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Rocketship Education Has Been Getting Results By Utilizing Its Current Model:

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education is a network of schools that operate in the charter school realm. The non-profit is based out of the California locale of Redwood City. Rocketship Education expanded quickly after its 2006 founding by John Danner. The network has received a significant amount of praise during its existence but has also suffered some unfair recent criticism as a result of an NPR piece.

The recent piece from NPR lacks depth in its commentary and falls short. Rocketship Education has had a number of supporters that have come forward to state that this NPR piece really doesn’t give a balanced or fair picture of what goes on in the workings of this charter schools network. A theme within this NPR piece is in regard to what it asserts are problematic types of practices that are utilized by Rocketship Education schools. The fact is that Rocketship Education does utilize a model that relies on instilling discipline in students but this model has been yielding quality test results. NPR’s take on the article is that both a happy parent and also a parent that was not happy were interviewed for the piece.

The real truth about the NPR piece seems to be that it did fail to acknowledge all of the positives that have come out of Rocketship Education. These charter schools have developed a great deal of popularity for a reason and the positive accomplishments of the network were mostly ignored by this piece. It makes it fairly clear that the treatment Rocketship Education was given in this report was not altogether fair. At the end of the day, it appears that NPR is not really interested in commenting anything further on this issue. This continues to raise the question as to whether or not the piece lacked in fairness.

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