Betsy Devos: The New York Times Aricle Recap

In the article from the New York Times, we learned some of the latest political challenges that Betsy DeVos has been facing as the education secretary. Let’s recap some of the important details in the news report.


The Fighter


The New York Times Article mentioned the latest declaration of Trump to repeal the latest policy in schools of allowing transgender students to use the area of the bathroom that they choose. Betsy Devos is the woman fighter in front of the people who don’t want the policy to be repealed. Despite the fact that she’s not as experienced in politics as many people want her to be, she continues to have the fighting spirit to deliver what the majority of America deserves.


Betsy Devos: The Profile


Ms. Devos is now 59 years old. She grew up in Holland, Mich., particularly in the western area of the state. Her background as a public servant started during the formative years when she was working with her father in his garage. Her father is Edgar Prince, who is a Christian conservative who has built a billion-dollar business in the auto industry. The husband of Dick DeVos even came from a wealthier family who are the people behind the growth of the multi-level marketing company Amway that has grown to a multi-million dollar business.


Although many citizens that Betsy Devos has encountered find it difficult to relate to her because she got a private school education, Betsy is showing great enthusiasm to learn the ropes of the political game. One of the many contributions of Betsy Devos in her political career was her fight in making sure that tax dollars will be transferred from public schools to charter schools. Charter schools are semi-operated with public funds but at the same time managed by private groups.


In 2015, it was in public record that Betsy and her husband were able to dole out $11.6 million in total contributions to various causes. You can see all the breakdown of all the expenses at the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation website. Since then there are now over $5.3 million additional funds that were given away by the foundation to various causes.


One of the other main focuses of Betsy Devos in her political career is Arts and Culture. In 2015, over $2.4 million of her donated money, or $21 percent of her money was given away to charitable causes in this area. Betsy Devos is also the woman responsible for launching the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which you can find at the University of Maryland.


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Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Betsy DeVos is certainly a woman who has made many great accomplishments during her career. She currently serves in the prestigious role of United States Secretary of Education. Prior to that she held the elite position of Chair of Michigan’s Republican party for a lengthy six years. She has successfully managed political campaigns and political action committees. She also served as the chair person for the Windquest Group, a company she co-founded with her husband, Dick DeVos. The Windquest Group specializes in investing in technology, clean energy and manufacturing solutions.


Betsy DeVos is known as a reformer. She is also known as a woman who gets things done. Yet, when most people think of her accomplishments they look towards the political sector or her career. I recently discovered that she is also a leader in the philanthropic world. Betsy DeVos states that stewardship was distilled in her thanks to the values of her parents. It has always been something she includes in her priorities.


Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos, have a foundation called the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that consistently donates millions of dollars to a wide variety of charities and non-profits.


Much of the Foundation’s giving centers around Betsy DeVoses passion for education reform. Education reform has been the cornerstone of her push for better public schools and her giving reflects her personal stake in bringing that change about.


While she contributes to many different educational non-profits, she is passionate about one local school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The schools provides a Christian based education and is called The Potter’s School. She and her family found the school when they were looking for a grade school to send their own children to. She and her husband were touched by the outpouring of hard work and Christian values that the school provided and decided to become donors to the school. The two provide a variety of scholarships to children whose families could not afford the tuition for the school. They are currently the school’s largest donors and have supported a variety of programs to give students a great education. Many of the school’s students come from low income families. The funded scholarships allow these students to have access to a Christian-based education.


Betsy DeVos is passionate about giving children and their families school choice and she has chosen to designate personal funds to support that effort. She also works through political avenues to provide a wider variety of choices for students. This is especially important in low income areas where the schools within certain districts may not offer the highest quality of education.


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Mike Baur Leads by Example Building Startup Companies with Core Passion for Success

Mike Baur, Founder and Executive Chairman of Swiss Start Up Factory is a previous banker with some of the most-prominent private banks in Switzerland. It was a career that lasted over 20 years until Mike decided it was time to move forward with building startup companies. The Swiss Start Up Factory is now the most sought-after accelerator company for entrepreneurs looking to advance their business, and a company that investors know they will receive startups that are worth investing huge capital.


