Paul Mampilly Shares His Business Projections in 2019

2019 is here and Paul Mampilly an American based investment guru has already made projections of how businesses are going to look like in the New Year. Mampilly is an Indian native who moved to the US when he was just 18 years old. The purpose of his relocation was to attended college. Mampilly quickly adjusted to American life and decided to make it his second home. Mampilly is an experienced hedge fund manager and has spent more than two decades at Wall Street creating wealth for investors. Here are some of Mampilly 2019 predictions for businesses.

Rise to big data access

Paul Mampilly predicts that in 2019 there will be an upward trend in access to big data by small and big companies. According to Mampilly, these will be made possible by advancements made in the technology field that has made big data affordable and readily available to everyone. Before the big data were only the preserve of the bigger companies that had the resource and finances of acquiring and utilizing them. Big data is important since it aids companies in better understanding their clients and developing marketing strategies and products that will meet the client needs.

Minimal growth in the real estate sector

Paul Mampilly foresees a slow growth in the real estate sector in 2019. The real estate industry has been booming for the last ten years. The interest rates in the industry have been rising by between 5 to 7 percent. It resulted in building confidence among house owners, and buyers and people were buying and quickly selling their houses to make a profit. The demand was always there. However, the rates are likely to go down in 2019 and because of that many people would not want to sell their houses at a loss hence will hold onto them longer.

Business will be forced to adapt to modern consumers to survive

Small companies with highly personalized marketing techniques are increasingly becoming successful says Paul Mampilly. Mampilly suggests that for big companies to survive, they also must review their marketing strategy and should start focusing on cultivating consumer interactions and relationships.