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Michael Phelps Advocating For Therapy and Talkspace.

After the invention of the smartphone, communicating face to face has become one of the most uncomfortable things to do. It is common to text, call and share a video faster than compiling the sentences used in the media above to the same person’s face. Over the years, it has been concluded that communication via social media portrays some of the most fearless and courageous communicators who are the complete opposite when communicating with a real-life person. While this maybe does, it gets even harder for an individual to admit they have a problem and talk it through with someone let alone a therapist. This is what makes Talkspace the future of therapy. Learn more on talkspace at

Talkspace is an online therapy app that was founded by Roni Frank and the current CEO, Oren Frank in 2013. As a smartphone application, Talkspace provides a constant connection between a client and a therapist or a medical professional at all times. Mr. Frank designed the app to work within the pillars of smartphone technology to provide online therapy. By doing so, the app has revolutionized the mental health care system by migrating therapy sessions between the client and therapist into the virtual world.

When Michael Phelps learned that there was a way to carry your therapist with you, he was pushed with the empowerment he felt to help others who are able to access these much-needed services. This led to the partnership between the champion swimmer and Talkspace that will propel the spread of information about Talkspace while at the same time addressing mental health issues and advocating for therapy as a way of managing these conditions. These objectives will be achieved through Michael Phelps sharing his life story and his struggles with anxiety and depression, and finally, how therapy helped him manage these mental conditions.

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TalkSpace partners with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps

TalkSpace, an online therapy service recently announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. The campaign will be aiming to educate and bring awareness to the growing epidemic of declining mental health within our society as well as ultimately promoting the services of TalkSpace. The partnership with Phelps will include a national wide TV campaign ad in which Phelps will speak about his own battles with mental illness and encouraging people to seek help. The TV campaign is said to be launched on May 22nd and will also include digital content as well. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

TalkSpace has been one of the fastest growing start-ups this past year and rightfully so. The online therapy service provides users with the ability to receive the help they need from the privacy of their own home by a licensed therapist via message or video chat. In addition, the service provides a much more affordable alternative to the traditional face to face clinic sessions with a weekly membership costing only $79 for a therapist and $49 for a professional mental health consultant. With over one million users to date, there is no doubt that success and impact the TalkSpace service is having on people.

In addition to promoting the company through a series of TV spots, Phelps will also take part in a more serious role with the company as part of the Talkspace Board of Advisors. This advisory board consists of a small team of industry experts, psychologists, and corporate executives. CEO Oren Frank stated that the addition of Michael Phelps to the board will provide crucial information from someone who not only has a deep knowledge of the struggles of mental illness but also from an individual who is data-driven. TalkSpace and Michael Phelps are no doubt ready to bring down the barriers of mental stigmas and introduce to the world what the TalkSpace services can do.

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