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Michael Phelps Advocating For Therapy and Talkspace.

After the invention of the smartphone, communicating face to face has become one of the most uncomfortable things to do. It is common to text, call and share a video faster than compiling the sentences used in the media above to the same person’s face. Over the years, it has been concluded that communication via social media portrays some of the most fearless and courageous communicators who are the complete opposite when communicating with a real-life person. While this maybe does, it gets even harder for an individual to admit they have a problem and talk it through with someone let alone a therapist. This is what makes Talkspace the future of therapy. Learn more on talkspace at

Talkspace is an online therapy app that was founded by Roni Frank and the current CEO, Oren Frank in 2013. As a smartphone application, Talkspace provides a constant connection between a client and a therapist or a medical professional at all times. Mr. Frank designed the app to work within the pillars of smartphone technology to provide online therapy. By doing so, the app has revolutionized the mental health care system by migrating therapy sessions between the client and therapist into the virtual world.

When Michael Phelps learned that there was a way to carry your therapist with you, he was pushed with the empowerment he felt to help others who are able to access these much-needed services. This led to the partnership between the champion swimmer and Talkspace that will propel the spread of information about Talkspace while at the same time addressing mental health issues and advocating for therapy as a way of managing these conditions. These objectives will be achieved through Michael Phelps sharing his life story and his struggles with anxiety and depression, and finally, how therapy helped him manage these mental conditions.

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Jason Hope Invests in a Different Front in the Battle Against Aging

One of the biggest driving forces in modern medicine, alongside combatting the scourge of cancer, has been the pursuit of a way to fight aging. Like flying cars, the elimination of aging and ultimate immortality has long been a promised yet never delivered wonder of future predictions since the dawn of futurism itself. Aging is a problem faced by everyone fortunate enough to live a full life. Eventually, our bodies all break down and give in to entropy.

Unsurprisingly, research into the causes of aging and of course ways to reduce or prevent it, never slowed down. Advances in molecular biology, genetics and other related fields have revealed many of the secrets behind the mechanics of the human body aging. The main mechanical reason, it turns out, is due to chromosomes eventually breaking down after being copied a bit too much. They become less capable of providing a template to rebuild as the body renews itself. Find out more about Jason Hope at Arizona Capitol Times.

While methods to reduce this chromosomal breakdown has been promising, many futurists like Jason Hope seek a more immediate solution. Being a philanthropist and entrepreneur, he sees the immediate benefit to humanity, as well as cost-effectiveness and practicality of fighting many of the age-related diseases. Jason Hope has, in this pursuit, invested significantly in the SENS project, which focuses on ways to prevent a multitude of age-related ailments such as several cancers, Alzheimer’s, and the degradation of the nervous system.

This is not the key to immortality, nor does it prevent visible and ultimate aging in and of itself, but conquering those is probably a generation or two away at the soonest. This means that currently-living generations will probably not see the benefits of this still very important research. Jason Hope and other philanthropic futurist investors wish to see people currently alive suffer less from the ravages of age. They want to build a world here and now in which people can enjoy their well-earned retired years fully mobile, healthy and lucid. Jason Hope wants a world where they can enjoy time with their grandchildren, possibly even keeping up with them within reason.

This is a side of anti-aging that many overlook – the act of taking the bite out of it.

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Talk Fusion Delivering Successful Training

Talk Fusion is known for selling only the best video marketing solutions for businesses across the globe. Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, is now sharing his knowledge around the world in the new highly anticipated University. With his 25= years of knowledge throughout network marketing, he is creating this online program to provide step by step videos and other motivational content to help you succeed in every area of your business.


This online program is a private online training hub that allows for the people from Talk Fusion to receive training from the founder, Bob Reina. With such minimal experience, you can gain extreme training and knowledge from this strategies in a private setting. He has talked a lot about knowing how to build an empire within the network marketing industry and the importance of understanding the different types of people that there are in the world. Not everybody has the same background or knowledge.


The training takes on a new level by currently having more than 30 unique videos where Bob goes through an in-depth step by step process on his products and the general idea of selling. It’s all about knowing and learning how to sell to people and understanding psychology on a different level. There are also tons of network marketing professionals that will share their insight on improving your marketing in a new way. It’s such an inspirational and unique approach to learning. With the help of their strategies, you gain knowledge on their approach, techniques, and strategies for leading to the sale.


People asked Reina what it is that he feels he needs to share this knowledge, and he simply states that he wants others to know the power of this industry. It’s incredible how he knows the true beauty of knowing a plan that works. His efficiency is remarkable and incredible, and you are going to witness how talented his skills can change your life in the world of marketing for the better. Talk Fusion brings together the most efficient strategies to help you grow effectively and actually accomplish more no matter what level you are at. Learn more: