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Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment System Saves Lives

Securus Technologies has added new technology to it’s already expansion communication system used at many of the nation’s corrections facilities. The technology is referred to as the Wireless Containment System. Essentially, Securus was determined to stop the continued inmate use of contraband cell phones inside prisons. Unfortunately when a convicted criminal has the use of a cell phone, the types of calls made range from the benign to family and friends to the devastating calls made to arrange revenge killings and set up other criminal activity. Securus confiscated thousands of cell phones over the past few years, but recently has uncovered evidence they were being used to contract murders.


An ex-corrections officer, Robert Johnson now works as a paid consultant with Securus Technologies to stop inmate use of cell phones from within the prisons. Together, they worked to devise a means to stop the illicit use of those wireless devices. The Wireless Containment System was created. It is a system installed at the prison that routes all cell phone calls through it. Prison cell phone calls do not go outside to traditional cell towers, they go through the wireless containment system. At that point, the number is evaluated and the call is stopped if the number is not recognized.


Essentially, unrecognized numbers simply don’t connect. Prisoners can no longer order hits on their enemies or plan crimes from within prison walls like they did when they order a hit of Robert Johnson. Johnson worked as an officer at the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina in 2010. His primary job was to confiscate contraband. He confiscated over $50,000 worth of contraband and that angered a prison gang. They ordered a hit on Johnson using a cell phone.


Early on the morning of March 5, 2010, two men broke down his front door and found Johnson in the bathroom. Johnson called to the gunmen when he realized what was probably happening. His goal was to draw the gunman away from his wife. After an altercation, one of the gunmen shot him six times in his mid section.


His next memory was in the hospital. After nearly dying two times and 23 surgeries later, Johnson survived and is now one of the strongest advocates for use of the technology that stops cell phone calls reaching outside the walls of prisons. He with the help of Securus Technologies intends to never allow inmates the ease of planning crimes while in prison through the use of cell phones.


The Wireless Containment System have been used in three prisons in Florida and across the nation in many other corrections institutions. So far, Securus Technologies has stopped the completion of nearly two million cell phone calls from within prisons. We’ll never know just how many lives were saved by this technology.