The startup industry is an evolution that has emerged some of the biggest and brightest entrepreneurs within a multitude of markets. A fast-growing business idea can evolve through an entrepreneur’s vision and develop into a very successful and profitable business opportunity. Mike has an impressive style of leadership, which has gained him a great deal of respect within the startup industry.


Swiss Start Up Factory not only has a paramount program to bring small companies into the marketplace successfully, but the creative guidance to support and leverage the best talent. As a graduate from the University of Rochester in New York; earning an MBA, and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern, Mike used his education background to build the program. He also designed the accelerator program to include mentoring and coaching. When he founded the company, Mike saw that there were many entrepreneurs who had the talent and ideas, but who lacked the business insight to navigate their way to success.


Mike’s knowledge of the banking industry is only one layer of his multiple skills as a businessman. He has extraordinary skills as an effective investor. He is inventive, creative and extremely knowledgeable with regards to digital technology. Mike is also the Deputy Manager for Swiss Invest and has implemented several improvements within the startup industry within Switzerland. As someone who began in business at a very young age, Mike has learned how to lead with exceptional skills that are infectious to his team. He sets a high-bar for developing the type of companies that will become lucrative for investors and entrepreneurs. It all begins with his core passion for succeeding and being true to his authentic talent.


Mike Baur recognizes the importance of providing entrepreneurs the opportunities to expand their business acumen. He says that having talent is a good start, but being passionate about what a person does is what drives them towards success.


Beauty and Art: The Career of Doe Deere

Doe Deere has shown a lot of passion and wisdom in the beauty industry. She has shown people that it is okay and sometimes even necessary to step outside convention in order to find one’s own beauty. They don’t have to worry about not making the cut. As a matter of fact, they might even gain the attention of others when they dare to explore different forms of beauty and fashion. Doe Deere approaches fashion and beauty like it is art. This is not surprising because she has worked in other aspects of art throughout her career. She has also learned how to market her business at a young age. Learn more:


Doe Deere is a very innovative entrepreneur. She makes her own products and knows how to market them in ways that make people want to buy them and use them. She sells make up. The type of make up she sells are made from natural sources. Therefore, they are not only higher in quality but also healthier for the skin. Doe Deere goes outside of convention when it comes to the different ranges of colors. One of the methods she uses to market her products is showing what the products look like on her.


Her customers also show off their work on Instragram and other social media sites so. They have tons of impressive pictures of them with make up. This is one of the reasons that her company, Lime Crime is very successful. She is also bringing forth some new products that are worth trying out like the Unicorn product line for hair dye. One of the best aspects of Lime Crime is that it inspires women to experiment with different types of looks without worrying about convention and meeting an established standard. More types of looks are going to be accepted as beautiful. Visit here:

Marc Sparks Talks About When Everyone Hits The Point of Needing Financial Assistance

Marc Sparks is an experienced serial entrepreneur who has seen plenty of businesses get started up. One thing that he has concluded is that everyone is going to need financial assistance at some point when they are starting a business. Every entrepreneur he has observed has hit a wall and has needed financial assistance because they have run out of the funds needed to support their business. For one thing, it often takes a long time before a business becomes profitable. There are also plenty of costs that are involved in running a business which include payment for the space and equipment needed.

One of the biggest factors in cost is marketing. Many business owners either do not have the skills or the time to market their own business. Therefore, they need to pay for a service that works on coming up with the marketing campaign for the entrepreneur. Given that it is highly unlikely that an entrepreneur is going to have enough money to carry him until his business profits, Marc Sparks suggests that people get their proposals ready for a venture capitalist. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to be ready to find someone that is willing to help them get their business off the ground.

One thing that an entrepreneur needs is a plan of action. This plan does include the type of help he is going to need. Marc Sparks himself has seen the value of getting the needed help in his experience of being an entrepreneur. He has a lot of advice for people who are trying to get a loan for their busines. An entrepreneur should gather plenty of information on the different aspects of his business which includes the sales data and any type of unique service that is being provided to the customers. Another important aspect is the strategy for using the loan. Learn more:

Why Fabletics Leverages “The Power of the Crowd.”

