab-created chemicals prevent the adverse impacts and abrasive treatments to the skin.


The Fountain of Youth is revealed

Unlike the concocted anti-aging potions that were created by the ancient palace physicians and ill-trained herbalists, the anti-aging technologies of the Genucel lines were created by thousands of dollars of R&D efforts, as well as years of careful experimentation. Chamonix has been able to secretly unlock this “Fountain of Youth” the natural way.


The Difference Genucel can make in your life

These ancient place physicians and ill-trained herbalists may have failed to keep aging at bay in the past for the nobles and kings, but the Genucel products can deliver the “Holy Grail” of the anti-aging process to your door with just a simple click on the internet. So give your skin the look it deserves, tries Genucel today because you will be glad that you did!


Genucel Has Been Proven To Make Eyes Dazzling

Millions of people have the unfortunate issues of eye puffiness, bags underneath the eye, or droopy eyelids. These are not just problems of the aging but can happen at any age. They may go unnoticed for while or can be easily masked with makeup, but after a period of time, these problems become more noticeable and are more difficult to hide. Products claiming to remedy these eye situations have become a multi-million dollar industry, but they have not been successful in changing the look around the eyes. There is a new product that makes the claim and backs it up. Genucel produces an eye treatment that gets rid of the appearance of puffiness, bags, and droopy skin around the eyes.


Made from the technologies of the rare, natural Swiss apple stem cell, this product targets all of the before mentioned eye problems. Users will see more favorable results from the concentration of double peptides in the products’ formula. Some results can be obtained in a little as twelve hours. Aging skin can be firmed and strengthened by the antioxidants in the cream. Consumers have found that they can look years younger with the elimination of eye bag, puffiness, and droopy eyelids. They feel more confident, and can once again feel good about being face to face when talking with others.

Genucel is a five-step program that reduces puffiness, bags, and droopy eyelids. The first step promotes younger looking skin with the plant cell therapy. Step two of the therapy is to tighten, firm, and lift droopiness. Step three of the treatment is the Genucel XV which reduces facial wrinkles. The fourth step is the Relaxoderm technology which smooths away wrinkles around the eyes, and step five is the Cristalles Microdermabrasion which is used by dermatologists to help reduce skin roughness, wrinkles, and fine lines in the face.


Genucel also contains a double amount of the clinical concentrated eyeseryl to help make the eyes appear flawless. The peptide proteins in Genucel nourishes the skin around the eyes to help them appear smoother, softer, and younger. Even if the puffiness, bags, and droopiness are not so pronounced, Genucel can still help as a preventive solution. Minor bugs and puffiness does not get better on their own. Starting the treatment before the little bags become large ones is the best safeguard for maintaining beautiful and soft skin without the appearance of bags.