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Jason Hope Invests in a Different Front in the Battle Against Aging

One of the biggest driving forces in modern medicine, alongside combatting the scourge of cancer, has been the pursuit of a way to fight aging. Like flying cars, the elimination of aging and ultimate immortality has long been a promised yet never delivered wonder of future predictions since the dawn of futurism itself. Aging is a problem faced by everyone fortunate enough to live a full life. Eventually, our bodies all break down and give in to entropy.

Unsurprisingly, research into the causes of aging and of course ways to reduce or prevent it, never slowed down. Advances in molecular biology, genetics and other related fields have revealed many of the secrets behind the mechanics of the human body aging. The main mechanical reason, it turns out, is due to chromosomes eventually breaking down after being copied a bit too much. They become less capable of providing a template to rebuild as the body renews itself. Find out more about Jason Hope at Arizona Capitol Times.

While methods to reduce this chromosomal breakdown has been promising, many futurists like Jason Hope seek a more immediate solution. Being a philanthropist and entrepreneur, he sees the immediate benefit to humanity, as well as cost-effectiveness and practicality of fighting many of the age-related diseases. Jason Hope has, in this pursuit, invested significantly in the SENS project, which focuses on ways to prevent a multitude of age-related ailments such as several cancers, Alzheimer’s, and the degradation of the nervous system.

This is not the key to immortality, nor does it prevent visible and ultimate aging in and of itself, but conquering those is probably a generation or two away at the soonest. This means that currently-living generations will probably not see the benefits of this still very important research. Jason Hope and other philanthropic futurist investors wish to see people currently alive suffer less from the ravages of age. They want to build a world here and now in which people can enjoy their well-earned retired years fully mobile, healthy and lucid. Jason Hope wants a world where they can enjoy time with their grandchildren, possibly even keeping up with them within reason.

This is a side of anti-aging that many overlook – the act of taking the bite out of it.

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Sean Penn’s New Book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Invites Discussion

Sean Penn’s new book uses so many unfamiliar descriptors that readers may require a dictionary app to get through it. At least that is what Marc Maron said in a podcast. According to Maron, Penn’s new book is something that should be read slowly. The book is titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, and so far, critics are describing it as a little crazy. For some it is a good kind of crazy, for others it is the, “Go back to acting and leave writing to writers” kind of crazy. Sean Penn simply states that the book is open to the reader’s interpretation, and they will carry out what they will.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” first appeared as an audio book in 2016. Formed in the heady days of celebrity unrest with the Trump/Hilary presidential election, the book was an allegory of Penn’s concerns about America. Fast forward to today and he still has those concerns, even more so as the literary version is much longer. This time he is not hiding under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah, but instead is taking full credit for the book.


The expanded version hosts a broader perspective of current social issues in its collection of stories. The book is an eclectic mish-mash of poetry, ranting, and actual story-telling. Some readers apparently get confused and have to backtrack, as though reaching a dead end in a hedge maze. The truths it bears are relevant, even if some people do not want to hear them. As with any satire the book is an opportunity for Penn to offer up his insight.


The titular character Bob Honey is a septic tank salesman/government assassin. He targets the elderly, dispatching them with a mallet so he can decrease the surplus population. As a government agent he answers to Mr. Landlord, the current president and a blatant nod at President Trump. Penn’s political activism is well known, so this is no surprise. The four-page poem that critiques #MeToo is the surprise. Sean Penn holds nothing back in “Bob Honey”.