“The power of the crowd” is increasingly determining consumer purchases. Today, customers turn to crowd-sourced reviews to decide their final purchase. They trust the reviews they read and view them as personal recommendations from people they know. This trend has led savvy brands to capitalize on this consumer behavior shift using review-centric marketing approaches.


One such brand is Fabletics. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletics has achieved a growth of over 200 percent to a revenue of more than $235 million not to mention over a million paying members. According to TechStyle Fashion Group’s Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, much of Fabletics success can be attributed to embracing the crowd or user reviews.


Fabletics was able to power such speedy growth by leveraging the significance of reviews in the customer journey of today. Consumer reviews are in a position to directly influence increased customer acquisition, customer retention, and improved loyalty for brands across all fields.


The consumers of today increasingly lead digital lives making online reviews important factors when it comes to the process of decision making. People have the tendency of researching businesses prior making any purchases. Additionally, they read reviews to help them make their decisions. According to the latest BrightLocal study, around 84 percent of customers view online reviews as personal recommendations from people they know. Since the survey was conducted, this stat has been increasing every year.


According to the CEO and Founder of Trustpilot, Holten Muhlmann, trust is presently in an all-time law, and people have no trust on traditional advertising and marketing strategies like before. However, there is safety, power, and trust in the feedbacks and opinions of the crowd. The smartest brands are fully aware of this, and they have begun leveraging it.


When TechStyle Fashion Group’s founders Adam Goldenberg and Ressler were starting an athleisure brand, there wasn’t quality, reasonably priced and stylish athleisure brand on the market. Only grey and black overpriced women workout gears. They needed to change this, but first, they needed a partner. The first person they thought of was Kate Hudson. Because of her approachable nature, active lifestyle, and failure to take herself overly-seriously, she represented what they needed Fabletics to become.


Since day one, Kate was heavily involved. Be it picking social media strategies or reviewing budgets; she was hands-on. Until now, Kate actively participates in the design process. Additionally, she closely works with the team to make sure that the styles remain fresh.


Kim Dao: Japanese Travel Hacks

Kim Dao is a young Vietnamese vlogger from Perth, Australia. She is somewhat famous for her YouTube channel and her eponymous beauty blog. In one of her videos, she discusses travel hacks. Learn more:


Kim Dao reports that Wi-Fi is not available everywhere in Japan. She suggests traveling with a Simcard or a pocket Wi-Fi device. Many companies rent them for approximately $100.00 a month while a Simcard will cost $39.00 for 5G and usually only works with cell phones and similar devices.


Kim Dao also speaks of a JR Pass. A JR Pass is available only to travelers using a tourist visa. For $300.00, a tourist receives unlimited train rides for an entire week. Learn more:


According to Kim Dao, tourists can also purchase a special train card that costs 500 yen. They are good for multiple uses are available for purchase at both the airport and the various train stations there. Tourists who have garnered international driver’s licenses can rent cars in Japan too. Learn more:


Kim Dao prefers the Japanese travel agency, Odigo. She has used it to see both Disneyland Japan and Universal Studios Japan. Odigo provides customers with suggestions on where to stay, where to dine, what to see and much more. Learn more:


Kim Dao also suggests that people who travel to Japan take enough cash. Traditionally, businesses in Japan prefer not to do business with credit cards. Finally, Dao says that anyone going to Japan should also take their own power boards in order to charge all their electronic devices. Learn more:


The Contributions of Damac Properties in Dubai

Damac Properties is a private company based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, which was founded in the year 2002. It deals with Real Estate, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction projects. It also engages in the improvement of residential, commercial, and leisure properties both in Dubai and the Middle East. It’s CEO and Founder is a successful entrepreneur who goes by the name of Hussein Ali Habib Sajwani.


By taking advantage of the open rule of the Dubai government which allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirate, Hussein purchased land in a town that was not much developed and was able to make incredible sales of units in less than half a year in his residential building with 38 floors. All this was before commencing the construction.


The Hussain Sajwani family has proper connections with the Donald Trump family. They worked together even before Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America. In early 2013, Damac joined hands with Donald Trump to come up with two golf courses branded by Donald Trump. The Trump Golf Course was a design made by Tiger Woods and is expected to open at the end of 2018 though at a separate development of Damac. The other was opened in February, 2017 and is up and functioning at Akoya Residential Development still by Damac.


The Damac Group also works with the food industry where Hussein’s first work kicked off as a business expertise. His skills in the cultivation ties with high relationships internationally. Hussein has also issued a cheque summing up to two million dollars to a project aiming to provide clothing and warmth to one million disadvantaged and homeless children in the world. He also made more contributions to boost Damac’s status and efforts to make better the living standards in the world.


The Damac owner, Hussein, believes that the future of the community depends on the youth and he is working towards keeping a great environment for them to start their life. He mentions that Damac Properties will continue to give support to all to improve other people’s lives and their future.

What you should know about Aloha Construction, Inc.

Aloha Company Inc. was looking forward to another shingles and siding period with numerous parts of Northern Illinois after dealing with dangerous storms, strong winds, and tornados. There has been positive growth since the opening of the resident siding workers.

They now serve Illinois south of Wisconsin, and their new website is a click away to help home owners get services easily. The company seems to achieve their potential of building value homes for the inauguration of an internal renovation service .Mr. David Farbaky, the president of Aloha Construction, said they were happy having sold 7000 plans in 2013 and 20000in 2014, in 2015 they would focus more on improving the quality of services through their new blooming office.


Mr. David said that their growth is always centered on making persons feel further confident in their households. On the same path, they were pleased to publicize a fresh outlet of Aloha Constructs network. This will effort on internal refurbishment, remodeling kitchens, lavatories, basements, water extraction, and natural disaster aid and wash up. The remodeling services have been provided since 2008 and are provided to home owners. So far the company has finished numerous kitchen and bathrooms since then. At this point, the company is prepared to place a detached team.


Aloha Inc. is a company owned by a family. The family is attached and protected General Servicers providing services in Illinois and Wisconsin. The company also assists those in Lake, McHenry, DuPage, and Cook through their Zurich site and within the Mclean, Tazewell and Peoria, Washington, Champaign Regions through their flourishing office. The firm has over1800 finished projects in in various areas. The remodeling and refurbishing skills and techniques are coming to the aid of many clients across the region. The services come in handy in the areas that are affected by hailstorms.

Lake Zurich


Aloha Constructions: Providing Solutions to Illinois Homeowners

Aloha Construction is an Illinois based firm of insured, bonded and trusted General Contractors. After the state experienced very strong storms and winds a few months ago, the company was ready to provide various roofing and siding solutions to property owners in the state. Since Aloha Construction was created almost ten years ago, it has achieved positive growth, completing 7,000 projects by 2013, and in 2017, they have already hit the 20,000 mark. In May 2017, the company launched an interior restoration service to help push their goal forward of building quality homes.


According to PRWEB report, Aloha Construction, Inc. opened Bloomington office in 2015 in order to continue providing quality services to residents of Southern Illinois. The company’s objective is to enhance safety and security of homeowners, and that was the reason why they announced a new branch; the Aloha Builds network. This branch provides services like kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling, water extraction, interior restoration, clean-up and natural disaster help. According to the President and CEO of the company, David Farbaky, they decided to set an independent team of expert to focus on these services in order to improve efficiency.


An Overview of Aloha Construction, Inc.


Aloha Construction is a family-owned business launched in 2008. It has a team of insured and bonded contractors serving residents of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The company has a branch in Lake Zurich which serves DuPage, McHenry and Cook counties. It has another branch in Bloomington which serves counties like Peoria, Champaign, Washington, McClean and Tazewell.


Aloha Constructions provides a broad range of services such as siding installation and repairs, door and window installation, roof cleaning and waterproofing, soffit installation and repair, insulation, gutter installation and cedar siding. Therefore, when there is a need for general contractors providing these services, then Aloha Constructions, Inc. is the right company to hire.