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Kim Dao: Japanese Travel Hacks

Kim Dao is a young Vietnamese vlogger from Perth, Australia. She is somewhat famous for her YouTube channel and her eponymous beauty blog. In one of her videos, she discusses travel hacks. Learn more:


Kim Dao reports that Wi-Fi is not available everywhere in Japan. She suggests traveling with a Simcard or a pocket Wi-Fi device. Many companies rent them for approximately $100.00 a month while a Simcard will cost $39.00 for 5G and usually only works with cell phones and similar devices.


Kim Dao also speaks of a JR Pass. A JR Pass is available only to travelers using a tourist visa. For $300.00, a tourist receives unlimited train rides for an entire week. Learn more:


According to Kim Dao, tourists can also purchase a special train card that costs 500 yen. They are good for multiple uses are available for purchase at both the airport and the various train stations there. Tourists who have garnered international driver’s licenses can rent cars in Japan too. Learn more:


Kim Dao prefers the Japanese travel agency, Odigo. She has used it to see both Disneyland Japan and Universal Studios Japan. Odigo provides customers with suggestions on where to stay, where to dine, what to see and much more. Learn more:


Kim Dao also suggests that people who travel to Japan take enough cash. Traditionally, businesses in Japan prefer not to do business with credit cards. Finally, Dao says that anyone going to Japan should also take their own power boards in order to charge all their electronic devices. Learn more: